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The US government is heading towards bankruptcy and one way to postpone this inevitable bankruptcy so that we have time for solutions is for

 the US government to give up its world wide military empire that is costing hard working taxpayers up to 1,400 billion a year ( base DOD budget plus  nuclear weapons research, maintenance, cleanup, and production, which is in the Department of Energy budget plus Veterans Affairs, the Treasury Department's payments in pensions to military retirees and widows and their families, interest on debt incurred in past unnecessary wars, plus State Department financing of foreign arms sales and militarily-related development assistance plus Department of Homeland Security, counter-terrorism spending by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and intelligence-gathering spending by NASA )

 How will the world survive without help from the US government's military empire ?

If the US government gives up its military empire and saves hundreds of billions a year in the process, 

 the world would go back to the "Napoleonic Era" when

 countries got together and defeated a person like Napoleon without any  help from the US government.

Part 7 will introduce readers to a better form of government called an intellectocracy where elections (in its present form )  are abolished.

As long as there are elections, politicians will be using Band-Aid or short term solutions to address long term problems because

politicians are more  involved in the process of  being re-elected than actually solving long term problems in a comprehensive way.

For example, chemical companies have enormous power over politicians which results in toxins being used in farming (example fish farms) :

The reason that your political issues are not being

addressed by our government and

that the government is also allowing you and your loved ones to be literally poisoned through

multiple ways is because there are no resources available

to do the required research or projects in order to address your issues

and no resources are available

to save your health and the health of your family

due to hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars

or over three-quarters of a trillion dollars being looted every year from the treasury

and spent on unnecessary projects that have more to do with satisfying powerful special interests in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions,

then actually doing the real work of saving you and your family and loved ones from an early death.

The fact that over a million hard working Americans die every two years from cancer alone shows

 our government is not doing enough in the area of

 protecting the consumer,


 research ,


 whistleblower protections

and funding cancer research

and the reason the government is not doing enough is because

 the government is catering to the priorities of the powerful warfare complex, corporations and institutinos by

 redirecting over a trillion dollars away from useful projects that could  save the health of the average American

and giving over a trillion dollars every year to the all powerful warfare complex, corporations and institutions.

The aim of this blog is to show you the following :

(1) Politicians do care about you and your family but

once they are out of your sight

and out of the presence of cameras,

the special interests who fund the re-election of politicians have more of a say in

 what politicians are actually willing to do on your behalf

 and as they say "money talks"

and because "money talks",

 the politicians are eventually swayed by the special interests who have their own wants which

often times does not cater to the



 and well being of you and your loved ones.

(2) The government does not have the resources to do the required research

and to do the required preventive measures to save you and your family from

an early death because of

cancer causing and other deadly poisons being slowly accumulated in your body which

are allowed by the government in

your food,

the air you breath,

 the products you use,

 the water you drink

and the environment you live in.

And because the government lacks resources to do the important preventive measures and research,

the present attitude of the government is that it will try to solve life threatening problems only after

 lives have been lost

and that is why life threatening problems,

for example in relation to using dangerous chemicals in mining, are only addressed in congressional hearings after lives have been lost.

Another example of creating dangerous situations due to the attitude of solving problems after lives are lost can be seen in

 the following discussion at the Mott House in Washington DC where soldiers lives were at stake because

 weapons they were using were not tested properly due to

the profit agenda of the defense contractors being more important to politicians than the lives of our soldiers.

Watch the discussion at the 22 minute timeline :

(3) The reason the government does not have the resources to save you and your loved ones from an early death is because

hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars or

 over 800 billion dollars or

 over three-quarters of a trillion dollars is being wasted every year on the all powerful warfare complex, corporations and institutions.

(4) The all powerful warfare complex, corporations and institutions are not only draining the treasury of over three-quarters of a trillion dollars every year but

 they are  also putting the lives of you and your loved ones in danger

and this industry (together with their politician friends in the government ) have a dismal record which has resulted in triggering chain events that have resulted in over 100 million people dying horrible deaths around the world as described in PART FIVE of this blog.

(5) If the government stops spending over 800 billion dollars a year on the warfare complex, corporations and institutions,

 not only will the US government be admired around the world,

 a fraction of the money saved can be used to cure cancer

and other deadly diseases

and a fraction of the money saved can be directed towards research in every field of science and medicine for a

 healthier and safer future for you and your loved ones

including subsidizing your grocery bills so you can afford to purchase organic produce that

 does not contain life threatening toxins that accumulate in the body over the long term causing premature deaths.

The warfare complex, corporations and institutions only need a $100 billion dollar yearly budget

 and since it has a present budget of well over a trillion dollars a year,

800 billion of that 1.2 trillion dollars can easily be saved in order to

 create a vastly better world for you and your loved ones in terms of health, wealth and security.

You might ask, "how can our government be so uncaring ? ".

Its not because the government does not care but

rather it cares more for the profit agenda of the warfare complex and corporations than it cares for you and your loved ones.

Is this possible ? can a government care for one particular industry more than it cares about you and your loved ones ?

