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How to narrow the gap between the rich and poor

The only way to assure a narrowing of the gap between rich and poor is to redirect corporate welfare dollars to useful projects that are listed below:

Instead of solving the problem of the trillion dollar student debt by making all education free online and

instead of fully funding medical research

(only $1 of every $6 of NIH peer reviewed medical research funding request is being funded today ) even though

over a million Americans die from cancer alone, every two years and

instead of spending money on empathy education in our schools

( google the word " startempathy " which is a site that promotes empathy education in our schools ) in order to

raise a generation of empathetic citizens ( especially those from broken or abusive homes ) so that

we can dramatically reduce the annual average of over 1.1 million violent crime incidents reported,

and so, instead of doing all the above,

the US government gives away every year, hundreds of billions of corporate welfare dollars to the warfare complex.

The reason the US government lacks resources to do all the good things above is because

between 1.1 and 1.4 trillion is being drained from the US treasury every year and being diverted to those who profit from conflict.

Instead of spending up to 1,400 billion a year

(base DOD budget plus other national security programs plus interest on the debt due to past unnecessary wars ) in order to maintain worldwide militant interventionism,

the US government can give up its worldwide militant interventionism and

at the same time, the government should

spend 50 billion a year training and educating half a million men as a permanent militia that would be involved in

only defending the homeland (as the Swiss do) and be well paid ($100,000 annual salary) and also the half million man militia would be involved in

fighting fires using hundreds of planes flying in formation or using hundreds of planes to spray biodegradable flame retardant material to pretreat all hotspots before the fire starts,

using hundreds of snow plow trucks to clear roads during a snowstorm,

being a quick rescue force that restores power quickly to millions after a natural disaster,

expanding roads to solve the problem of traffic jams,

mitigating and providing comfort and build homes for those affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires etc,

hardwiring weather emergency radios, CO detectors and smoke detectors into homes ( to prevent dead batteries) and

installing emergency power generators in each home and

hardwiring radon detectors into homes (that prevent lung cancer),  ( plus annual inspections to make sure everything above works),

making sure all our highways have median barriers ( to prevent head on collisions ) and

our railroads use the latest advance warning laser technology mobile robots to prevent passengers from being killed in passenger and commercial trains derailing and

infrastructure are maintained properly ( ASCE inspection report gave the nation's infrastructure a cumulative ranking of "D"),

promoting green technologies that will solve the problem of poverty by creating tens of millions of permanent jobs,

annual inspections of gas lines in homes to prevent houses from exploding and killing/maiming the occupants and neighbors,

building storm shelters and strong rooms in tornado and hurricane prone areas,

maintaining police helicopters so that they can be used to follow suspects instead of the present "police chases" resulting in crashes that kill or maim civilians,

making sure all our roads are pothole free,

making sure all blind curve on roads have a shoulder space

(so that cars that are stopped and turning left around a blind curve do not get rear-ended and the car approaching from the rear around the blind corner can use the shoulder space to avoid a horrific rear-end collision),

preventing or fixing water line breaks quickly,

creating millions of permanent jobs by converting farmland into organic farmland that produce pesticide/cancer/toxin free foods,

solving poverty by building homes, fish farms and organic greenhouses for poor people to manage and make money from,

The half million man militia can also be involved in cleaning up superfund sites.

In 1980 the US Congress created the superfund to address the nation's hazardous waste problem

1 in 6 Americans lives within 3 miles of a superfund site.

There are more than 1700 Superfund sites and due to limited funds, only 383 superfund sites have been cleaned up and more than 1300 sites are still contaminated and hazardous to the health of one in six americans.

There are tens of thousands of square miles of plastic garbage in our oceans that get into our food chain to cause deadly diseases and cancer.

Due to lack of resources, the government is not able to adequately protect your health from pollution which is a result of corporate interests.

People say we do not have a pollution problem but at the same time they fail to explain why the government has advisories against eating fish from our lakes, rivers and streams due to mercury poisoning from oil and coal fired plants.

Most people also admit that corporations were polluting in the past (example: Pittsburgh in the past was filled with smog ) So the question is, since corporations were polluting in the past, should corporations be monitored today in order to make sure they do not pollute in the present ?

TO DRASTICALLY REDUCE POLLUTION, the government and the half million member militia should be involved in helping people and green technology corporations in the following areas :

(1) cleaning up polluted areas and hazardous superfund sites.

(2) creating tens of millions of permanent green jobs by

installing solar panels on every rooftop and on the sides of tall buildings in America so we can eat fish again because

right now there is the mercury poisoning of fish in our lakes and rivers due to coal fired plants.

Eating fish protects your heart and brain from attacks and strokes.

"solar windows" manufactured by new energy technologies turns skyscrapers into power generating plants.

(3) Installing bloom energy boxes outside every home and commercial building

Bloom energy boxes can use fossil fuels but do not burn them ( burning fossil fuels is what causes pollution )

Government can recoup the cost by charging the normal utility bill to each home and business.

(4) Government in cooperation with scientists, engineers, inventors, innovators and business leaders need to invest heavily on the following:

(a) the next generation of cars and trucks that have detachable undercarriages made entirely of batteries that can be recharged by bloom energy boxes plus

collision avoidance systems so that your loved ones do not end up paralyzed or worse due to head on collisions.

(b) installing battery stations along all highways and throughout cities and towns whereby the cars and trucks will go in one end on a moving platform while

technicians under the moving platform exchange the undercarriage battery for a fully charged battery that was fully charged by bloom energy boxes.

Government can recoup the cost through the battery exchange sale.

(c) Finally after (a) and (b) above are done, the government buys back all gasoline powered cars and trucks from the public and business and gives them the next generation of battery powered cars and trucks.

 Government can recoup the cost through the battery exchange sale.

All the above can be done if the government gives up its worldwide military empire.

Is it right for the US government to be borrowing money from places like China in order to protect the world ?

If the US government gives up its worldwide military empire and saves hundreds of billions of dollars a year in the process, the world will go back to the Napoleonic Era when

nations got together to defeat a person like Napoleon without help from the US.

In other words, nations will be paying for their own security instead of waiting for the US to pay for their security

Also, the key to a peaceful world is co-option and an example of that is the peace that exists between China and North Korea.

The US government also has co-opted dictators in the past.

(Examples of co-option: As long as Stalin in the 40s and Saddam Hussein in the 80s were on the US government payroll, there was not one intelligence report that stated that they were a danger to the US ).

Instead of spending up to 1400 billion a year on an unnecessary and unaffordable world wide military empire, we can spend 50 billion a year to co-opt all the dictators in the world.

So the total security bill is 100 billion per year .

50 billion for a permanent militia doing all the good things at home (following the purely defensive policies of the Swiss ) and

another 50 billion to co-opt all the dictators in the world for the sake of world peace (read Part Six of the Seven Part Blog at the end of this post ).

During the "Napoleonic Era", the US government's attitude towards the world was to let the world pay for their own defense ( due to the US government's economic state) and

in paying for their own defense, the world was able to defeat Napoleon with no help from the US government.

The US government will have no choice but to eventually go back to the economic state the US government was in during the "Napoleonic Era" because

by borrowing hundreds of billions a year ( from places like China ) in order to maintain the US government's worldwide military empire, the inevitable bankruptcy of the US government will happen when

the annual interest on the national debt exceeds a trillion dollars a year .


the best we can hope for is the Union remains intact and powers go back to the states as it was before the Civil War while

tens of millions of Americans will have their net worth drastically reduced due to the US government defaulting on its US bond debt obligations and

regular Americans will see drastic reductions in programs to do with air pollution, water safety, food safety and environmental safety.

By giving up the US government's worldwide military empire, we can delay the bankruptcy or even prevent it by

moving towards a "Swiss self defense system" of solely defending our borders and not defending somebody else's border and

in moving to a "Swiss self defense system" we will have the same results the Swiss have and that is,

not having a militant interventionist policy which will result in not having enemies.

Part Five of the Seven Part Blog (LINK AT THE END OF THE POST) will give details on how the US government's militant interventionist policies during WW1 led to very dangerous conditions under which Hitler and Stalin rose to power.

The Pentagon will try to convince you that national security is their priority and pleasing defense contractors is not but the evidence proves otherwise.

The Pentagon has not passed a financial audit since the Defense Department was created in 1949 and

since 1995 when audits were mandated, at least 8.5 trillion dollars spent by the Pentagon is either missing, wasted, stolen or not accounted for because

according to highly decorated US Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler, in his book titled "War is a Racket", General Butler describes all wars and conflicts as

corporate welfare to the warfare complex while protecting the economic interests of corporations.

google the words : "  Accounting fraud is business as usual at the Pentagon, Reuters reports "


(1) how to delay the coming bankruptcy or even prevent the bankruptcy ( read Part Seven of the Seven Part Blog )

(2) how to stop people like Hitler (read Part Five of the Seven Part Blog ),

(3) dealing with human rights issues ( read Part Six of the Seven Part Blog ),

(4) terrorism (read Part One of the Seven Part Blog ) and


" Brian Boatman part one 911 attacks could have been prevented "

or go to :

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The Israeli- Palestinian Conflict

Has there been a democratic government ( other than the Israeli government ) that does not allow law abiding residents (of another religion) to return to their own homes  ?

Neturei Karta is an anti-Zionist Jewish organization (made up of Orthodox Jews and Rabbis) who oppose the collective punishment methods of the Israeli government.

Due to the "Present Absentee" Israeli law, Christians/Muslims who have already been given Israeli citizenship are not even allowed to return to their homes within Israel due to their refugee status within Israel.

Just as unrestricted Mexican immigration would either create riots in America or preference given to Mexican immigrants over the local population would create a second class citizenry,

the Christians in Israel decreased from 21% in 1949 to 13% in 1990, and to less than 10% at the end of 1998 but

in the Palestinian territories, Christian representatives constitute more than double their proportion in Palestinian society.

This disproportional representation is a further indication of the Palestinian Authority's desire to allow the Christians a sense of security.

Official Hamas statement in 2007: "(Hamas) would not allow anyone (in Gaza) to sabotage Muslim-Christian relations."

Alex Awad, Dean of students at Bethlehem Bible College and Pastor of a Baptist Church in Jerusalem, says that in 34 years , almost all Christians have not been attacked, insulted or humiliated by Muslim neighbors. "That’s a very long time”, Pastor Awad says and

Pastor Awad blames many persecution stories on Christians who seek sympathy and money from Christian Zionists in Western nations. “That’s sad,” he says.

Since non-Jewish Israeli citizens are treated as second class citizens due to the Israeli "Present Absentee" law, you can imagine what rights Palestinians have in the UN designated Occupied Territories.

Miko Peled is a Jewish Israeli who grew up in a well known Zionist family.

Miko, whose father was an Israeli General, finally became an anti-Zionist activist when he realized that "Zionism is a racist, colonial idea" (end of quote).

 Watch the free docudrama, " The Promise " on Hulu (not Hulu Plus), to see an accurate depiction of life in Israel from the viewpoints of both sides in this tragic conflict.

Open a new window to watch the youtube videos below while you are reading the post and

please repost this post at least once a day and tell your friends to do the same, thanks.

