Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why children should be encouraged to find true love

Experts say, age 5 or 6 is the moment when romantic love first arrives.

“These are really strong feelings that kids actually have,” said Dr. Barbara Howard, a nationally known developmental behavioral pediatrician and assistant professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. “They really do love each other”(end of quote ).

"Some boys propose to girls", states Dr. Joyce Harrison, director of preschool psychiatry programs at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. 

"But this role-playing is often more than play. Parents and teachers shouldn’t laugh at it. These are genuine feelings that should be respected and accepted" (end of quote).

The problem these days is that parents do not invest the time or energy to find true love in the opposite sex for their kids and so those kids enter the unstable teen years with no clear direction.

Research from the PBS series "Frontline," the Atlantic, National Geographic and other sources shows that puberty can make teens make bad decisions.

In other words, once puberty sets in, the body takes over and the mind is hijacked and

that is why teens grow up to be either depressed and cutting themselves or grow up to be so-called adults in college who indulge in exciting and dangerous activity (example: binge drinking, drug abuse) or

have an epidemic of divorces since 

so-called adults allow their bodies to rule relationships ( example: lust, thrill or excitement is given more priority than common sense ) and

that is why children are wiser when it comes to true love than so-called adults since

children do not have a sex drive to overrule good judgment.

In other words, true love is the antidote to dangerous activities, sexual impropriety and pre-marital sex.

Once you convince your children that true love is the most important thing in their lives,help them find it and

help them nurture it in a family atmosphere ( example: the potential future spouse is involved in all family activities)

until they are old enough to marry their true love ( no dates before marriage ) because

there is a greater chance of divorce due to dating and its emphasis on the physical aspects of a relationship.

The family atmosphere emphasizes the spiritual aspect of a relationship which is the true determinant of a life long marriage

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