One way of thinking about it is by looking at what people eat.

People eat all kinds of junk food knowing that its bad for them.

If people do not really care about taking care of their own bodies,

do you really expect the government to care about you more than it cares about one all powerful industry which spends money on its puppet politicians ?

How is the US government literally allowing you and your loved ones to be poisoned and killed slowly ?

 Thanks to the US government directing up to 1.4 trillion dollars a year to the warfare complex, it does not have the funds to prevent our oceans from being home to 270 million tons of plastic, which is joined by an additional 8.8 million tons of plastic waste every year.

The US government could have come up with edible plastics long time ago as seen by India coming up with edible plastics :

Since chemical companies lobby politicians to keep non-edible plastics in the market, you and your family's health is in the danger due to plastics getting into the ocean and eventually into your body,
potentially causing cancer :

Also, due to the lobbying efforts of chemical companies and lack of research funding due to the 1.4 trillion dollars a year going to the warfare complex, the US government allows

toxins in your moisturizer,

Pesticides in your vegetables,

Cancer-causing chemicals in your cleaning supplies

and instead of taking care of these problems,

the government keeps supporting the corporate welfare system of the warfare complex, corporations and institutions.

Researchers say the overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals has led to a plague of drug-resistant infections that killed more than 65,000 people in the U.S. last year — more than prostate and breast cancer combined.

Even the potential dangers of cordless phones, cell phone use and microwaved foods are not being researched thoroughly

because the US government does not have the funds to do adequate research due to hundreds of billions of dollars of hard earned taxpayers money being wasted on the warfare complex, corporations and institutions:

Research studies show that microwave radiation from

 cordless phones,

 cell phones,

 microwave ovens

and other wireless devices can lead to

various deadly cancers,

 cardiovascular diseases,


Alzheimer's disease,

epilepsy etc

and yet the government is not addressing or researching these issues due to

lack of funds because over $800 billion a year is being looted from the treasury in order to support the corporate welfare system of the warfare complex, corporations and institutions:

As early as 1975, the Journal of Food Science started casting doubts about the safety of microwaved foods

and yet the US government has not carried out any extensive study on the safety of microwaved foods due to lack of funds.

A study in 1989 by Swiss food scientist Dr. Hans Hertel :

Eight volunteers from the Macrobiotic Institute at Kientel ate raw, conventionally cooked and microwaved food at regular intervals.

Significant changes were seen in their blood samples after eating microwaved food, including reduced hemoglobin and cholesterol values, especially the ratio of good vs. bad cholesterol.

White blood cells for immune function showed a distinct short-term decrease.

Hertel also found irregularities in the structure of the microwaved food — the creation of new compounds called “radiolytic” compounds that are unknown in nature.

Clearly there’s a need for more research, but the US government seems more interested in what happens if a microwave oven door malfunctions than

the impact of eating microwaved food plus the US government lacks the funds to do the required research.

Below are more examples of the US government being more interested in wasting,

every year,

hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars

or hundreds of billions of dollars

or over 800 billion dollars

or over three-quarters of a trillion dollars every year

of hard earned taxpayers money to support the corporate welfare system of the warfare complex, corporations and institutions 

rather then doing the required research to keep you and your loved ones from an early death :

Since 2004, testing by water utilities has found 315 pollutants in the tap water Americans drink, according to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) drinking water quality analysis of almost 20 million records obtained from state water officials.

More than half of the chemicals detected are not subject to health or safety regulations and can legally be present in any amount.

Small amounts of poisons in water can come from multiple sources including

irresponsible mining,



and trash dumping activities which in turn lead to

 poisons being accumulated in your body over a lifetime,

leading to cancers and other deadly diseases which can lead to premature deaths in your family

and because the government is directing over three-quarters of a trillion dollars every year to the corporate welfare system of the warfare complex, corporations and institutions,

there are no extra resources available to



and mitigate all the effects of water pollution.

The “aggressive leaching” of chromium hexate into drinking water has been known by the US government's Department of Energy for years, stated the authors of the report , “EPA’s Blind Spot: Hexavalent Chromium in Coal Ash,” a collaboration of the law firm Earthjustice, Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Environmental Integrity Project.

“Communities near coal ash sites must add hexavalent chromium to the list of cancer causing toxic chemicals that threaten their health and families,” said Lisa Evans, senior administrative counsel at Earthjustice.

Elevated levels of chromium-6 in more than 30 public water systems, has heightened public concern about the presence of chromium-6 in drinking water.”

In addition to chromium, coal ash also may contain arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, selenium and other dangerous chemicals.

EWG's research has found pollution from cancer-causing chromium-6 in drinking water in 31 of 35 cities. As a direct result of this research, Senators Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., have introduced Senate Bill 79, the Protecting Pregnant Women and Children from Hexavalent Chromium Act of 2011.

The question is, why has it taken so long to try to get a law through to protecting pregnant women and children ?