Jewish Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi shows his documentary " 5 Broken Cameras" to Israeli school children who are visibly affected by the brutality of Israeli soldiers.

The israeli school children voice their concerns in the youtube video titled :

""Five Broken Cameras" screened to Israeli youth ".

684 Israeli combatants/officers from all units of the IDF have so far signed the January 2002 "Combat Troops' Letter" in which

they declared their refusal "to fight... in order to



 starve and

 humiliate an entire people" (end of quote).

In a booklet published by Breaking the Silence, 30 Israeli soldiers who served in the West Bank have described the army's day-to-day actions with descriptions of




verbal abuse,

night-time arrests and

injury" of children, who are handcuffed and blindfolded and

denied recourse to lawyers, either on suspicions of stone-throwing or arrested in order to gather information on their relatives and neighbors.

B'TSELEM is a Israeli Human Rights Organization that was established by a group of prominent Israeli academics, attorneys, journalists, and Knesset members.

Watch the B'TSELEM Youtube video titled :

" Orthodox Jewish woman harasses Palestinian mother ",

where a Palestinian family has to literally live in a cage and the children cannot play outside.

Watch the Youtube video titled : " Kalandia - A Checkpoint Story ",

its a video recorded by a Jewish woman about the kind of abusive and humiliating lives Palestinians go through in Israel.

Another youtube video ( 2003 documentary film by Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir) titled :

" Checkpoint - Israel Defence Forces Documentary ".

One can imagine what happens when the camera is turned off and there are no jewish observers.

Even in America, cops are known to beat up their own citizens when there are no cameras around, so one can imagine what happens to innocent palestinians who are considered as enemies by a minority of Israeli checkpoint guards.

Why is the Israeli government in the business of instigation ? so that

the subsequent adverse reactions by a tiny number of palestinian militants will give the Israel government the excuse to not make peace through a comprehensive peace deal as outlined in Brian's blog ( link at the end of this post ).

In the history of mankind, the stronger group usually engages in "ethnic cleansing" ( example: forceful removal of Indian tribes from their homes by the US government) and

the weaker group usually engages in terrorism ( example: terrorism committed by Native Americans against the families of American settlers ).

Terrorism by Native Americans lasted almost 300 years from 1622 through 1911.

Here is one American historian's narrative in 1832 on terrorism committed by Native Americans on the families of civilian settlers:

"The men and children were chopped to pieces," wrote historian Kerry Trask, "and the dead women were hung up by their feet and

their bodies mutilated in ways too gruesome for contemporary observers to record in writing " (end of quote ).

The reason Native Americans committed terrorism against American settlers is because

the US government never made a comprehensive peace deal with the Native Americans, till the Native American nations were reduced to nothing.

So similarly, a tiny minority of the Palestinians resort to terrorism because

the Israeli government has a stranglehold on the Palestinians through various collective punishment and ethnic cleansing methods.

We know that ethnic cleansing operations by the Israeli government is a much more powerful force than terrorism, by looking at the female life expectancy in Israel, compared to the UN designated Occupied Territories:

Israeli female life expectancy : 83.49 years.

Palestinian female life expectancy : 77.17 years.

Remember, its the muslims (Ottoman Turks) who allowed Jews to immigrate to Palestine in the 1800s, so good relations between Jews and Muslims would go back to what it was during the 1800s, once a comprehensive peace deal is agreed to.

Facebook has a page titled " Arabs and Jews refuse to be Enemies".

Once a comprehensive peace deal is agreed to, we can see many more people joining organizations like

Combatants for Peace, a Bi-national movement of Israelis and Palestinians who dropped their arms in order to lead a non-violent struggle against the occupation of palestinian territories (as designated by the UN).

In 1850, Jews were 4% of the total population of Palestine since

most Jews had converted to Islam and had become Muslim Palestinians since 7th century Muslim rule.

The remaining Jews were treated relatively well and that is why the Jews fled the persecution of Europe to Palestine (name given to the area by the Romans ).

If the majority muslims in Palestine (during the 1800s) treated the Jewish immigrants like how the US government treated Native Americans and Blacks, the Jews would not have left Europe for Palestine in the 1800s.

Even though historically, the Jewish military acquired Palestine through genocide, killing all non-jewish civilian men, women, children and babies ( Deuteronomy 20:16) the muslims during the 1800s still welcomed the Jews back into Palestine.

But it turned out that nationalist Zionists were not grateful to the generosity of the muslims.

Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen of Beth El-Keser Israel states that

the rightful owners of Palestinian lands were forced to become tenant farmers due to

The (Muslim) Ottoman Land Code and Registration Laws of 1858 and 1859 which had the effect of

fraudulently transferring Christian/Muslim farmers ownership of Palestinian lands to powerful Arabs who in turn sold those lands to Jews.

The first "stone" was thrown in 1908 when Zionists encouraged Jews to forcefully push Arab tenant farmers off their lands and homes (ethnic cleansing) and

to only employ Jews and not to employ non-Jews.

Christian and Muslim farmers suddenly found themselves forced out of their homes and land that had been in their family for centuries.

As soon as the first "stone" was thrown by the Zionists,

Najib Nassar a Palestinian Christian published Al-Karmil, warning Palestinians about Zionism which in turn led to the anti-Zionist Muslim-Christian Associations.

Would Americans riot if there were unrestricted Mexican immigration into this country ? likewise, some Arabs rioted because

the Zionists wanted unrestricted Jewish immigration and so

the Jews who only comprised 4% of the total population of Palestine in 1850,

by 1947, Jewish immigrants grew to over 30% of the total population of Palestine.

By 1945, the Jews had purchased only 6% of the total area of Palestine but

the 1947 U.N. Resolution 181(II) gave the Jews, 56 % of Palestine ( over a 400% increase in Jewish agricultural lands ) and even though

the Christians/Muslims were twice the population of the Jews, the Palestinians got 44% of Palestine ( a 59% reduction in Palestinian agricultural lands ).

In their 1947 report to the UN General Assembly, the UN Special Committee on Palestine stated that:

"The Arab (Christian/Muslim) population, despite the strenuous efforts of Jews to acquire land in Palestine, at present remains in possession of approximately 85 per cent of the land (Palestine)" (end of quote ).

What if the UN came to you and said an Indian wants 56% of your land (because 1800 years ago his ancestors owned your land) and

the Indian wants most of your best agricultural lands and

you get 44% your land even though there are two of your family and only one of the Native American ,

what would you say to the UN ? and

that is what the UN did to Palestine in the 1940s which lead to decades of conflict.

In his book "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine", Jewish Israeli historian Ilan Pappé of Haifa University, asserts that Plan Dalet was a "blueprint for ethnic cleansing":

"... this ... blueprint spelled it out clearly and unambiguously:

the Palestinians had to go ... The aim of the plan was in fact the destruction of both rural and

urban areas of Palestine........and their inhabitants expelled" (end of quote).

Aharon Zisling, the minister of agriculture, told the Israeli cabinet on 17 November 1948:

"... Jews have behaved like Nazis and my entire being has been shaken " (end of quote).

Arab governments had to interfere militarily in 1948 because

before the Israeli government declared independence in 1948,

the Israeli military and well organized Zionist terror groups had already penetrated deep into the UN designated Palestinian State encountering

little opposition from unorganized Palestinian militants.

Sadly, for hundreds of thousands of Christian/Muslim Palestinians who fled from their homes in fear (1947-1948) due to hearing about 24 reported massacres (example: Deir Yassin massacre) by Zionist terror groups,

the Israeli government did not just take 56% as designated by the UN but rather

the Israeli government took 100% of Christian/Muslim Palestinian homes

(In effect, the Zionist leadership went back on their 1940s promise of giving all palestinians within Israel, permanent residency).

Even though palestinians were promised legal residence by Jewish leaders in the 1940s, they were not allowed back into Palestine (today's Israel) even though

the UN passed UN Resolution 194 in December 11, 1948, calling for the return of refugees back to their legal residency in Israel.

All property rights should be addressed comprehensively, whether it be Jewish property rights in Arab countries or Arab property rights in Palestine.

If there is no evidence of terrorism, those Palestinians with legal residency promised by both the UN and Jewish leaders during the 1940s should be allowed to return.

The UN would never have given statehood to Israel if the UN knew that the legal residency of Palestinians could be changed at anytime and for any reason against the wishes of the legal Palestinian residents of Israel.

If the Israeli government was truly a Peacemaker,

it would have stipulated in the 1949 Armistice Agreements that it would work closely with the border patrol of Arab countries to monitor their borders to make sure

the PLO does not cross the borders into Israel since

the Arab countries had limited resources and manpower to monitor the movement of hundreds of thousands of palestinian refugees of which

a tiny minority ( the PLO) was seeking revenge for the killings and expulsions of Palestinians from Israel during the 1947-1948 period.

Before 1967, the Israeli government always had the intention of taking Gaza and the West Bank and the way they did it is by provoking small attacks from the Arab states and then

following up with a huge bombing campaign as listed below:

(1) Incursion by the Israeli government into the Syrian territory of al-Hamma in 1951

(2) Invasion of Egypt by the Israeli government in 1956

(3) In 1966, the Israeli government attacked Jordan's West Bank.

(4) April 1967, Israeli government invaded Syria.

(5) Surprise first strike by the israeli government against Egypt in June 1967 which started the Six-Day War.

Yitzhak Rabin, who served as the Chief of the General Staff for Israel during the Six Day war stated:

"I do not believe that Egypt wanted war" (end of quote ).

In 1967, when the Israeli government had total control of the West Bank and Gaza,

the Israeli government could have annexed the West Bank and Gaza and those Palestinians who did not accept Israeli citizenship or residency, would have been subject to deportation.

Israeli Arabs (20% of the Israeli population ) have accepted Israeli citizenship.

The period after 1967 ( when the Israeli government had full control of Gaza and the West Bank) was described by

Jewish Israeli Professor Benny Morris as an "all-pervading element of humiliation", caused by

the protracted occupation which Dr. Morris says was "always a brutal and mortifying experience for the occupied" and

was "founded on brute force,

repression and fear,

collaboration and treachery,

beatings and torture chambers, and

daily intimidation, humiliation, and manipulation" (end of quote ).

Jewish Israeli Professor Jeff Halper founded the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions.

According to Professor Halper, since 1967, Israel demolished over 18,000 Palestinian homes, a process now routine, and nearly always for no security reason.

Dr. Halper calls it "a national obsession, collective punishment, in defiance of international law that Israel disdains.

For Palestinians, it's traumatic and devastating.

It renders men powerless and emasculating for being unable to provide a family home" (end of quote).

In 1967, why didn't the Israeli government annex both the West Bank and Gaza and give Christian/Muslim Palestinians full residency or citizenship rights ?

because then the Israeli government would not have been able to do the following ethnic cleansing operations

( because the following would have been illegal if the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza were given full residency or citizenship rights after 1967) :

extrajudicial assassinations of suspected militants,

mass detentions without trials of suspected militants,

forced migrations of non-militant civilians,

forced relocations of non-militant civilians,

forced deportations of non-militant civilians,

confiscation of lands belonging to non-militant civilians,

severely restricting non-militant civilians from building,

severely restricting non-militant civilians from expanding agricultural lands,

severely restricting college educated, non-militant civilians from finding work ( resulting in only one in eight college-educated non-militant Palestinians finding degree-related work) ,

unrestricted Jewish settler migration into the West Bank and Gaza.

