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Our social security system will not be able to support future retirees if the current rate of abortion is maintained since

 babies become future taxpayers that support retirees:

A 1997 government funded study in Finland, women who abort are approximately four times more likely to die in the following year than women who carry their pregnancies to term:

What actually are people aborting ?

We have to understand that all human beings have two important dates in their biological life;

the date of birth inside the womb and the date of birth outside the womb.

A person begins life as a zygote but that does not mean he is not human as a zygote.

Just as an adult human being in a coma or in an iron lung needs help for a certain time before viability

a human being needs help growing for a certain time in the womb before that person can keep growing outside the womb.

The simple fact is at the moment of conception,

the very first human cell ( the zygote) is more human than

 any other cell in an adult person because

 in that very first moment of conception is a fully formed human being in disguise

because all the information needed for  the creation of the entire human being,

the face,





and every part of an adult human being is contained within that very first undifferentiated human cell

compared to a differentiated adult human cell that does not contain the full information needed to create a fully developed human being,

and that is why a human zygote ( the very first human cell at the moment of conception ) is much more human than an adult human cell.

As that person grows up as a fetus,

he/she breathes and eats like a baby but

 in different ways ( the fetus eats and breathes directly through the mother’s blood stream)


The fetus feels pain during the 24th week (6 months old):



that does not mean that a younger fetus is less human just like

an adult under anesthetic who does not feel pain does not cease to be a human being.

Also, consciousness should not be a criteria in establishing whether a person is a human being since

consciousness is not present in those adults who are in surgery or sleeping or in a coma.

If society can give the benefit of the doubt to those in a coma or in an “iron lung” with no guarantee of viability,

a fetus should be given the benefit of the doubt where the chances of viability is much greater than an adult human who is in an “iron lung” or is in a coma.

The chances of a fetus growing up to be a baby is much greater than an adult human being in a coma or “iron lung” becoming a viable human being in the future.

So if society can give adults who are in a coma or an “iron lung”, the benefit of the doubt, surely society should give fetuses the same chance at a normal existence in the future.

A baby needs help in growing up so a baby is totally dependent on her mother, so spontaneity is not easily achieved but can be achieved over time.

Both the fetus and baby are capable of spontaneous life in different stages of their growth that takes place over time ( by law, a person needs nurturing by an adult until they are 18 years old )

But compared to a fetus or a baby, an adult in a coma or in an iron lung is not guaranteed viability over time.

So if we can give an adult in a coma or in iron lung a chance at life,

why isnt society giving babies in the womb the same chance when

all scientific evidence points to babies in the womb having a better chance at life than an adult in an iron lung or in a coma.

A human being should not be designated a human being by appearance alone

since a person might look straight but is born homosexual or

since many humans are born with all the feelings of a human being who need love but might have no limbs or

are deformed or

disfigured but

they are still human.

Its the DNA that determines whether a person is a homosexual, not how the person looks

so similarly,

Its the DNA that determines whether a fetus is a human being, not how that fetus looks.

People who live in an "iron lung" are not autonomous and yet they are human.

Should we be looking at the extent of the autonomy or rather whether that person is a human being in any stage of that person's life ?

Do we punish the innocent (babies) by aborting them for the wrongs done by their parents ?

 A baby outside the womb sleeps a lot less than a baby inside the womb, so a baby outside the womb needs much more care than a baby inside the womb

and if the law states the mother has to take care of a baby outside the womb which is a lot harder to take care of

we don't see why the law should say a mother does not have to take care of the baby inside the womb, which is a lot easier to do.

Both a fetus and baby breath and eat, but in different ways.

Why do some people say a fetus is not a baby ?

since both a fetus and a baby have identical DNA.

What actually makes a person ? their DNA or how they look or function ?

Do undifferentiated fetal cells lack humanity ?

Fetal DNA contains all the information needed, mapping out the entire life history of the human being contained within the fetal cells.

In other words, if there existed a  unique biographical microscope that can look deep inside fetal cells,

 you will "see" a fully formed human being, scientifically speaking, right up to the day that human being passes from this world as a old person.

Do we punish the innocent through abortion, for the acts of their parents ?

We cannot determine the humanity of a person through physical appearance since only fetal DNA can do that,

In other words, fetal DNA is what determines whether a few cells are a human person not a few cells determining the humanity of a person,

 just as a homosexual person is just as human ( through his fetal DNA ) as a straight person because
the fetal DNA is what makes a person human

 not how they look ( in the womb ) or

their lifestyle or

whether they can breath on their own without an "iron lung" or

whether they are in a coma and not able to eat on their own.

so lets look at the fetal DNA rather than how a person looks because fetal DNA is what makes a person human.

so on a fetal DNA basis, every person looks human whether they are one day old in the womb or a hundred years old.

We should always ask the question : 

If a person is not able to function as a "normal" human being or

does not look like a "normal" human being or

does not "act" like a normal human being,

does that mean that person ceases to be human ?

We need more babies to be born since

 there is a good chance with more education and the effects of urbanization,

 the world population will start decreasing soon after 2040:

The effects of urbanization can clearly be seen in

Singapore where the population is aging at an alarming rate,

prompting the government to give financial incentives to Singaporeans to have babies.

The aging of the Singapore population

 cannot be easily reversed through current laws or regulations or incentives that are 

 trying to get women to have more children as seen in Singapore.

After 2025, the Singapore population will start declining

and that is the reason the Singapore government is giving financial incentives to get the birth rates higher :

At Singapore's current low birth rate,

the  citizen population will age rapidly,

and also start declining from 2025, if

Singapore does not take in any new immigrants:

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