If research and scrutiny was done much earlier, the findings about cancer causing polluted water could have been found out long time ago

but because the warfare complex, corporations and institutions are sucking over $800 billion out of the treasury every year from hard working taxpayers,

there was no money left to do a much earlier research and scrutiny that could have saved the lives of pregnant women and children.

"Millions of consumers are being made ill, hundreds of thousands hospitalized and thousands are dying each year from preventable food borne illnesses," according to The Center for Science in the Public Interest.

"Unfortunately, the FDA is saddled with outdated laws, and lacks the authority, tools and resources to fight unsafe food."

Republican Alan Simpson, Co-Chairman of the National Commision on fiscal responsibility gives us an idea of what really goes on in government

and that is

"government is capable of

 feckless or

irresponsible exercise,

 partisan trickery or


posturing (assuming an artificial or pretended attitude ),




sandbox play (pretending to listen ),


 food fights ( childish fights ),

demagoguery (making use of popular prejudices

and false claims

and promises in order to gain power )

and fake press conferences instead of truly trying to reform."

( end of quote )


The government is fond of saying its advancing the interests of the country in every conflict or war

so when the government says its "advancing the interests" of the country,

what the government is actually saying is its advancing the interest of the warfare corporations and institutions

and because of advancing the interest of those who profit from war or conflict, 

 our federal government is in huge trouble

and to prevent insolvency, the US government might

 eventually raise taxes dramatically

and/or dramatically cut essential services like

 health care,

social security,

medical research,

 essential research on curing deadly diseases,

 pollution controls,

 poisons controls,

 terrorism prevention,

 infrastructure maintenance ,

 food safety inspections,

utilities maintenance,

 traffic congestion prevention,

 gun violence prevention,

 gang violence prevention,

control/prevention of dangerous ingredients in food,

 inspections of cancer causing radon in homes etc etc.

or the US government might take the bankruptcy route

and  eventually declare bankruptcy in the next 10-20 years

as the interest on the debt will in the next ten years reach the trillion dollar mark per year
which is half of what the government takes in as revenue.
The time might also come when prosperous states might not want to continue helping the states in financial trouble.
When the above starts to unravel,

there is a possibility the prosperous states might want to take back their power from the federal government or

 even secede.
Right now, the federal government is in financial trouble due to

 trying to maintain a military empire that is unaffordable

and totally unnecessary 

as it spends up to 1.4 trillion dollars a year on the warfare corporations and institutions:

The best we can hope for  after the bankruptcy is

a very weak central government

(since nobody is going to lend to it anymore after the bankruptcy)

within a federal system where the states have more power than the central government.

But even with a weak central government,

 the US government will still have access to over 2.4 trillion dollars in revenue every year

and it will keep on allocating those revenues to special interests that do not cater to the interests of the average American.

Right now, social security and medicare/medicaid payments comprise about 1.4 trillion dollars  a year

and if the US government maintains its military empire (one trillion a year without interest payments ) after the bankruptcy ,

 there will not be any money left for

medical research,

essential research on curing deadly diseases,

pollution controls,

poisons controls,

terrorism prevention,

infrastructure maintenance ,

food safety inspections,

utilities maintenance,

traffic congestion prevention,

gun violence prevention,

gang violence prevention,

control/prevention of dangerous ingredients in food,

inspections of cancer causing radon in homes etc etc.

The reason revenues are not allocated for the benefit of the average American  but rather are

allocated to powerful interest groups is because the people vote with their emotions (that politicians exploit)

because the people do not have in-depth knowledge of the issues involved

and that is how people like Hitler and representatives of Hamas took power through a democratic system

since the present democratic system relies on emotions rather than in-depth knowledge of the issues

and there is no comprehensive mechanism by which people can be educated regarding the issues involved

and that is why democracy as it now exists has failed

and democracy will continue to fail since

 the present democratic system results in

 people voting without any in-depth knowledge of the issues which results in

people voting for politicians based mostly on the emotions that the politicians evoke.

If you look at almost every C-Span program, you will realize that the present state of democracy has failed

and politicians are usually the brunt of jokes on late night TV.

Since democracy has failed, we need a system of democracy that is based on intellect and knowledge

and not ignorance and emotions

so that

we are able to allocate the trillions in revenues to those who will not only benefit the most but

 also programs that actually contribute to saving your life and the lives of your loved ones

and programs that substantially raise the standard of living of the average American.

So how do we allocate revenues for the health and security benefit and standard of living of the average American ?

The only way to allocate revenues properly is to change the present democratic system to a system called an intellectocracy.

A national referendum is needed to completely change our present system to that of an intellectocracy.

The following are the main features of an intellectocracy:

(1) Congress will be made up of the same number of committees and subcommittees that we have right now but

 each committee will be made up of 50 members, representing each state but each member does not necessarily have to come from the state he is representing or even reside in that state.

Since each committee has 50 members, each representing the 50 states, there is no need for a Senate.

(2) General elections will not take place since elections are more to do with appealing to peoples' fears and emotions than  electing qualified people to serve the average American

and that is the reason people like Hitler and representatives of Hamas came to power through general elections.