The Israeli sociologist Baruch Kimmerling once identified as “politicide" the stifling of the educational opportunities available to Palestinian kids.

As long as the ethnic cleansing operations were not complete, the Likud Party of Israel stated the following in their 1999 charter :

“The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river" (end of quote ).

While the Zionists were in the business of instigation ever since 1908,

Hamas in 2004 promised a 10 year truce and using President Reagan's "trust but verify" program, we could have determined whether Hamas was following the truce agreement but

as usual the Israeli government was not interested in the 10 year truce.

Today, the Israeli government subjects the Palestinian moms/dads to numerous humiliating and abusive checkpoints where kids see their parents being humiliated and abused by checkpoint guards and

after seeing the regular humiliating treatment of their parents, a very tiny number of palestinian kids grow up to be terrorists.

In 2008, an Israeli soldier in command of a checkpoint outside Nablus was relieved from duty after he refused to allow a Palestinian woman in labor to pass through.

Jewish Author Yehudit Kirstein-Keshet says the border crossings, checkpoints and closures demonstrates "Israel's imprisonment of an entire population in a web of closures and checkpoints".

The US has an average of 10,000 gun murders every year, while over a 19 year period (1989-2008),

the average annual deaths due to terrorist suicides in Israel was 47,

does that mean since there are 212 times more murders in America due to mostly illegal guns (compared to suicide bombings in Israel ),

we need 200 times more checkpoints in the US to check for illegal guns ? but

even though the US has about 10,000 gun murders per year ( mostly by illegal guns) , we do not have checkpoints looking for illegal guns because

checkpoints would mean collective punishment of the innocent.

Since the Israeli government refused to have a comprehensive peace deal decades ago, Hamas came into existence in 1987, due to human nature.

Its human nature to rebel against the aggressor (the Israeli government), as the Native Americans rebelled in horrific ways against the US government.

In light of the 1988 report by the UN Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices,

the UN condemned the Israeli government in 1989 for "war crimes and an affront to humanity".

While the UN was condemning the Israeli government in 1989,

Hamas carried out its first attack against Israel in 1989, abducting and killing two soldiers because

in the Gaza Strip in 1988, once every two weeks a Palestinian child would suffer from a shot to the head due to the collateral actions by Israeli government personnel.

Hamas was founded in 1987 in the midst of the Israeli government's hatred towards the Palestinians for not conforming to the Israeli government's colonial ambitions (details in the second half of this post ).

Hamas returned the Israeli government's hatred by writing the Hamas Charter.

The Hamas Charter welcomes good relations with Jews, but they want the Zionists out of power and Israel to cease to exist.

According to Hamas Charter Article Thirty-One:

"The Islamic Resistance Movement is a humanistic movement.

It takes care of human rights and is guided by Islamic tolerance when dealing with the followers of other religions.

Under the wing of Islam, it is possible for the followers of the three religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - to coexist in peace and quiet with each other.

Islam prevents the incursion on other people's rights" (end of quote ).

The other quotes from the Charter are in reference to the 7th century conflict between the Medina Muslims and the pro-Meccan Jews.

When hatred meets with hatred, the resulting conclusion is that both the Israeli government and Hamas want the other side out of power.

Does that mean the US government should not negotiate with Hamas ?

Britain only recognized the existence of the US government, decades after 1776

(The British even burned down our capital in the war of 1812) so similarly,

Hamas will recognize Israel if the Israeli government makes a comprehensive peace deal with Hamas and the Hamas Charter of 1988 will become void.

In fact, in 2010 Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal stated that the Charter is "a piece of history and no longer relevant".

According to the 2010 Amnesty International Report:

" Israeli government often stopped international aid and humanitarian assistance from entering Gaza,

Israeli government personnel targeted and killed Palestinian medical staff,

used Palestinian civilians as "human shields",

and indiscriminately fired white phosphorus over densely populated residential areas.

Allegations of ill-treatment against Palestinian detainees continued and were rarely investigated.

Hundreds of Palestinians were administratively detained without charge;

others were serving sentences imposed after unfair military trials.

Israeli government personnel and settlers who committed serious human rights abuses against Palestinians enjoyed virtual impunity.

Permission to leave Gaza to receive medical treatment was denied or delayed for hundreds of seriously ill Palestinians and at least 28 individuals died while waiting for permission to travel ". (end of quote).

Today, The Israeli government is in the business of instigation by carrying out extrajudicial assassinations,

blockading Gaza [resulting in the health, nutrition and longevity of kids (45% of Gaza residents) being adversely affected ] and

Gaza is subject to rolling blackouts and unhealthy water quality while the Israeli government controls Gaza's airspace, coastal sea and access to the West Bank,

in order to make sure that the Gaza inhabitants rely on the Israeli government for all their basic necessities.

A 40% increase in poverty among Gaza fishermen between 2008 and 2011 due to restrictions by the Israeli government on the Gaza fish industry, while

the poor Gaza fishermen are subject to random firings from the Israeli government navy.

There is no piped water going into Gaza homes because

most of Gaza's groundwater is taken by Israel and

in the West Bank,

its called collective punishment,

where Palestinians have two hours of running water per week due to jewish settlers and Israel using 80-85% of the groundwater,

Palestinian students are not able to attend classes on time or miss classes altogether if the West Bank checkpoints are closed for days.

Watch the Youtube video:

" THEY WANT US TO BE SILENT - Checkpoints In the West Bank "

and you will see how inconvenient, abusive and humiliating checkpoints in the west bank are,

even when Jewish observers are around.

All major roads are basically off-limits to Palestinians, making it impossible to do normal business

(constantly keeping Palestinians at an economic disadvantage) ,

Amnesty international accuses the Israeli government of abusing and torturing palestinian prisoners,

pervasive closures resulting in cutting off palestinians from their work,

the slow annexation and confiscation of privately held palestinian lands through settlements and settlement expansions while

the Israeli government keeps the palestinians in poverty by not allowing palestinians to expand and create settlements

and the Israeli government prevents palestinians from expanding and creating agricultural lands.

Watch the Youtube video titled :

" Occupation 101 - the truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "

where a Palestinian mother of several children had to move twice into tents from her homes because

the Israeli government wanted her family's productive agricultural lands for settlement expansion.

The most desirable, privately held Palestinian lands in the West Bank are confiscated (without compensation ) under a 'military firing zone' classification, and then

the Israeli government issues orders for the evacuation of Palestinians from the villages in that range, while allowing contiguous Jewish settlements to remain unaffected.

 When humans perceive that certain actions are just, there is no outcry even though they are atrocities to others (example: the terror bombing of Japan by Truman ).

 Truman's terror bomb even resulted in nuns being burned alive when the bomb exploded right above a church in Nagasaki (Nagasaki was the center of Christianity in Japan ).

 Is collective punishment the right thing to do ?

Was it right to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese kids through the atom bombing of two Japanese cities and the incendiary bombing of scores of Japanese cities because

 Japan asked for a conditional surrender since they did not want their homeland being occupied by the US government ?

Instead of treating the Gazan rockets as a criminal act, the Israeli government chooses to see every rocket attack as an opportunity for collective punishment instead of

working with the Hamas authorities to bring the rocket squads to justice since Hamas had already promised in 2004 that they were ready for a 10 year truce.

The 10 year truce would stipulate that Hamas and Israeli authorities would work together to make sure no rockets are fired from Gaza.

The Gaza rocket squads ( who have killed 28 Israelis from 2001 through 7/18/14 ) are made up of members who have the same mentality as school shooters in the US

( remember, school shooters in the US have killed many more people compared to the Gaza rocket squads during the same time period ).

School shooters in the US grow up feeling unloved by their community and

in the case of the Gaza rocket squads, they grow up feeling unloved by the Israeli government when they see and experience the following :

(1) Missile attacks from the Israeli government collaterally killing, horribly dismembering or maiming their kids or parents.

Israeli Human Rights organization B'Tselem, states a ratio of civilians to targets of 1:1.44, meaning

for every extrajudicial assassination of an accused militant, there is a collateral death of a civilian adult or kid

(2) seeing the regular humiliations, strip searches and abuse faced by their parents and loved ones at border crossings.

(3) Blockade of Gaza causing shortages of medical supplies and food, adversely affecting the health and longevity of kids who comprise 45% of the Gaza population.

(4) Destruction of infrastructure (example: utilities and sewer systems) by the Israeli government causing very unhealthy and unsanitary conditions

(5) not allowed to visit their mosque in Jerusalem

(6) not allowed or severe restrictions in visiting other palestinians in the west bank.

The Israeli government knows that in every war, war crimes are committed by both sides ( example: US government personnel suffering from PTSD were involved in shooting unarmed Iraqi civilians ).

Amnesty International, in the past, has accused Israeli government personnel of using Palestinians as human shields even though

the Israeli government has adequate shielding using tanks, planes and other sophisticated hardware.

Knowing for decades that both the Israeli government personnel and Hamas are capable of using human shields,

why do you think the Israeli government has no problems going to war in Gaza knowing that

45% of the residents in Gaza are kids under the age of 14 and potential human shields ?

and why does the Israeli government not want to accept the 10 year truce offered by Hamas in 2004 which can be verified through President Reagan's "trust but verify" program ?

and why does the Israeli government not meet Hamas request to stop the blockade of Gaza that is affecting the health and longevity of the kids in Gaza ?

Because as long as the kids in Gaza are not related to politicians in the Israeli government, the cease fire has come only after

hundreds of children in Gaza have been collaterally killed.

The present cycle of violence started in 2000 when (as usual) the Israeli government overreacted by killing stone throwing israeli-arabs in Jerusalem.

The Israeli government does not overreact to stone throwing jewish settlers who throw stones at Palestinians.

The Youtube video titled:

" Settlers throw stones at woman and baby "

shows Israeli soldiers not overreacting to Israeli settler's children throwing stones at a Palestinian woman carrying a baby.

Stone throwers in America would have been subject to tasers, tear gas and shields but in the case of the Israeli government,

the Israeli government has no problems using lethal force against stone throwers.

Amnesty International stated that approximately 80% of the Palestinians killed during the first month of the 2000 Palestinian uprising were in demonstrations where

Israeli security services lives were not in danger.

The Israeli government will only negotiate with terrorists if those terrorists are holding the loved ones of Israeli politicians as hostages ? or

do you think the pro-war politicians will bomb the places in which the terrorists are holding their loved ones as hostages ? so

the bottom line is,

because pro-war Israeli politicians' children are not held as hostages or

"human shields",

the Israeli government does not care about the well being of the Palestinian children "hostages" or "human shields" in Gaza as seen in the youtube documentary titled

" Blood and tears of Gaza ".


One solution is to create  the Federation of Israel and Palestine ( FIP ).

Allow non-militant, law abiding Jews, Arab Christians and Muslims to move into any part of Israel or the West Bank or Gaza, creating the Federation of Israel and Palestine (FIP ) in which

anybody can move anywhere within the Federation.

