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How to narrow the gap between the rich and poor

The only way to assure a narrowing of the gap between rich and poor is to redirect corporate welfare dollars to useful projects that are listed below:

Instead of solving the problem of the trillion dollar student debt by making all education free online and

instead of fully funding medical research

(only $1 of every $6 of NIH peer reviewed medical research funding request is being funded today ) even though

over a million Americans die from cancer alone, every two years and

instead of spending money on empathy education in our schools

( google the word " startempathy " which is a site that promotes empathy education in our schools ) in order to

raise a generation of empathetic citizens ( especially those from broken or abusive homes ) so that

we can dramatically reduce the annual average of over 1.1 million violent crime incidents reported,

and so, instead of doing all the above,

the US government gives away every year, hundreds of billions of corporate welfare dollars to the warfare complex.

The reason the US government lacks resources to do all the good things above is because

between 1.1 and 1.4 trillion is being drained from the US treasury every year and being diverted to those who profit from conflict.

Instead of spending up to 1,400 billion a year

(base DOD budget plus other national security programs plus interest on the debt due to past unnecessary wars ) in order to maintain worldwide militant interventionism,

the US government can give up its worldwide militant interventionism and

at the same time, the government should

spend 50 billion a year training and educating half a million men as a permanent militia that would be involved in

only defending the homeland (as the Swiss do) and be well paid ($100,000 annual salary) and also the half million man militia would be involved in

fighting fires using hundreds of planes flying in formation or using hundreds of planes to spray biodegradable flame retardant material to pretreat all hotspots before the fire starts,

using hundreds of snow plow trucks to clear roads during a snowstorm,

being a quick rescue force that restores power quickly to millions after a natural disaster,

expanding roads to solve the problem of traffic jams,

mitigating and providing comfort and build homes for those affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires etc,

hardwiring weather emergency radios, CO detectors and smoke detectors into homes ( to prevent dead batteries) and

installing emergency power generators in each home and

hardwiring radon detectors into homes (that prevent lung cancer),  ( plus annual inspections to make sure everything above works),

helping to install smart traffic lights so that cars do not have to wait unnecessarily when there is no cross traffic present,

making sure all our highways have median barriers ( to prevent head on collisions ) and

our railroads use the latest advance warning laser technology mobile robots to prevent passengers from being killed in passenger and commercial trains derailing and

infrastructure are maintained properly ( ASCE inspection report gave the nation's infrastructure a cumulative ranking of "D"),

promoting green technologies that will solve the problem of poverty by creating tens of millions of permanent jobs,

annual inspections of gas lines in homes to prevent houses from exploding and killing/maiming the occupants and neighbors,

building storm shelters and strong rooms in tornado and hurricane prone areas,

maintaining police helicopters so that they can be used to follow suspects instead of the present "police chases" resulting in crashes that kill or maim civilians,

making sure all our roads are pothole free,

making sure all blind curve on roads have a shoulder space

(so that cars that are stopped and turning left around a blind curve do not get rear-ended and the car approaching from the rear around the blind corner can use the shoulder space to avoid a horrific rear-end collision),

preventing or fixing water line breaks quickly,

creating millions of permanent jobs by converting farmland into organic farmland that produce pesticide/cancer/toxin free foods,

solving poverty by building homes, fish farms and organic greenhouses for poor people to manage and make money from,

The half million man militia can also be involved in cleaning up superfund sites.

In 1980 the US Congress created the superfund to address the nation's hazardous waste problem

1 in 6 Americans lives within 3 miles of a superfund site.

There are more than 1700 Superfund sites and due to limited funds, only 383 superfund sites have been cleaned up and more than 1300 sites are still contaminated and hazardous to the health of one in six americans.

There are tens of thousands of square miles of plastic garbage in our oceans that get into our food chain to cause deadly diseases and cancer.

Due to lack of resources, the government is not able to adequately protect your health from pollution which is a result of corporate interests.

People say we do not have a pollution problem but at the same time they fail to explain why the government has advisories against eating fish from our lakes, rivers and streams due to mercury poisoning from oil and coal fired plants.

Most people also admit that corporations were polluting in the past (example: Pittsburgh in the past was filled with smog ) So the question is, since corporations were polluting in the past, should corporations be monitored today in order to make sure they do not pollute in the present ?

TO DRASTICALLY REDUCE POLLUTION, the government and the half million member militia should be involved in helping people and green technology corporations in the following areas :

(1) cleaning up polluted areas and hazardous superfund sites.