(3) A person becomes a member of a congressional committee by sitting for an exam written by full professors from accredited colleges.

 The contents of the exam will be chosen by a computer program from a list of questions approved by at least 70% of full professors from accredited colleges.

For every question chosen, the professor that submitted the question will be financially compensated for submitting the question, once the exam is over but

he will not know his question was randomly chosen by the computer before the exam date

(4) The comprehensive exam will test the candidate's depth of knowledge of the  subject matter of the committee that the person is applying to.

The candidate will have the same level knowledge of the experts that the committee usually invites to congressional committee hearings

(5) It will take 70% to pass the exam and that exam will comprise 40% of the total score

(6) 30% of the total score will comprise of a standardized psychological exam that will have to be formulated and passed by 70% of all  board certified psychiatrists in the country with the aim of determining the candidate's mental stability, maturity, empathy and concern for his fellow citizens.

A panel of board certified psychiatrists from accredited universities will put the candidates through a series of objective psychological exams, fMRI brain scans including lie detector tests.

The panel  will be voted for by all board certified psychiatrists so that the panel consists of the best board certified psychiatrists who will be well compensated for their time in for putting the congressional candidates through their tests.

The pass level for the psychological exam is 70% and it will comprise 30% of the total score.

(7) The third test is a standardized IQ test and the pass level for the IQ test is 70% and it will comprise 30% of the total score

(8) So a candidate has to have a 70% pass level in each category of tests ( knowledge, psychological and IQ) in order to be a successful candidate

(9) The total score comprises of three categories ( knowledge 40%, psychological 30% and IQ 30%)

(10) The top 50 scorers for each committee application will qualify to be a congressional member of that particular committee as long as that candidate is at least 55 years old at the time when congress begins its first session.

(11) Those who score in the top 1050 for each committee will become part of the committee oversight council and it will take 70% of the votes of the oversight council members to remove anybody from their congressional committee membership.

So each committee's oversight council will have  a thousand members whose job is to make sure the congressional committee members are doing their job properly.

Every oversight council member will be financially compensated for their oversight duties.

(12) Anybody who is removed or resigns from the congressional committee will be replaced by a  member from the highest scorer in the oversight council for temporary purposes until a permanent replacement is found from the top scorer in the next round of exams unless

 the highest scoring oversight council member is a candidate of an examination round that was conducted for replacement purposes of a oversight council member.

In other words, any person who resigns from the oversight council will be replaced by an exam candidate who will be first in line to permanently replace any congressional member who resigns or is removed from office.

(13) Exam study materials for each congressional committee should be available for free in any  public library or a governmental online website to anybody who is a citizen of the United States.

(14) Compensation for congressional committee members should  be a combination of a base salary plus a yearly bonus that is tied to the performance of the sector of the economy that that committee is in charge of.

So the committee in charge of education will have yearly bonuses which depends on student performance, graduation rates etc

(15) Lobbying of congressional members can only take place online and not in person.

(16) No term limits on congressional members, cabinet members or the President

(17) White House cabinet members will be voted into their positions by the congressional committee that is in charge of that particular governmental function from their own ranks.

So one or more cabinet members will be chosen from the congressional committee membership leaving the total number of committee members less than the required 50 membership number.

So in order to keep the committee membership at 50, the top scorer from the oversight council will take up the vacancy as a temporary member till the next round of exams which will determine who the permanent member will be

unless the replacement member from the oversight council was the top scorer of a previous replacement exam that was conducted to replace a oversight council member.

In other words, it will be a permanent replacement of a congressional committee member instead of a temporary replacement if the replacement is being done by a oversight council member who was the top scorer in a replacement exam replacing a oversight council member

(18) The President will be determined by votes from all congressional committees from their own ranks

and once the President is voted into office, the vacancy left in the committee from which the President came from, will be filled temporarily from the top scorer in the oversight council till a permanent member is determined from the next round of exams.

(19) Exams will only take place when there are vacancies available in the committees to keep the committee membership at 50.

(20) All judges in the federal system will be determined by the same exam criteria outlined above that are formulated by full professors in law departments of every accredited university and college.

The top scorer in each judicial position will become the sitting judge while the next 1000 highest scoring candidates will make up the oversight council

and it will take 70% of the oversight members to remove the judge they have oversight on.

When a judge is removed, another exam will be conducted to find the top scorer, while the position is filled temporarily by the second highest scoring candidate in the oversight council.

(21) Just as Congressional members do not have term limits, judges do not have term limits.

(22) Local law enforcement and the FBI will regularly monitor congressional members activities to make sure lobbying only takes place online through forums, emails, chats, online townhalls etc.

A financial incentive based whistleblower program will encourage all citizens to alert law enforcement if lobbying rules are being violated.

Regular sting operations will be conducted by law enforcement in order to see whether members of Congress can be enticed into taking bribes

(23) Voting by congressional members on any legislation will only be monitored by the oversight council members, in other words, voting is always by secret ballot.