 51% of the seats in government within Gaza and West Bank will be Christian/Muslim Arab seats and

 51% of the seats in government in Israel will be Jewish seats and thus

 keeping the Christian/Muslim Arab identity within Gaza and the West Bank and keeping the Jewish identity within Israel.

For other solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, read part six of the following  seven part blog :

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why children should be encouraged to find true love

Experts say, age 5 or 6 is the moment when romantic love first arrives.

“These are really strong feelings that kids actually have,” said Dr. Barbara Howard, a nationally known developmental behavioral pediatrician and assistant professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. “They really do love each other”(end of quote ).

"Some boys propose to girls", states Dr. Joyce Harrison, director of preschool psychiatry programs at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. 

"But this role-playing is often more than play. Parents and teachers shouldn’t laugh at it. These are genuine feelings that should be respected and accepted" (end of quote).

The problem these days is that parents do not invest the time or energy to find true love in the opposite sex for their kids and so those kids enter the unstable teen years with no clear direction.

Research from the PBS series "Frontline," the Atlantic, National Geographic and other sources shows that puberty can make teens make bad decisions.

In other words, once puberty sets in, the body takes over and the mind is hijacked and

that is why teens grow up to be either depressed and cutting themselves or grow up to be so-called adults in college who indulge in exciting and dangerous activity (example: binge drinking, drug abuse) or

have an epidemic of divorces since 

so-called adults allow their bodies to rule relationships ( example: lust, thrill or excitement is given more priority than common sense ) and

that is why children are wiser when it comes to true love than so-called adults since

children do not have a sex drive to overrule good judgment.

In other words, true love is the antidote to dangerous activities, sexual impropriety and pre-marital sex.

Once you convince your children that true love is the most important thing in their lives,help them find it and

help them nurture it in a family atmosphere ( example: the potential future spouse is involved in all family activities)

until they are old enough to marry their true love ( no dates before marriage ) because

there is a greater chance of divorce due to dating and its emphasis on the physical aspects of a relationship.

The family atmosphere emphasizes the spiritual aspect of a relationship which is the true determinant of a life long marriage

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In the US, the share of GDP devoted to healthcare spending grew from 9 percent of GDP in 1980 to 16 percent of GDP in 2008.

The level of health care cost growth cannot be sustained, so in order to dramaticaly reduce the cost of health care, the following needs to be done so that

 the last twenty years of your life when health care costs is the most, it does not result in bankrupting you:

As insurance against the last years of a person's life, which is the most costly, the person would be taxed according to his income level and in return he gets a biometric health ID card for the following services:

 (1) The biometric card reader on the bus enables him to get free transportation to the nearest community health center where there is a free gym and free gym classes.

 (2) If he provides his own transportation to the community health center, he gets reimbursed by the government on his taxes the next year.

 (3) At the community health center, he passes certain annual medical tests and gets a reimbursement check ( of taxes paid ) for being healthy .

 (4) His health ID card entitles him to get a weekly allotment of wild caught salmon, organic fruits and vegetables at the community health center.

 (5) His health ID card also entitles him to preventive dental services at the community health center.

 (6) A patient who is sick goes to the nearest community health center and gets an official diagnosis of his problem from three different independent doctors at the community health center.

 The doctors use a sophisticated computer program that analyses every possible symptom suffered by the patient.

 The official diagnosis is automatically sent online to a central government processing center.

 (7) An online auction system ( available to the public to see ) of every known procedure that tells doctors what a reasonable price is ( according to a panel of experts in that procedure )

 enables doctors to bid against each other in order to get as close as possible to the reasonable price.

 Doctors do not have to bid and can just accept the reasonable price posted on the website.

 (8) The central government processing center automatically matches the official diagnosis of the patient with a list of  doctors (nearest to the patient) who have successfully bid on that particular procedure on the government auction online.

 (9) The patient is sent online or by mail, the address of several doctors nearby who have successfully bid for that particular procedure and who are ranked according to peer reviewed criteria in (12) below and the patient makes an appointment with the doctor whom he thinks has the best peer reviewed grading according to (12) below.

 (10) After buying all medications at a huge discount, the government dispenses the free medication (according to the doctor's prescription) through the community health center's onsite pharmacy.

 (11) Every community health center will have free drug rehabilitation and mental health facilities for those who have become dependent on drugs of any kind (prescription and non-prescription )  because people on drugs have been known to commit violent crime and be involved in car crashes where your loved ones are at risk.

(12) After treatment feedback, a hospital's health environment grade in preventing hospital acquired infections and repeated corrective procedures by a doctor indicating incompetency or greed can all be seen by the public online in one government sponsored website that grades hospitals and doctors according to peer reviewed criteria.

In closing:

 If people feel they are being taxed upfront for free gym services and free food plus reimbursement checks for being healthy, they will have enough incentives to get those free services since

 they paid for them upfront and for those who don't care about the free food, free gym services and reimbursement checks, that is ok because
even if a tiny minority lead healthy lifestyles due to being taxed and getting part of that tax back (for leading healthy lifestyles), its going to make a major difference in reducing overall health care costs.

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Was Travis Alexander's death premeditated ?


The information below has been compiled by various contributors from various sources, both inside and outside of jail, in order to give a complete picture of the Jodi Arias case and for those who want to submit this blog address to Jodi in order to help her with her appeal, please send a metered postcard ( not stamped ) in black ink to :

Jodi Arias #281129
PO Box 3300
Goodyear AZ85395

The  posting below will be updated on a regular basis, so check back at least once a month for the latest information added to it, thanks.

Whenever new information is added to the post, we will update the time below and since we cannot separate new information from what was already previously posted, please  read the entire post again because

 the new information is sometimes spread out throughout the post.


3:09 AM (CST) ON 12/5/15.

The following will answer three questions :

  (A) Was it premeditated ?
  (B) Was it self-defense ?
  (C) What actually happened ?

Language used in court is very important in a capital murder case and throughout this trial, language used by the judge was biased against Jodi.

We believe that Jodi has a good case for an appeal because early on in the trial and before the jury was given the opportunity to deliberate the case,  the jury was biased against Jodi when the judge clearly stated that Travis was the victim, meaning that in a capital murder case, if the deceased is the victim, it automatically makes the jury think ( thanks to the judge) that the defendant is the victimizer or is guilty of capital murder and this bias against Jodi was propagated by both the judge and the prosecutor before the jury could deliberate the case.

Even the word "murdered" was used several times in court before the jury could deliberate the case.

What if the defense team started referring to Jodi as the survivor, would the judge and prosecutor have approved ? off course not.

Before we get to the questions, all of Jodi's lies can be summed up in one sentence : Jodi's lies (at the beginning ) come from her sincere desire to not hurt Travis' reputation or Travis' family with the truth of what actually happened which would also subject her to more emotional abuse from the media and Travis' friends/family plus the fact that

Jodi feels enormous guilt in instigating Travis on the day of his death (details in Section C below ).

This desire to protect Travis' reputation and Travis' family  can be seen at the 2:50 timeline in the video below

It took Jodi years to tell the truth or at least most of the truth regarding Travis because of Jodi's acute desire to protect Travis' reputation and ego.

Also, before we answer the first question, you would think heroic acts done on behalf of the US government  would be remembered but even when the  killing is done at half a mile away from the target,  US  snipers don't remember the actual killing.

You would think that killing at such a great distance will be remembered but here

 is one example of not being able to remember the killing,  at the 19:42 timeline in the video below :

In the above video, our American hero cant remember the following, calling it a " defense mechanism " :

(1) He forgot everything surrounding the "heroic mission" of killing on behalf of the US government

(2) He even forgets where he has been when the "heroic mission" of killing happened on behalf of the US government

(3) He even forgets the people he met during his "heroic mission" of killing on behalf of the US government.

In light of the above phenomenon, it is our opinion that Jodi Arias was guessing at what happened on the day Travis died, so keep that in mind when reading the entire post.

Jodi's "fog" story could not have been made up because

 if she wanted to tell a "selective fog story" to benefit her, she  could have easily said that Travis had the gun or knife but she not once said that Travis had the gun or knife because she could not remember much of anything about the events surrounding the death of Travis (details in Section C below ).

The more we research this case, the more we see what Travis truly was, a sweet guy to many people but

 to people whom Travis considered as weak or a nobody, he held grudges even for the slightest provocation and  he let his unpredictable temper loose (details below ) which shows that Travis himself was abused as a child.

While Jodi's childhood abuse made her cling to those she was in love with, Travis' childhood abuse made him into a sexual deviant ( details below ) and emotionally abusive to those he saw as weak or clingy.

Its laughable that the Prosecutor did not want the jury to see a picture of Jodi with her dog because he said the picture was highly prejudicial in favor of Jodi when at the same time,

 highly prejudicial language was allowed in court, referring to Travis as the "victim" and even the word "murdered" was used, while Jodi by implication and even directly was referred to as the "assailant", "killer" and "attacker".

How would the prosecutor like it if the defense team kept referring to Jodi as the survivor ?

Now, to the questions:

(A) Was it premeditated ?

The most important question is , at the time Travis was stabbed the very first time, was the stabbing premeditated or was it a self defense reaction to Travis knocking the gun off Jodi's hand and then Travis pointing the gun in the direction of Jodi, just before it jammed as Jodi in terror stabbed Travis for the very first time.

There are  many points that do not indicate premeditation all the way.

We could not find a premeditation case in which a girl ( the defendant ) used a knife against a much stronger man when a gun was available, so the fact a knife was used indicates a fight for survival on the girl's part and

 if a gun was initially used and the gun jammed, logic would dictate that the girl (the defendant) would flee instead of trying to kill a much stronger man with a knife unless her life was in danger.

Also, we could not find even one premeditation case in which the suspect spent over 15 hours visiting with the "victim", with neighbors and renters around, having intimate moments and even a photo session which ended with the camera being kicked around by accident.

In premeditation cases, time is of the essence and every minute that passes by in the presence of the "victim", exposes the suspect  ( in a covert mission ) to being discovered.

 If we assume Jodi turned off the phone in order to be covert in Arizona, why did she risk staying in Arizona for more than 15 hours when every minute that passes by during the daytime hours would risk her  or her upside down licence plate being exposed to either police,  roommates or neighbors or strangers seeing her or her upside down license plated car outside in broad daylight.

For a person who took all the trouble to be covert in entering Arizona, isn't it surprising that she  suddenly decides to spend over 15 long hours with the "victim" without gloves,  knowing that every minute that passes by especially during the day time stood a very good chance of her fingerprints being all over the place, the police discovering her car ( in the driveway or on the street) with an upside down license plate plus blowing her cover with neighbors and renters around ?

The upside down license plate only makes sense if Jodi decided to lure Travis quickly into the bedroom, kill him, put on the ski mask and gloves she brought along, lock the bedroom door and

 make a quick getaway before 4 or 5 AM in the morning when the chances of being seen by neighbors or renters are at a minimum but because

 she decided to spend over 15 hours with Travis shows she changed her mind about killing him and forgot about the upside down license plate of her car parked in the driveway or on the street.

The gloves were probably in her purse, along with the gun.

If Jodi did actually want to go through with the killing, she would have calmly put the camera away and while Travis was in the shower, she would have taken the gun out of her purse and shot him till he was dead, but we know that did not happen because 

this is probably what actually happened:

(1) Jodi planned to kill Travis at about 3 or 4 am, as soon as she arrived.