(2) creating tens of millions of permanent green jobs by

installing solar panels on every rooftop and on the sides of tall buildings in America so we can eat fish again because

right now there is the mercury poisoning of fish in our lakes and rivers due to coal fired plants.

Eating fish protects your heart and brain from attacks and strokes.

"solar windows" manufactured by new energy technologies turns skyscrapers into power generating plants.

(3) Installing bloom energy boxes outside every home and commercial building

Bloom energy boxes can use fossil fuels but do not burn them ( burning fossil fuels is what causes pollution )

Government can recoup the cost by charging the normal utility bill to each home and business.

(4) Government in cooperation with scientists, engineers, inventors, innovators and business leaders need to invest heavily on the following:

(a) the next generation of cars and trucks that have detachable undercarriages made entirely of batteries that can be recharged by bloom energy boxes plus

collision avoidance systems so that your loved ones do not end up paralyzed or worse due to head on collisions.

(b) installing battery stations along all highways and throughout cities and towns whereby the cars and trucks will go in one end on a moving platform while

technicians under the moving platform exchange the undercarriage battery for a fully charged battery that was fully charged by bloom energy boxes.

Government can recoup the cost through the battery exchange sale.

(c) Finally after (a) and (b) above are done, the government buys back all gasoline powered cars and trucks from the public and business and gives them the next generation of battery powered cars and trucks.

 Government can recoup the cost through the battery exchange sale.

All the above can be done if the government gives up its worldwide military empire.

Is it right for the US government to be borrowing money from places like China in order to protect the world ?

If the US government gives up its worldwide military empire and saves hundreds of billions of dollars a year in the process, the world will go back to the Napoleonic Era when

nations got together to defeat a person like Napoleon without help from the US.

In other words, nations will be paying for their own security instead of waiting for the US to pay for their security

Also, the key to a peaceful world is co-option and an example of that is the peace that exists between China and North Korea.

The US government also has co-opted dictators in the past.

(Examples of co-option: As long as Stalin in the 40s and Saddam Hussein in the 80s were on the US government payroll, there was not one intelligence report that stated that they were a danger to the US ).

Instead of spending up to 1400 billion a year on an unnecessary and unaffordable world wide military empire, we can spend 50 billion a year to co-opt all the dictators in the world.

So the total security bill is 100 billion per year .

50 billion for a permanent militia doing all the good things at home (following the purely defensive policies of the Swiss ) and

another 50 billion to co-opt all the dictators in the world for the sake of world peace (read Part Six of the Seven Part Blog at the end of this post ).

During the "Napoleonic Era", the US government's attitude towards the world was to let the world pay for their own defense ( due to the US government's economic state) and

in paying for their own defense, the world was able to defeat Napoleon with no help from the US government.

The US government will have no choice but to eventually go back to the economic state the US government was in during the "Napoleonic Era" because

by borrowing hundreds of billions a year ( from places like China ) in order to maintain the US government's worldwide military empire, the inevitable bankruptcy of the US government will happen when

the annual interest on the national debt exceeds a trillion dollars a year .


the best we can hope for is the Union remains intact and powers go back to the states as it was before the Civil War while

tens of millions of Americans will have their net worth drastically reduced due to the US government defaulting on its US bond debt obligations and

regular Americans will see drastic reductions in programs to do with air pollution, water safety, food safety and environmental safety.

By giving up the US government's worldwide military empire, we can delay the bankruptcy or even prevent it by

moving towards a "Swiss self defense system" of solely defending our borders and not defending somebody else's border and

in moving to a "Swiss self defense system" we will have the same results the Swiss have and that is,

not having a militant interventionist policy which will result in not having enemies.

Part Five of the Seven Part Blog (LINK AT THE END OF THE POST) will give details on how the US government's militant interventionist policies during WW1 led to very dangerous conditions under which Hitler and Stalin rose to power.

The Pentagon will try to convince you that national security is their priority and pleasing defense contractors is not but the evidence proves otherwise.

The Pentagon has not passed a financial audit since the Defense Department was created in 1949 and

since 1995 when audits were mandated, at least 8.5 trillion dollars spent by the Pentagon is either missing, wasted, stolen or not accounted for because

according to highly decorated US Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler, in his book titled "War is a Racket", General Butler describes all wars and conflicts as

corporate welfare to the warfare complex while protecting the economic interests of corporations.

google the words : "  Accounting fraud is business as usual at the Pentagon, Reuters reports "


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