Secret balloting is essential since lobbyists should not know how successful their lobbying efforts are because if lobbyists know how a congress member votes, there is always a chance they will try to bribe the congress member or the congress person's family members to vote in favor of the lobbyist agenda.

(24) Each committee has its own budget, legislative authority and law enforcement or military arm ( if necessary )  and it takes 70% of the members in any committee to approve any piece of legislation.

Laws go immediately into effect after it passes the 70% threshold vote in committee.

(25) The President and his cabinet members will have life terms in office and can only be removed from office by 70% of votes from congressional members.

It takes the entire congressional membership to remove the President from office, once the 70% vote threshold is reached.

For removal of cabinet members, it only takes 70% of the votes from the committee the cabinet member came from.

(26) Resignations in the Presidency or cabinet membership will have the vacancy filled by votes from the congressional membership from their own ranks.

Cabinet membership resignation vacancies will be filled by the committee member ranks pertaining to that particular governmental function, for example, the resignation of the agriculture secretary will result in the position being filled by a member of the congressional agriculture committee after the 70% vote threshold is reached.

Presidential resignation vacancies will be filled by 70% of the votes from the entire congressional membership.

(27) All proceedings of the congressional membership will not be done in public, in other words, no cameras allowed, just as no cameras are allowed in the supreme court.

Only the oversight council members can monitor congressional proceedings online.

(28) The identities of oversight council members will be a secret since we do not want anybody trying to influence oversight council members.

Each congressional committee will have 1000 oversight council members who are financially compensated for their oversight duties.

 The above intellectocracy system should also be adopted at the state and local level

Intellectocracy is the only system that assures that qualified people get to administer the functions of government

because the average American does not have the knowledge on who it is that can run a efficient, cost effective governmental function

and because of this lack of knowledge we now have a government that is completely dysfunctional and corrupt

and that is how people like Hitler and representatives of Hamas came to power (through a democratic system) due to

 the lack of knowledge of the average citizen who is not able to determine who is capable of running the government.

Today,  politicians are completely controlled by the warfare corporations and institutions

and that is why up to 1.4 trillion dollars of hard earned taxpayers money is going every year to the warfare corporations and institutions.

Keep in mind, that in front of the cameras, politicians are sincere and even can shed tears in front of the camera

and its not fake but

rather they are voicing their sincere opinions

( example: President Obama sincerely thanking his re-election campaign workers, even shedding tears :

Politicians are almost always sincere in front of the cameras but

 once the cameras are gone,

powerful special interest groups threaten politicians to conform to their special interest agenda,

an agenda that supports the profit agenda of the rich and powerful in the warfare corporations and institutions

and that is why both parties are very bipartisan when it comes to

supporting the corporate welfare program pushed for by the defense contractor friends of Republicans and Democrats

who allow up to 1.4 trillion dollars a year to be "looted" from the treasury in order

to support the corporate welfare system

and profiteering agenda of the warfare corporations and institutions.

In the long run, just like we have banned the proliferation of nuclear weapons,

the major powers should agree to ban all weapons of all kinds, from missiles to bombs. from tanks to fighter planes, from every country on earth.

All dual use facilities that can be used to produce weapons will be internationalized and secured by the US/UN armed police.

 Only the US/UN armed police will have more firepower than the regular police in each country.

The US , in March 2007, warned China not to produce an offensive capability but

the US has to go one step further in abolishing all weapons and weapons systems on the face of the earth including all US weapons and weapons systems.

In the long run we have to convince world powers to

totally disarm themselves and the entire world  of all weapons since

 the world spends between 2 and 3 trillion dollars every year on unnecessary defense which results in

 valuable resources not going towards

finding the ultimate cure for cancer which right now kills over a million people every two years in the US alone

Right now, since the world spends between 2 and 3 trillion dollars every year on unnecessary defense, there is not enough money or funding is being cut in the following areas :

 health care,

social security,

medical research,

 essential research on curing deadly diseases,

 pollution controls,

 poisons controls,

 terrorism prevention,

 infrastructure maintenance ,

 food safety inspections,

utilities maintenance,

 traffic congestion prevention,

 gun violence prevention,

 gang violence prevention,

control/prevention of dangerous ingredients in food,

 inspections of cancer causing radon in homes etc etc.

Its time to make peace with all enemies before

the US government is forced to

declare bankruptcy since

continued spending on the warfare complex and corporations will eventually result in

the interest on the debt exceeding a trillion dollars a year.

If the US had just machine guns to protect itself,

there would be no incentive for China or Russia to maintain their nuclear capability since

the money saved could help find the ultimate cure for cancer thus

saving the lives of dictators who are now dying prematurely due to cancer

and the savings also would help the Chinese and Russian dictators stay in power since

the money saved would be able to help

the average Russian or Chinese raise their standard of living through better services, infrastructure, medical research, crime prevention programs etc etc.

Americans should question why having a career in the military is an option since

the dismal record of the US government in sending our vulnerable soldiers deliberately into harm's way

and not adequately taking care of them later,

results in a life of torment especially to those who have seen combat.