 All the facts point to premeditation for a 3 or 4 am killing due to also the fact that she had to meet her alibi (Ryan Burns) by noon. She would never have told Ryan that she will be seeing him at noon, if she did not plan the killing for 3 or 4am when everybody was fast asleep including the neighbors, giving her enough time to meet her alibi and to correct her upside down license plate.

(2) Travis asked Jodi why she was wearing gloves and that is when Travis' calm and endearing personality made Jodi change her mind and that is when she took off her gloves and abandoned her plan to kill him while his roommates and neighbors were fast asleep.

Another indication that Jodi changed her mind ( about killing Travis ) was when Jodi  called Ryan Burns (her alibi )  from southern California around 9:00 PM on Tuesday. (June 3rd)

She was supposed to get to Ryan's house --  a 12-hour drive from LA to Salt Lake City.

 She was going to get to Ryan's house at 9:00 AM if she did not stop to rest.

. So if she went through the plan of killing Travis in the early Wednesday morning hours (3 or 4AM) on June 4th,

, Jodi could still have made it to her Salt Lake City alibi when Ryan Burns was expecting her at. 12:00 or 1:00 PM but 

because Jodi changed her mind about killing Travis,  she was at Travis' house at 1PM and she blew her alibi of being at Ryan's house at 1PM because she changed her mind.

An alibi only works if the planned killing is done quickly and police cannot determine at what time the killing took place while the suspect can point to her alibi as evidence that she was not there at the time the death happened.

In other words, premeditation cannot be proven after she decided to spend over 15 hours with Travis, blowing her alibi with Ryan.

In past premeditation cases, if the suspect knew the victim well but did not live with the victim, the suspect always wore gloves and committed the killing within minutes of either breaking into the victim's house or entering the victim's house and the killing always takes place when the possibility of being seen is at a minimum, in other words, the killing takes place when potential witnesses (renters, neighbors etc ) are sleeping.

Also, without any prompting or leading from the interrogation detective, Jodi herself said that she had plenty of gloves and would have used them if premeditation was on her mind.

The prosecution made a reasonable assumption that the gun was stolen by Jodi but at the same time, the prosecution did not make a reasonable assumption that gloves were also taken by Jodi which means if gloves were not worn at the scene, she must have taken them off before getting to Travis' house or

Jodi could have changed her mind  in Travis' office when Travis must have asked her why she was wearing gloves and that is when she changed her mind due to Travis showing his "good side".

During the covert mission  and before she changed her mind, we have a strong case that Jodi took both a knife and gun because she knew the gun was not reliable (details in section C below ) and if the gun did not work, an enraged Travis would have gone after her and she knew she needed the knife to defend against Travis if flight was not possible.

Intention to kill cannot be proved, especially after the time Travis greeted Jodi in his office on June 4th and Travis probably asked her why she was wearing gloves and once she removed her gloves, after that, there are mitigating factors that do not prove intent to kill.

Detectives knew that any kind of premeditation would have involved gloves but the fact that Jodi spent hours at Travis' house putting her finger prints all over the place made the detectives want to interview Jodi for hours to find out what happened if the killing was not premeditated.

The following interrogation videos will show that the interrogation detectives only had one side of the story, Travis and his family/friends' side of the story including all the forensic evidence that made a jury indict Jodi,

 so there was no reason for hours of interrogation if the detectives firmly believed in  premeditated murder when

 the detectives clearly knew that defendants seldom confess to premeditation.

In the link below, it shows Detective Flores' doubt about premeditated murder at the 5:06 timeline when

 Detective Flores clearly says he does not know whether it was premeditated or not:

Detective Flores states that in all his experience as a detective, he does not see Jodi as a cold blooded killer ( watch at the 5:37 timeline in the link below ):

The second interrogation detective concurs with Detective Flores when she clearly states at the 7:56 timeline (in the link below) that she does not believe the killing was premeditated:

At the 28:12 timeline in the link below, the detective asked Jodi whether Travis contributed to events that went out of control :

At the 1:05 timeline in the link below, the detective asks Jodi was scared of Travis on the day Travis died, again doubting  premeditation:

The detective again doubting premeditation, asks Jodi whether she feared Travis on the day Travis died ( Watch at the 3:40 timeline in the link below ):

You can clearly see by the above line of questioning in the videos above, both detectives were trying their best to make Jodi confess to the lesser charge of manslaughter and not premeditated murder because

 the detectives themselves, after looking at all the physical evidence and the stories from Travis friends and family, still could not believe it was premeditated.

As for Jodi changing her mind due to Travis "good side", read the closing statements at the end regarding  Travis' psychopathy and multiple personalities ( some which were good ).

Even when threatened by Travis (details in section C below ) Jodi was not able to pull the trigger and that hesitation resulted in a struggle and a messy killing (with the camera being kicked around).

We know the Travis attempted to use people for sex (even though he was unsuccessful with the Mormon girls and afraid for his reputation as a virginal Mormon).

One of the Mormon girls said that she felt used by Travis ( even though she never had sex with him ). Watch at the 31:19 timeline in the link below :

After having changed her mind about killing Travis,

she ended up spending hours at Travis' house, knowing his roommates were around, her fingerprints were all over the place after having taken off the gloves and Jodi knew

  anybody, including the neighbors, could see her leaving the house during the daytime.

While not thinking straight about her finger prints being all over the place, she attempted  to kill Travis while Travis slept.

After making sure his roommates were fast asleep,  Jodi tried to kill Travis while he was sleeping but she could not bring herself to pulling the trigger.

Jodi suggested that she use Travis' camera for the afternoon shower photo session.

 If the killing was planned, she could have easily told him that she will use her camera for the photo session, so that she can take the camera with her after the killing and delete the photos later ( at leisure ) after the killing but

 the fact that Travis' camera was used shows that the killing was not planned because using Travis' camera would involve getting rid of the evidence somehow and that takes time and in a planned killing, time is of the essence.


 the crime scene does not point to premeditation since we know that Jodi was a photographer and

 she could have easily put the camera away safely before committing the killing but

  the fact that the camera was shooting accidental photos shows a sudden turn of events and not to premeditation.

The camera in the washer is another indication it was not premeditated all the way.

Everybody knew that Jodi was always around cameras, so why such a obvious clue by leaving the camera in the washer which shows panic and not premeditation.

The prosecutor wants you to think that Jodi was so careful in not wanting anybody to know that she was in Arizona and yet after the killing, the Prosecutor fails to reveal why Jodi did not take her time to clean up the scene, put the camera in the bag along with the bloody knife and gun but the evidence shows that Jodi never expected a sudden turn of events ( details in Section C below ) so Jodi's behavior after the killing is a sign of panic and not planning.

(B) Was it in self-defense ?

To answer that question, we have to ask whether Travis posed a danger to Jodi on the day Travis died.

First, a little bit of Travis' character before his death.

Mimi Hall recalls Travis being persistent at the 1;51;20 timeline in the link below :

Even when a girlfriend of Travis asked him not to "grab her butt", Travis persisted. Watch at the 31:40 timeline in the video below :

Could this persistency on Travis part be the cause of Travis saying Jodi was stalking, in other words,

Travis is persistent,

 Jodi responds to Travis' persistency in a positive way and then

Travis spreads rumors that Jodi is stalking him in order to maintain his reputation as a virginal Mormon who is not obsessed with sex, sexual fantasies of minors (details below ) and having sex with Jodi.

We know that Travis had peculiar interests in sex, for example, while Jodi would not take close up views of Travis' genitals, Travis had the proclivity to take extremely close up views of Jodi's genitals.

One of Travis' friends was Sky Hughes.

Sky Hughes accuses Travis of being a "heart predator and  stringing Jodi along".

 Sky Hughes tells Travis:  " you (Travis ) get great joy in making women fall for the T-dogg and you (Travis) laugh about what you can get away with"(end of quote). 

Sky Hughes was so detested by Travis' behavior that she said she will never let her sister date Travis because apparently Sky Hughes saw the psychopath in Travis when even Travis admitted at one time,

   in an email to the Hughes, Travis stated : “I am a bit of a sociopath.” ( end of quote ).

Travis enjoyed and got excited by seeing people being bruised and battered and he celebrated violence by having celebratory UFC parties at his house.

We know that not all sociopaths or psychopaths are criminals but those who are criminals have psychopathic tendencies.

In the months leading up to Travis' death,

we know from the evidence presented in court that Travis had the following psychopathic and non-psychopathic characteristics that eventually pushed him over the edge on the day  of his death,

(1) Travis was under a lot of stress, possibly financial stress (details below ) and people under stress can snap at anytime.

(2) Travis hatred towards Jodi was growing to the point he wished her dead (details below) even calling for her heart to stop beating since she , according to Travis, was a "corrupted carcass".

(3) Travis seems to imply that Jodi was blackmailing him, even though there is no evidence of regular money deposits into Jodi's bank account to buy her silence ( details below ).

(4) Travis had the rape of Jodi on his mind and even statutory rape of little girls was part of Travis' fantasies and in Travis' own words heard in court, Travis admitted his statutory rape fantasies of little girls when Travis said   "corking the pot of a little girl" ,  which shows

 Travis had fantasies of violence or even the rape of a minor child.

(5) Travis wanted to use a gun (details below).

(6) Travis dehumanized Jodi to the point that it was so much easier to kill her since killers usually dehumanize a person to the point where killing becomes easy.

(7) Travis had a shocking temper which ( in our opinion ) could lead to violence (details below).

(8) Between Jodi and Travis,  Travis was the aggressor when he used violent language like "beating up" a person, "blasting" people and  "shredding people to pieces" (in a telephone conversation with Jodi.)

(9) In Travis' mind, he was an aging Mormon and so Travis had a sense of urgency  with regards to marrying a  virginal Mormon girl and he knew that

Jodi was the only one who could sabotage his plans of a happy marriage if the truth of his sexual deviancy came to light (since Jodi had the audio evidence of his deviancy).

(10) Rejection by a  potential virginal Mormon wife  devastated Travis and Travis probably blamed Jodi (in our opinion) for the rejection (details below ).

(11) Travis warned Jodi that she was going to feel his wrath and that he was planning his revenge (details below).

To elaborate on the above points:

(1) What points to financial stress that Travis felt increasingly before his death that could have made him snap at Jodi.

In the months before Travis' death, he was draining Jodi's bank account which shows he either had money problems causing him stress or

 Travis was using Jodi for both money and sex.

Jodi writes in her journal on 1/24/08:

  " I wanted to soothe away his (Travis) worries. He was under more stress than I had ever seen him. He was really despairing today. I lended him another $80 " (end of quote).

 Jodi's journal entry of 1/24/08:

  " I drained my checking account to put money into his (Travis) and then was hit with tons of fees, fees that he isn't going to pay, $96 worth " (end of quote).

(2) Travis hatred towards Jodi was growing to the point he wished her dead (another motive to kill ).

Travis' message to Jodi on 5/26/08:

"you (Jodi) have betrayed me worse than any example I could conjour, you are sick and you have scamed me " (end of quote).
 Jodi attributes Travis' mean words above ( that do not make sense) to his state of mind that involved his sexual attraction to 12 year old girls and Travis felt that Jodi was betraying him somehow for bringing it up. plus the fact that

 Jodi had a audio recording of  Travis' fantasies regarding statutory rape of minors.

