Wednesday, August 7, 2013


To dramatically reduce

violent crime,


serial killings,

spree killings,

mass killings,

car collisions due to drunk drivers,

home invasions,



the US government needs to do the  preventive programs listed below which  will be far less costly than

 the cost of  added law enforcement,

 criminal trials,


and serial offenses by offenders that are left untreated

plus the health costs of victims of the crime.

Think of the following programs as preventive,

 just as we brush and floss everyday to avoid costly visits to the dentist,

so the government needs to do the following free services in order to prevent future extremely costly criminal consequences:

(1) Just as we take care of the physical health of children, we need to care about their mental health since

 children face tremendous peer pressure that can affect them negatively,

 so we need to mentally evaluate school children on an annual basis with follow up treatment as needed.

Troubled children or children with psychopathic tendencies will be given free psychiatric counseling and outpatient treatment until certified to be stable.

(2) Those who have committed crimes will also be subject to free mandatory psychiatric counseling and treatment

and they will be released from the outpatient program when they are certified to be stable and drug free.

Remember, serial killers start of by committing minor crimes before going on to be serial killers, so we need to take every property and non-property crime seriously.

(3) Those already in prison will be subject to mandatory psychiatric counseling and drug treatment and prisoners can only be released when they are certified to be mentally stable and drug free

(4) those in prison and in outpatient programs will also receive free education, free job training and job placement services.

A person's criminal record should not be made public because

we do not want a person with a criminal record being discriminated by potential employers,

since we are already protecting the work environment by

making sure every person who has been in prison is mentally stable before being released which will include a lie detector test before the prisoner is released.

And even after release, there will be an annual psychiatric exam which will include a lie detector test until

 the psychiatrist has determined that the ex-prisoner is completely adjusted to living among his fellow citizens and is completely drug free.

(5) Those not attending mandatory programs will not be able to renew their car tags

and will also be

subject to police “sting operations” to assess whether the non-cooperative person is truly a dangerous criminal or not.

Eventually, advances in fMRI technology will be a better way of scanning the brain to see criminal tendencies, which will help in the mental health certification process.

If the government can do the above,

by not building its unnecessary trillion dollar worldwide military empire but

rather building the lives of people here in America, one life at a time,

we can solve all our crime problems and poverty problems.!/2013/07/911-attacks-could-have-been-prevented.html

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