If a 2009 U.S. Army report indicates military veterans have double the suicide rate of non-veterans:

one can just imagine the tremendous increase in the rate of suicides among combat veterans compared to

non-combat veterans.

Sadly, the US government is more interested in helping its friends and supporters in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions,

resulting in over 8000 veterans committing suicide annually :

due to

the despair they feel being




maimed or

paralyzed and spoon-fed for life due to present and previous wars.

Can world wide disarmament be done ?

Yes, since we can convince world leaders that their power position would be maintained

and enhanced

and they would be respected by their people

since they can provide their citizens with a healthier, safer and higher standard of living.

What evidence is there now that world leaders will disarm ?

Disarmament can be seen in the reduction of nuclear weapons through treaties

So the next step is to go down the line to the next series of weapons of terror

Till we get down to only having machine guns in the hands of a “United Nations” police force to

make sure all world wide dual use facilities are guarded to make sure no weapons are produced in them.

Can we do this ?

yes we can since

we can convince the rulers and the dictators of the world that they do not have to be dying of cancer


valuable resources are devoted to medical research in cancer

instead of devoting valuable resources to  unnecessary weapons of terror.

Instead of spending 5.5 trillion dollars on the Cold War,

 we could have paid a billion dollars to  a thousand Soviet leaders for a total of a trillion dollars in order to stop the Cold War

and the 4.5 trillion dollars saved could have gone to

finding the ultimate cure for cancer,

getting the best infrastructure in the world

and given every American first class health care

and an amazing standard of living for every American.

World disarmament and world peace will enable the US government  to redirect wasteful "defense" dollars to

 areas of research in various sectors that will lead to

cheaper gas,

more sophisticated technology that is demanded world wide,

medical breakthroughs in curing cancer and other deadly diseases,

safer and cleaner air,


 food etc.



(a) Not living in fear anymore is a great dividend that peace will bring.

 Not having to look over our shoulders every time we visit the Middle East or

any area where terrorists are known to operate in

 (which is basically now everywhere including Europe ).

Not living in fear anymore would result in a happier and healthier life for everybody including

 little children who have been always traumatized for life due to constant conflict or war.

 During the bombing of Baghdad, the shock and awe resulted in children having to be medicated due to the trauma of constant bombings.

(b) Better lasting and expanded roads, bridges

 (a research report in 2007 stated that one in four bridges are structurally deficient)

tunnels and utility infrastructure that does not break down easily,

greatly eases traffic congestion

( no more frustration in waiting instop and go traffic )

and far fewer electricity blackouts

(no spoiled food in the refrigerator because of a electricity black out)

(c) Better health care for everybody

(d) Lower taxes

(e) Better distribution of wealth ( since the government will not be spending up to 1.4 trillion dollars every year on the warfare corporations and institutions ) which raises the standard of living for everybody

(f) Cheaper gas and utility bills

(g) greater funding at the local level so that police do not have to be overzealous in giving out traffic tickets for minor infractions to supplement the local budget

(h) Healthier environment because of greater research dollars resulting in breakthroughs in the areas of pollution control of the air, water and environment we live in

(i) the more spent on medical research might result in greater breakthroughs in medicine.

An example in breakthroughs can be seen in the Christopher Reeves Foundation for spinal cord injuries.



(j) the more money spent on technological research will result in products that could raise the standards of living of everybody

(k) the more money spent on Internet and computer technology would result in a greater number of people benefiting from breakthroughs that result in a much faster and efficient Internet and much faster speeds in downloading, viewing pages and far fewer crashes and congestion problems on the Internet



Can you imagine a fleet of US hospital ships instead of a fleet of US naval ships ?




The world population is predicted to decline dramatically in the decades to come :

so we need people to have babies in order for those precious babies to grow up to contribute to mankind's progress.

(m) Our soldiers would thank us if we have the skills to maintain the peace without war because

 its cruel sending our soldiers deliberately into harm's way because

war brings post traumatic disorders to numerous soldiers who end up

addicted to drugs or

 dying from suicide or

 suicide by cop or

 divorced or

 having sweat drenched nightmares or

 being depressed or

becoming homeless.

One-third of homeless people are veterans of previous wars including the gulf war.

(n) Peace will save trillions of dollars as a Harvard University study estimates the cost of war in the past decade has cost us up to 6 trillion dollars

(o) Peace will prevent the horror and the corruption of war.

War corrupts even the best of people.

war can bring out the worst in even good people.

Good US soldiers have been known to torture and rape innocent girls in war zones and if we want to keep bringing out the best in our soldiers, we need to prevent war.

(p) World wide peace will result in good will towards America and an increase in American goods and services being consumed by those who are thankful to America for bringing peace to the world without war.