Travis told Jodi that she did not deserve to live when Travis said the following :  "  (Jodi) You're taking up people's air." (end of quote) and

 wanting Jodi's heart to stop beating because according to Travis, Jodi was a "corrupted carcass".

Psychopaths often refer to people as not deserving to live.

(3) Travis used the words "you (Jodi) have scamed me" (end of quote ).

Did Travis imply that Jodi had the potential of  blackmailing him ? with the audio evidence of fantasies regarding the rape of a child.

Here again is another motive to kill, in our opinion.

(4) According to audio recordings heard in Court, we know that Travis had rape and even statutory rape of minor girls on his mind which shows that he was capable of violence ( in our opinion )

because no normal person thinks about rape unless that person is a sadist or psychopath.

(5) Jodi's journal entry of 1/24/08:

  " .... he wants to get a gun and put it to his head and pull the trigger." (end of quote).

According to Jodi's journal entry above, it is Travis who was willing to use a gun and a suicidal person is just as likely to use the gun on himself as he is on another person, especially when

 he already told Jodi that she did not deserve to live when Travis said the following :  "  (Jodi) You're taking up people's air." (end of quote).

(6) Dehumanizing another human  being is a technique used by psychopaths because its a lot easier to kill another person whom the psychopath considers as less than human and here are some of the dehumanizing words Travis said to Jodi :





 three hole wonder,


 you're worthless,

 You're taking up people's air,

and Travis wanted Jodi's heart to stop beating because she is a "corrupted carcass".

In telephone conversations heard in court, Travis had accused specific people of being without souls, even though he had no proof of that.

(7) We also know that Travis had an explosive temper towards those he considered a nobody like Jodi and this temper was witnessed by

both Gus Searcy and Desiree Freeman who were shocked at Travis' temper towards Jodi, which came all of a sudden with no warning.

The Prosecutor admitted that Travis threw a phone across the room, again showing Travis' temper.

Lisa Andrews Diadoni (Travis' ex-girlfriend ) said in court that she got scared when Travis lost his temper.

  Gus Searcy compared Travis' temper to a bullet, as he witnessed Jodi literally duck when Travis blasted Jodi over the phone.

Jodi's journal entry points to Travis temper at her which concurs with what  court witnesses said.

  Jodi's journal entry of 1/24/08:

  " I drained my checking account to put money into his (Travis) and then was hit with tons of fees, fees that he isn't going to pay, $96 worth. And he has the nerve to tell me to balance my checkbook.

  Nay, he (Travis) didn`t just tell me that, he screamed it at me, and

  then proceeded to say that he wants to get a gun and put it to his head and pull the trigger." (end of quote).

(8) People who are prone to violence often use violent language and between Jodi and Travis, Travis was the one using words like " blasting" people, "beating up" one person at least and "shredding people to pieces" ( words recorded in a telephone conversation between Jodi and Travis ).

(9) The sense of urgency in wanting to get married to a virginal Mormon girl put a  lot of stress on Travis and Jodi was the only one who could prevent a happy marriage and

here again is another motive to kill Jodi, the only one standing in the way of a happy married life since Jodi had audio evidence of Travis sexual deviancy and

the interrogation detective in the following link at the 21:45 timeline concurs with the view that Travis' time was running out regarding marriage:

(10) Before the trip to Mexico, virginal Mormon Mimi rejected Travis as a potential husband and that rejection devastated Travis as he saw his chances of being married slipping away and that rejection was blamed on Jodi (in our opinion).

(11)     5/26/08 text messages from Travis  to Jodi showed he was planning his revenge, as Travis used the following phrases:

  "feel the wrath (Jodi)."

  " I promise you (Jodi) the punishment will be better".

   " After tomorrow, its gonna get real bad for you (Jodi)."

(12) The entire context of the following chat shows that Travis was on the verge of doing something horrible to Jodi and notice how Jodi was trying to calm Travis by saying what a bad person she was but at the same time saying that she has never been violent towards him or his property  :

By reading the entire chat above, logic would dictate that Jodi had more control than Travis and hence

on the day of Travis death, one could conclude that Travis was out of control and Jodi was in control and that is why she hesitated to pull the trigger which in turn led to the chaotic struggle for life on her part.

(C) What actually happened ?

From court witnesses, Travis had the tendency to overreact to even the slightest problem and Jodi due to her past childhood abuse tended to want negative attention which means she would instigate those she loves but 

the instigation problem with Jodi was mild but on June 4th, it got out of hand when Jodi's instigation went a level up (details below ) which in turn contributed to Travis' overreaction which in turn led to the tragic events on June 4th.

The main reason Jodi kept lying about the events leading up to Travis death is because

Jodi felt guilty about instigating Travis, which triggered the rage within Travis (details below ) and the interrogation detective sensed that guilt  in Jodi at the 4:05 timeline in the link below :

Jodi did feel guilty about instigating the events below but at the same time

 she knew she did not kill Travis because in Jodi's mind, killing meant "premeditated murder" which Jodi planned but hesitated in carrying  out.

Also remember what was stated at the very beginning of the post regarding the effects of PTSD where the  traumatic experience triggers a memory lapse and Jodi genuinely does not remember the actual killing.

Combining all twelve points in part (B) above, the actions of Jodi (below) pushed Travis over the edge:

When Travis said he was not going to take Jodi to Mexico, Jodi purposely dropped the camera while

  telling Travis that she was going to turn in audio recorded evidence (  statutory rape fantasies of  minors) to his church and  tell his bishop and

  potential future good Mormon virgin wives that Travis has

  rape fantasies

  of tying up and

  having anal sex with

 12 year old schoolgirls in pigtails and also "corking the pot" of little girls:

  (In the above telephone recordings  heard in court, Travis  had already revealed his fascination with a 12 year old girl's orgasm ).

 According to the court transcript, this is exactly what Travis said to Jodi:

" The way you moan, baby, it sounds like -- it sounds like you are this 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. It`s so hot." and

 later  in the audio recording, Travis said the following " corking the pot of a little girl" ( end of quote ).

Even if Travis was role-playing, what non-pedophile adult wants a girl to role-play a 12 year old girl having her first orgasm, which proves at the least, Travis was  a closet pedophile.

 For Travis to know what a 12 year old girl sounds like during her first orgasm, we should not be surprised if Travis had a collection of illegal child porn featuring 12 year old girls.

The fact that Mormons have been known to have multiple wives ( psychopaths tend to be greedy and covet power in having multiple sexual relationships at the same time ) and

 Mormons have been known to marry minors, it should not surprise us that Travis was actually thinking about a particular  12 year old girl's first orgasm as being hot.

Jodi threatening to tell on Travis ,enraged him because Travis knew the threat was real since

 Jodi had a recorded telephone conversation implicating Travis' statutory rape fantasies of minors.

On hearing Jodi's threat,  Travis got up to choke Jodi into submission.

Jodi got terrified at Travis' rage since

 males commit 93% of all murders since

 brain research (fMRI) finds that the right amygdala is activated in  men which calls for aggression when there exists  emotionally stressful stimuli, while

 women activate their left amygdala during emotionally stressful stimuli which explains the absence of the aggression  response in women.

We know that Travis rage shocked Jodi because even after Travis death, Jodi could not comprehend how a person she cared about can become so enraged and

that frightening side of Travis made Jodi suspicious of all males and

 that is why she told the interrogation detective that she bought a gun after Travis' death since

( in our opinion) she was not trusting of males anymore, after seeing the rage in Travis.

  On hearing Jodi's threat, Travis got up to choke Jodi into submission.

Being terrified at Travis rage, Jodi ran to get the gun.

Due to Travis' immense strength that even the interrogation detective stated that Travis possessed (details below )  we know Jodi did not use the the knife first but used  the gun  but

the reason she ended up using the knife is because she hesitated in pulling the trigger which enabled the enraged Travis knocking the gun off Jodi's hand.

 When Travis was about to attack Jodi,

there were four possible scenarios that resulted in Travis' death (listed below):

(1) The gun initially worked and Jodi pulled the trigger:

Under this scenario, Jodi would have repeatedly pulled the trigger until Travis died but we know this is not what happened

(2) The gun initially worked and Jodi hesitated to pull the trigger

Under this scenario, Travis would have grabbed or knocked the gun off Jodi's hand and used the gun against Jodi and Jodi would not have had time to defend herself with the knife.

In other words, Jodi would have been dead and Travis would have had to explain to the police that it was self defense, even though Jodi hesitated.

We know the above scenario did not happen either.

(3) The gun initially did not work and Jodi pulled the trigger:

Under this scenario, Travis would have knocked Jodi unconscious to the ground and either possibly called the police to have Jodi arrested or in a rage, he could have killed the unconscious Jodi and then reported to the police it was self defense

We know the above scenario did not happen either.

(4) The gun initially did not work and the Jodi hesitated in pulling the trigger:

This is the most plausible scenario (as supported by the physical evidence ) since we know that Travis must have either knocked the gun off Jodi's hand or struggled with Jodi and then took the gun while Jodi went for the knife and as the gun jammed in Travis' hand, Jodi got lucky in stabbing Travis in the chest.

 Knowing how strong Travis was, its not logical to assume that Jodi would have preferred the knife to the gun unless Jodi had the gun knocked off her hand.

Jodi could not have struck first because if she did, she would have used the gun and not the knife, knowing how strong Travis was and so,

 the only possible scenario is Jodi hesitated in using the gun and then the rest of the scene is a struggle for life because Jodi got lucky in stabbing Travis in the chest when the gun jammed in Travis' hand.

We believe Jodi is alive today because Travis had the gun in his hand  and that is how Jodi survived because the gun jammed and the rest of the scene is a struggle for life on Jodi's part.

  Travis went to get the gun while Jodi ( fearing that the enraged Travis would use the gun against her )  got the knife and started stabbing him in the back and head as he swung around with the gun but

  the gun jammed and Jodi got lucky and stabbed Travis in the chest.

  Travis tried to get the knife from Jodi while Jodi ( knowing that her life was in danger)  managed to cut his hands and his torso as he fell on her and

while Travis was on top of Jodi,  she started stabbing his back and head.

In the link below, at the 11:00 timeline, Jodi says Travis was very strong, she has never seen anybody work out like Travis and she could not get out of one of Travis wrestling holds on her, and she felt powerless :

Detective Flores concurs with Jodi  at the 27;51 timeline in the link below that Travis was strong, so strong that two or more people could have been involved in his killing, according to Detective Flores:

Detective Flores admits (at the 40;30 timeline in the link below) that since Travis was a big guy, it would have taken more than one person to kill Travis:

 Jodi knew that Travis had tremendous strength and stamina and that if she stopped stabbing Travis, her life would be over since Travis was into


 martial arts,

 boxing and

 body building.

  Travis lost strength within seconds and feeling sorry for him, Jodi helped him to the sink.

We know that Jodi felt sorry for Travis and helped him to the sink because

 its not logical to assume Travis would be standing above the sink and not trying to defend himself,  if he was being constantly attacked.