(q) The more people who are saved due to peace throughout the world,

the greater the number of people who need goods and services

and this will benefit American companies in selling their goods and services to the third world

(r) Peace will bring enough money available for the Government to subsidize organic farming and anti-biotic safe farming methods to give you and your family a healthier and longer life

(s) Peace will bring enough money available to do the proper research and to have proper inspections and oversight to prevent you and your loved ones being poisoned slowly from

 the every day products you use,

 the fish you eat

peace would bring about greater funding in having

 cleaner air,


 and a pollution free environment so as to prolong the precious lives of you and your loved ones.

(t) Peace without war will save our poor soldiers from being killed in "friendly" fire as was experienced by

 American/Allied POWs who were terrorized,


and burned alive when the US government fire and atom bombed Japanese cities

and bombed Japanese transport ships that were transporting American and Allied POWs.

Every war has numerous “friendly fire” incidents and  guarantees the death of our soldiers since

 the present rules of engagement tells our forces to

basically shoot first without double checking to see whether

 the people they are shooting at are on our side or whether the people they are shooting at are

 actually a danger to our forces ( example: numerous cases of US government forces shooting at unarmed people who are running away from the battle field )

(u) Peace with the enemy will get rid of most of the unnecessary time consuming inconveniences and embarrassing/humiliating searches at airports.

(v) Peace will bring about a much cleaner and safer environment for children and babies since war involves the use of toxic substances and nuclear material in ammunitions.

To reiterate :

The Pentagon,

in order to support its friends in the corporate welfare system of the defense contractor establishment,

tries to either



 join or

 prolong conflicts in order to

keep Americans in constant fear of the "enemy"

and when Americans are fearful,

Americans do not question the 1.4 trillion dollars of hard earned taxpayers money going every year to the corporate welfare system of the warfare corporations and institutions.

So why is the Pentagon keeping Al-Qaeda "alive" through its instigation policies ?

( example: Drone attacks that collaterally kill unarmed men, women, children and babies which in turn keeps Al-Qaeda's recruiting drive "alive" )

The answer lies within the Pentagon.

On 9/10/01 Ex-defense secretary Rumsfeld stated that

over 2.3 trillion dollars were not accounted for by the Pentagon :

The Pentagon has never passed a financial audit:

The Pentagon does not want to be audited because

 the money is either being wasted or stolen by the trillions ?

And to keep covering up the theft or waste or both,

the Pentagon wants the public to be in perpetual fear of terrorism ( by keeping Al-Qaeda "alive)

so that it can keep pushing off the audit date ( now pushed off to 2017 )

while its "defense" contractors keep looting the treasury without any accountability.

Because only during a war or conflict

 is the scrutiny of the Pentagon at its lowest because

the public fears the

conflict more than it fears the Pentagon looting the treasury.

So where are the welfare dollars mostly going to ?

its not going to the average hardworking American or to medical research to save your loved ones and friends from cancer

but rather its mostly going to the Pentagon

resulting in trillions of hard earned tax dollars not being accounted for due to waste or theft or both.



Simple solution to saving our planet,

lowering gas prices

and creating tens of millions of permanent green jobs that

would eradicate poverty:

(1) Government needs to install solar panels on every rooftop in America and on the sides of every tall building in America ( economies of scale will make solar panels cheap and the government can recoup its expenses by charging the regular amount on each utility bill )

By having solar panels everywhere, we reduce the demand for gas and prices should come down dramatically

(2) Government needs to install “wind farms” wherever possible

(3) Government needs to install “bloom energy” boxes outside every residential and commercial building.

Bloom energy boxes can work on any form of energy without burning it ( burning is what causes pollution )

(4) Turning regular farming into non-factory, organic farming and thus we get to eat food that is free from cancer causing pesticides and chemical additives

and stop the cruel treatment of animals in factory farms which presently result in the use of vaccines, hormones and antibiotics to keep the animals alive under torturous conditions.

(5) To further reduce pollution,

the US government should be involved in the research of 
designing  cars and trucks where

the entire bottom chassis is covered entirely by one single, very thin, detachable battery,

 so that cars can go from battery station to battery station along highways without having to

charge the car but

every station will have a moving platform with technicians working under the moving platform that are able to

detach the battery easily from under the car  when

  the car enters in one end of the battery station and stops on the moving platform,

 and at the next stop on the moving platform, the technicians

(working under the moving platform) install a fully charged battery that

got its power from "pollution free" bloom energy boxes described above:


Permanent “green jobs” in the tens of millions will create a fully employed economy which will benefit all the other parts of the economy due to its “spin off “ effects.

Also, we would be able to eat fish again since our rivers, lakes and oceans would not be polluted by mercury, presently coming from coal and oil fired plants.

All the above can be done by taking a tiny portion of the yearly 1.4 trillion the government now spends on the warfare corporations and institutions and creating feasibility studies to see what works and what does not.
Feasibility studies need to be done whether the above programs would work but

the studies are not a concern of the US government because
the US government's priorities are to support the profit agenda of the warfare corporations and institutions rather than
caring about the health, well being and financial security of the average American.

Critics of the War on Terror rightfully lament its costs and call for an end to it but

many of them overlook the fact that

the trillions of dollars “lost” in this

"profit driven" war have found happy homes in

the bank accounts of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Electric, and many other military contracting firms .