Would Travis actually allow an attack from behind ? We highly doubt it, especially if Travis had some strength left in him to stand above the sink.

Travis had a huge ego and the very thought of being beaten by a girl, especially a girl whom he considered as a nobody, enraged him and so

 while over the sink,  Travis started cursing Jodi (using all manner of demeaning words)

  as Jodi said she was going to get help from Travis' roommates.

The next event that took place can be explained by the blood evidence shown in court.

[ Note :  At the entrance to the bathroom hallway there is a very large smearing stain on the carpet meaning both Jodi and Travis were struggling for the knife which was in Jodi's hand and a much smaller and much darker stain beside the very large smear, that indicated blood was pooling after Travis throat was cut and his neck was bleeding which created the pooling of the blood ( the  much smaller but darker of the  two stains )].

  As Jodi was about to get out of the bathroom near the entrance to Travis' bedroom, Travis had managed to pounce on her from behind, grunting the words " you c(*)nt " and

  as he fell on her and  tried to get the knife from her, she plunged the knife into his neck and cut his throat in sheer terror .

The neck wound was 1 and 1/2 " in depth, so it corresponds to Travis being on top and so it was easier for Jodi to thrust upwards and make that 1  and 1/2" stab.

Here is the video regarding the 1 and 1/2 inch neck wound :

 Jodi could not have been behind Travis when she made the neck wound because the angle of the wound is consistent with Jodi being at the bottom and Travis on top (showing that Travis was trying to get the knife from Jodi ) because

 the 1 and 1/2 inch deep wound is at an angle with the blade pointed towards Travis' head which could not have been made if Jodi was behind Travis

 ( if she was behind Travis, she would have had to twist her hand downwards to make that cut which is not logical because

 people don't push their hand downwards to make a cut since the back of the hand is usually pointing straight in line with the arm when making cuts). 

Jodi managed to push Travis off her and she knew he was dead.

  while weeping and blinded by tears , Jodi dragged the body back into the bathroom.

 Jodi was shocked to see Travis glaring his eyes and baring his teeth at her, even though he was dead and

 terrified that he might pounce at her again  (since Jodi was not thinking straight),

  Jodi used the gun on the dead body and the gun worked.

When she found out the roommates were not home, she made up her mind to protect Travis "virginal" image in the Mormon church and

  the only way to protect Travis reputation was to make everybody think that  it was total strangers who did the killing because

  she knew if she was implicated in the killing, Travis' sexual deviancy regarding 12 year olds and the fantasies of statutory rapes of little girls would be found out since she had audio evidence (of Travis' deviancy) in her possession.

One of the first things Jodi mentioned during the police interrogations was her desire to protect Travis reputation regarding sex (watch at the 13:50 timeline in the link below ):

At the 10:29 timeline in the link below, the detective was wondering whether its Travis' reputation that Jodi was protecting because Jodi was not telling about the events leading up to Travis killing :

Ryan Burns (Jodi's boyfriend) concurs with the above interrogation detective ( at the 56:36 timeline in the link below ) that Jodi did not want Travis sexuality to be revealed to the public:

At the same time, Jodi did experience PTSD (as stated at the beginning of this post ) and the symptoms are listed in the medical link below:

Summarizing from the link above, Jodi experienced the following symptoms of PTSD:

(1) PTSD symptoms usually start soon after the traumatic event, but they may not happen until months or years later and so Jodi's behavior with Ryan Burns, 24 hours after Travis' death should not surprise anybody since symptoms of PTSD can be manifested even years after the traumatic event.

(2)  PTSD symptoms involve forgetting about parts of the traumatic event or not be able to talk about them.

(3) PTSD symptoms involve  trouble concentrating and you will notice this during the interrogation interviews when sometimes Jodi would be speaking about something else, other than what the detective is trying to convey to Jodi.

(4) Another sign of PTSD is, Jodi feared for her safety and she told the interrogation detective that she bought a gun after Travis' death.

(5) Another sign of PTSD is feelings of shame, despair, or hopelessness and Jodi revealed to the interrogation detectives that her situation was hopeless and we know that Jodi felt shame for instigating Travis' rage on the day Travis died.

(6) Another sign of PTSD is difficulty in controlling  emotions.

At the 25:20 timeline Jodi is calm and eating and then suddenly she starts crying, which is a definite sign of PTSD:

(7) Another sign of PTSD is impulsive or self-destructive behavior.

We see Jodi exhibiting impulsive or self-destructive behavior when she suddenly changes her mind about the course of her trial proceedings (example: saying that death is better than life in prison or  not wanting to plead for her life in front of the jury etc )

Also, notice in the interrogation video, she has her knees up to her chest (like a little girl would do ) and then just like a little girl who plays with two dolls, telling the therapist what happened regarding abuse etc,

 Jodi talks about two individuals who killed Travis (due to the leading and prompting of the interrogation detective ) because

confessing to the killing of Travis was too much for Jodi to admit to since Jodi knew that any confession about killing Travis would result in more emotional abuse from Travis' family and friends , the same kind of emotional abuse that  Jodi has been facing all her life.


The fact that there does exist the psychological phenomenon called "mob mentality" used in lynchings in the past should give the Appeals Court one added reason to call for a retrial with jury sequestration the next time around

We believe Jodi Arias has a strong case for an appeal because most of the trial was concentrated on Jodi lying.

By concentrating on the lies Jodi said, we believe it prejudiced the entire case against Jodi when the case should only have involved the question of premeditation.

Lying does not make a person a murderer but because the Prosecution made it sound that the numerous lies said by Jodi made her a murderer made it a very prejudicial case against Jodi.

Words do not make a person evil.

One forensic investigator said that she was looking for blood that was "pretty".

 Does that mean that investigator was a psychopath or evil because she used the word "pretty" in referring to a tragedy ? off course not.

 Words do not make a person evil, its what they actually do and not what they say that makes a person evil or not.

 Jodi wanting to be interviewed by the Media in the beginning was to protect Travis' reputation and Jodi is lying today due to her deep guilt for instigating Travis into his rage on the day he died and also Jodi's lies are due to her desire (at least in the beginning ) to protect Travis' reputation and to protect Travis' family from the truth about Travis' deviancy 

Also,  we believe that Jodi Arias has a strong case for an appeal because throughout the trial, at numerous times, Travis is referred to as the "victim" and even the word "murdered" was used  and we believe the above words used are highly prejudicial in a capital murder case and could have influenced the jury members before deliberation took place in the jury room.

In a capital murder case, the deceased should never be referred to as the victim since that is highly prejudicial language.

The Judge referred to Travis as the victim ( highly prejudicial against Jodi ) meaning the Judge was telling the jury that Travis was innocent surrounding the circumstances of his death and Jodi was guilty and being guilty in a capital murder case would mean at the least, life in prison without parole.

Would the Judge have liked it if the defense team kept referring to Jodi as the survivor ?

Watch at the 50:00 timeline in the video below, the word "murdered" was used and this is just one of numerous examples of the words "victim" and "murdered" were used:

Even at trial, why was Jodi not able to tell the whole truth ? because not only did Jodi feel guilty about instigating Travis into his rage,

people in extremely traumatic situations (example: an accident ) only remember the start of the traumatic event and the end but nothing in between (as stated in the beginning of this post ) and

that is why Jodi is not able to recall the sequence of events during the trauma plus the fact that

in Jodi's mind, she did not kill Travis because

 in Jodi's mind, killing means premeditation but

 since she hesitated in actually pulling the trigger, to Jodi, she did not kill him and

 the traumatic events that followed the hesitation in pulling the trigger led to the "memory haze" that most people feel in the middle of a trauma or accident.

So how do we get at the whole truth or can we at least meet the standard of " reasonable doubt " ?

To get to the standard of "reasonable doubt", we need to look at all sources, both inside and outside of jail, in order to come as close as possible to the whole truth and not just what was revealed in court.

 As for Travis, due to his troubled past, he  developed multiple personalities ( at least one of those personalities was evil ) that led to fantasies of sexual deviancy.

 In a letter to Chris and Sky Hughes ( Travis' friends ), Travis tells the Hughes that Jodi suspects that there is evil residing within him (Travis).

 In replying to Travis, Sky Hughes tells Travis that Jodi was being treated horribly by Travis ( not physically but emotionally ) and that the Hughes had witnessed Jodi cry due to the actions of Travis.

 Sky Hughes accuses Travis of being a "heart predator and  stringing Jodi along".

 Sky Hughes tells Travis:  " you (Travis ) get great joy in making women fall for the T-dogg and you (Travis) laugh about what you can get away with"(end of quote). 

Detective Flores at the 3:33 timeline in the link below admits that Travis was a "player" who tells girls he loves them while still seeing other girls:

 Sky Hughes was so detested by Travis behavior that she told Travis that she would not allow her younger sister to date Travis.

 The evil that resided within Travis ( mentioned in Travis' letter to the Hughes ) would result in Travis' suddenly losing his temper only to those like Jodi whom he considered as a nobody.

 Travis has a better case when it comes to psychopathy and here is the list:

(1) Aggressive language is often used by psychopaths and Travis was full of aggressive language, using words like "blasting" people, "ripping to shreds" regarding people he did not like  and "beating up" at least one person mentioned in telephone recordings heard in court.

(2) Statutory rape fantasies are a sign of psychopathy when Travis was recorded saying " corking the pot of a little girl".

 (3) Males commit 93% of all murders since brain research (fMRI) finds that the right amygdala is activated in  men which calls for aggression when there exists  emotionally stressful stimuli,

while women activate their left amygdala during emotionally stressful stimuli which explains the absence of the aggression  response in women.

 (4) Sky Hughes (Travis's friend) stated that Travis would refer to himself as the T-Dogg who would laugh at what he (Travis ) can get away with regarding women.

 (5) the Hughes ( Travis's friends)  accusing Travis of stringing along Jodi when Travis had no intention of marrying Jodi.

 (6) Both Gus Searcy and Desiree Freeman were shocked at Travis' temper towards Jodi, which came all of a sudden with no warning.

 (7) Travis admitting to the Hughes ( Travis' friends) that he (Travis) was a sociopath (In our opinion, Travis was also a psychopath).

 (8) Sky Hughes (Travis's friend ) accusing Travis of being a predator.

 (9) Sky Hughes (Travis' friend ) was so detested by Travis' behavior that she told Travis that she will not allow her younger sister to date Travis.

 (10) Travis' fantasies of tying up and raping Jodi. (no normal person will even think of tying up and raping a girl, unless that person is a sadist or psychopath).

 (11) Travis telling Jodi that she sounded like a 12 year old girl when Jodi had an orgasm .( highly abnormal behavior of a grown man fantasizing about 12 year old girls having their first orgasms ).

 (12) The last few months in Travis' life was spent degrading Jodi ( a psychopathic trait ) and in degrading Jodi, it was that much easier to kill Jodi (when Jodi threatened to tell on Travis ) because the first step killers take in killing is to make the victim a nobody or subhuman.

 (13) Travis was having a double life ( a psychopathic characteristic ), pretending to be a virginal Mormon.

 (14) Travis looked down on specific people, saying they had no souls even though he had no evidence of that ( another psychopathic characteristic that looks down on people ).

(15) Between the two, its Travis who implied Jodi should not be alive. when Travis said : "  (Jodi) You're taking up people's air." (end of quote).

 Psychopaths often refer to people as not deserving to live.

(16) Travis got excited and enjoying seeing people bruised and battered and that is why he organized celebratory UFC parties.

We are not saying all people who watch UFC are psychopaths but we are saying that if a person is psychopath, that psychopath  would enjoy seeing people being bruised and battered

(17) Travis often referred to  himself in the third person, as " Mr. Alexander" and the "T-Dogg" and people with huge egos can be psychopaths at the same time.

(18) Last but not least, just looking at all the pictures of Travis and Jodi, Travis looks more like a psychopath who had a huge ego with his "know it all, arrogant" look while Jodi does not have that psychopathic look.

 Unlike true killers, Jodi had the following characteristics that do not point to her being a killer:

 (1) Being shy in a crowd of strangers ( spree or serial killers can be shy, but Jodi was not a serial or spree killer ).

 Studies show that introverted young people are less prone to violence.

(2) Not losing her temper even when the Prosecutor was doing his very best to get Jodi to lash out or lose her temper.

Notice that Jodi said that the Prosecutor was screaming at her and he did not disagree with the term, "screaming".

While the Prosecutor was "screaming" at Jodi, notice how much more control Jodi had while  the Prosecutor was "out of control" in losing his temper with Jodi throughout the cross examination in court.

 (3) No history of violence or abusing her former boyfriends or other people.

 (4) No history of drug use

 (5) crying over one incident where she kicked a dog ( true killers hardly cry over animals).

 (6) Jodi showed signs of abuse (happy one hour and crying the next, according to her friends and parents ) but no signs of violence even when she had panic attacks.

 (7) Jodi did not financially benefit from Travis's death ( true killers usually take out a life insurance policy on the victim, before killing the victim ) .

 (8) Jodi could have used the gas cans she brought with her to burn down the house but she did not ( true killers have been known to burn down the crime scene or burn the victims of their crime ).

 (9) Jodi was selfless. Jodi lent Travis money to the point where Jodi was broke due to lending money to Travis.

 Jodi's journal entry on 1/24/08: " I've  been squeezed dry and then some because of him (Travis)."

  When Darryl Brewer was broke, Jodi was more than willing to share her bank account of over $12,000 with Darryl.  ( true killers are almost always selfish and don't give away their money ).

(10) Jodi had very few intimate relationships while true criminals have either  numerous victims and/or intimate relationships.

(11) In the interrogation tapes, Jodi revealed she had fears and one fear is the fear of not being respected by people. Psychopaths do not fear being not respected but rather true psychopaths get angry at not being respected, so again,

Jodi did not show a psychopathic characteristic due to her fears while anger was absent.

(12) Watch at the 8:09 timeline below, where Jodi cries out and shows clear empathy for Travis' family and friends. Psychopaths do not feel empathy and do not cry over other people's feelings:

(13) At the 8:45 timeline  ( in the link below ) the interrogation detective states that Jodi is a spiritual caring person which does not fit the characteristics of a psychopath:

(14) The interrogation detective says that Jodi is concerned about other people's happiness  (which psychopaths do not exhibit). Watch at the 28:15 timeline ( in the link below):

(15) Even though the Miranda Rights were read to Jodi and she could have kept silent, she kept talking to the detectives because of her fear of being disliked.

As we said before, psychopaths get angry when people do not like them but Jodi feels fear instead of anger, again proving she is not a psychopath.

(16) If Jodi was a psychopath, she would have taken the camera with her since true killers have been known to take pictures with them in order to cherish the final moments of the killing  but

 Jodi chose to not keep any of the last pictures of Travis, again proving Jodi is not a psychopath.

(17) At the 10:40 timeline in the link below, Jodi is clearly shaken by what happened to Travis, showing again she is not a psychopath since psychopaths do not have any real feelings for the dead :

(18) At the 12:59 timeline in the link below, like a little girl, Jodi was on the floor and when nobody was watching, you can see Jodi wiping away tears and you can hear her sob quietly (she did not know there was a camera in the room) and

 Jodi started weeping even louder at the  13:55 timeline in the link below.

This is not what psychopaths do, they don't cry when nobody is around.

Psychopaths only feel anger when nobody is around:

(19) The detective has probably seen fake remorse but in the link below at the 5:55 timeline, she says Jodi's tears are real :

Again, psychopaths do not have real remorse but Jodi did.

(20)  Again at the 11:29 timeline in the above link, Jodi shows concern about what Travis' family are going through, another sign she is not a psychopath since psychopath hardly are concerned about the family of their victims.

(21) Cries about Travis' good side at the 22:10 timeline in the above link again showing Jodi does not fit the description of a psychopath since psychopaths never talk about the good somebody does especially the good their victims have done.

(22) In the video below, at the 00:10:27, Travis himself agrees that Jodi is a "giver " and not a " taker " again showing that Jodi does not fit the description of a psychopath :

(23) Ryan Burns agrees at the 55:00 timeline in  the link below that Jodi was trying to bring him closer to God and she was sincere in her religious convictions, again showing she is not a psychopath. Psychopaths get involved in religion for financial gain:

(24) Once again, when nobody was around, Jodi starts crying again at the 5:10 timeline in the link below, which again shows she is not a psychopath because true psychopaths do not cry when nobody is not around but rather, true psychopaths get angry when nobody is around :

(25) When shown the dead body of  Travis in the shower, Jodi looks away at the 1;30;35 timeline in the link below :

Again at the 1;32;25 timeline  and again at the 1;35;01 in the link above, Jodi is clearly shaken by pictures of the dead Travis and looks away.

No psychopath will look away because psychopaths get a thrill at looking at their dead victim but Jodi looked away, again proving she is not a psychopath

(26) At the 17:25 timeline in the link below, Ryan Burns clearly states he did not want Jodi to regret her visit to Ryan's house and so

 Ryan did not push Jodi into greater sexual intimacy, meaning, Jodi did show self control during the intimate moment she had with Ryan :

So Jodi cannot be called a slut even though being a slut does not make a person a sexual deviant

 unlike Travis who was definitely a sexual deviant, at least in terms of Travis fantasies about statutory rape of a minor child when Travis said the words "corking the pot of a little girl ".

(27) The more we see this case, the more we see Jodi as a "child who clings to her parents after a traumatic experience" and

 Travis used that weakness to his advantage, telling people Jodi was stalking, so he could have his "cake and eat it too".

You can see her child like behavior when she started crying in the interrogation room when no one was in the room and while crying, she got on the floor and almost went under the table.

The above is not the behavior of a psychopath.

(28) True psychopaths love to display their naked victim in a graphic way but Jodi attempted to give Travis a dignified pose by trying to make him as dignified as possible by putting the body into the shower stall

(29) Its remarkable that Jodi is still friends with at least two ex-boyfriends because Jodi is a forgiving person and too bad the media does not see that she is not a psychopath.

(30) Compared to 12 and 13 year old killers who clearly showed no remorse in the killing of their dad ( ) Jodi has shown symptoms of being child like ( example: clinging to Travis )  and yet Jodi showed much more remorse than those kids who killed their dad


We cannot rely on Jodi's stories since we know by now that Jodi has a strong desire to not admit to instigating Travis' into his rage (details above ) and 

admitting to that would mean being subject to more emotional abuse from the media and from Travis family and friends.

If it was premeditation from beginning to the end, why did Jodi take off her gloves before she opened the front door ? knowing her covert trip would be blown if her finger prints were all over the place.

The reason she took off the gloves is she changed her mind about killing Travis before she opened the front door without  the gloves and she did not mind her finger prints being all over the place.

Even when threatened by Travis, Jodi could not pull the trigger and that hesitation resulted in a struggle for life with Travis getting the gun and Jodi getting the knife.

Jodi did not have defensive wounds because Travis had the gun and tried to use it but it jammed while Jodi got lucky in stabbing Travis in the chest which made Travis helpless within seconds but

Jodi did not realize that and by sheer terror kept stabbing because she sincerely thought her life would be over if she stopped stabbing.

Also,the scene of the killing does not point to premeditation since we know that Jodi was a photographer and

she could have easily put the camera away safely before committing the killing but

the fact that the camera was shooting accidental photos shows a sudden turn of events and not to premeditation.

The blood evidence also showed a struggle for life.

For example, at the entrance to the bathroom hallway there is a very large smearing stain on the carpet meaning both Jodi and Travis were struggling for the knife which was in Jodi's hand and

a much smaller and much darker stain beside the very large smear, that indicated blood was pooling after Travis throat was cut and his neck was bleeding which created the pooling of the blood ( the much smaller but darker of the stains ).

You can clearly see in the interrogation videos, both detectives were trying their best to make Jodi confess to the lesser charge of manslaughter and not premeditated murder because

the detectives themselves, after looking at all the physical evidence and the stories from Travis friends and family, still could not believe it was premeditated.

We know Travis had a good side and that is why Jodi kept going back to him because he definitely had a sweet side but sadly

 Travis himself confessed to the Hughes that he was a sociopath and we know sociopaths have multiple personalities and

 in the case of Travis (even though Jodi instigated the events leading up to his death ) Jodi was still shocked at the extent of Travis' rage when she said she was going to turn him in ( to his Bishop and prospective virginal wives) for his statutory rape fantasies.

Jodi was mentally tormented and even the slightest physical injury can be magnified in  Jodi's mind, especially when Jodi was vulnerable during childhood in which she was affected by emotional and/or physical abuse.

Travis took advantage of a mentally tormented  Jodi, resulting in

  Travis sexually using Jodi's body parts for his own selfish pleasure and

 in using Jodi's body parts, Travis emotionally abused Jodi which exacerbated Jodi's mental torment and

  in the end, she just could not bring herself to pulling the trigger.

Jodi will never admit to wanting to kill Travis with the gun she got from her grandparents' home because of the following:

(1) In her mind, because she hesitated in pulling the trigger, she did not kill Travis.

(2) She genuinely does not remember the actual killing because just like an accident, its too traumatic and the mind shuts down and can't remember .

(3) She feels guilty in instigating Travis' rage on the day of his death.

(4) She is too afraid of further emotional abuse from the media, Travis' friends and family.

(5) To Jodi, admitting to wanting to kill Travis and then changing her mind is to admit to being a killer and Jodi does not think of herself as a killer.

 Yes, Travis' killing was premeditated up to the point Jodi arrived at Travis' house but in the end,

  Jodi could not bring herself to pull the trigger which enabled the enraged sexual deviant Travis to knock the gun off her hand and then

  the rest of the crime scene shows a very chaotic struggle for life on Jodi's part and she got lucky in stabbing Travis in the chest.

Last but not least, between Travis and Jodi,  Travis was the one showing deviant behavior:

laughing at what the "T-Dogg" can get away with ( words from Sky Hughes, Travis' good friend ),

 Travis was a  predator ( word used by Sky Hughes ),

having UFC parties at his home because Travis got excited over  watching people being bruised and battered,

Travis wanted to beat up at least one person,

Travis' talk of sex all the time was referred to as "vulgar" by one of Travis' girlfriends

getting excited over thinking about a 12 year old girl's first orgasm and

having fantasies of "corking the pot of a little girl". (all presented in court as evidence ).