The war has also swelled the Pentagon’s budget which has grown from $277 billion in 2001 to $740 billion today.

The U.S. government’s wars may be bleeding the country dry but

they are making a few well-connected corporations and people very rich.

Much of these war profits are invested in

campaign contributions,


outright bribery,

sponsorship of various public affairs shows and

mainstream news broadcasts, and

maintaining a network of supposedly “independent” think thanks supporting the war agenda.

The result is a perpetual war or conflict machine
while the media is more interested in the extra-marital affairs of politicians and generals
than truly asking the tough questions
( example: while the terrorists were plotting to attack the US on 9/11/01,
the media was busy asking questions about Monica Lewinsky's dress, in the Clinton/Lewinsky affair,
instead of asking why the Pentagon was not heeding to the warnings from Al-Qaeda/Saudi imams throughout the 90s to remove US government troops from Saudi Arabia )

Why is it when 3000 Americans died on 9/11 , the government was willing to spend trillions

( a trillion is five hundred thousand million dollars plus another five hundred thousand million dollars )

on the "war on terror ",

but at the same time,

 the same government is cutting cancer research even when over a million Americans are dying from cancer alone, every two years ?

even though governmental funding has resulted in 15 out of 21 breakthroughs in medical research between 1965 through 1992 :

130 National Institute of Health scientists have won the Nobel Prize :

So why the cuts in cancer research when its been proven that governmental funding is vital for medical breakthroughs ?

Is supporting the profit agenda of the warfare corporations more important than the lives of your friends or loved ones and millions of Americans ?

An easy way to prevent all wars is for two simple laws to be enacted :

(1) All pro-war politicians' eligible kids would be drafted to the front lines of any action.

(2) Instead of borrowing the money from China, all actions will have to be paid for by the American taxpayer within a year of the action taking place.

If the two simple laws above are enacted, pro-war politicians will be "tripping over each other " trying to make peace with the enemy

because as it is now, pro-war politicians have no problems sending other peoples poor kids to the front lines but

would have a major problem if their own kids lives are at stack.

So the above two laws recommended is not a punitive measure but its a way to save both the lives of the pro-war politicians' children and the lives of the children of the poor and powerless

because no war will ever happen if both the two laws above are enacted

but instead what will happen is a concerted effort to make peace and to resolve conflicts through diplomacy and other non-war efforts

because as it is now, even though conflicts take years or even decades to develop,

 the Pentagon and the US government is not interested in promoting long term peaceful solutions to avert violence or war

because pro-war politicians are more interested in promoting short sighted profit driven policies mainly to

support the profit agenda of their friends and supporters in the warfare corporations and institutions.

If the US government had the same non-military, non-interventionist policies of

Switzerland, Americans will be sleeping as peacefully as the Swiss do

but the US government's priorities are not the safety/health of the American people but rather

the profit agenda of their supporters in the warfare corporations and institutions which result in

short sighted policies that

endanger the lives of innocent Americans as evidenced by the attacks on 9/11/01.

LET US deprive

 the owners of the warfare corporations and institutions "laughing all the way to the bank",

by not having anymore unnecessary trillion dollar wars or
 conflicts or
 the presence of the corporate welfare system of the warfare corporations and insitutions that is bankrupting this nation.
As it is now,

the future is extremely bleak as the US government will inevitably declare bankruptcy in the next 10-20 years as the interest alone on the debt will exceed a trillion dollars a year

while our veterans suffer the effects of  the horror that people call war.

Below  are three stories from the HBO documentary "Wartorn"  :

(1) Angelo Crapsey was 18 years old when he wrote the following letter to his friend Laroy Lyman in April 1861, just after joining the military:

"........I am well,

 I am far away in the army

and fighting for the stars and stripes.

I love the old flag dearly." ( end of letter )

A few months later in 1861, Angelo again wrote to Laroy:

" Dear Laroy, life is not home.

A sergeant in Company D committed suicide.

He seemed to be a little shattered.

He took his rifle and loaded it;

when there was no one about,

he put the muzzle into his mouth

and tucked his gun off with his toes.

A hundred or more of the boys have gone home.

They are cowards.

I won't disgrace my parents by deserting or

turning back.

A soldier's life is hard but

I should be able to take care of myself". ( end of letter )

AFTER ONE YEAR AT WAR on July 24, 1862,

Angelo again writes to his friend Laroy:

" Dear Laroy,

........It was a terrible sight.

I saw hundreds of dead men.

I trust and hope my life will be spared to see you once more,

write soon......write soon" ( end of letter )

After 16 months at war, Angelo writes to his friend Laroy :

" right hand man was first to fall,

Blum was shot by my side.

He died that night.

Northrup fell a few yards to the left.

Maxum fell dead within a few feet of him.

How changed things are from last year,

as my mind turns back to those past enjoyments.

It seems like a dream.

Many was the time that I saw things that will be remembered

until death." (end of letter )

After 20 months at war , Angelo writes to Laroy:

"........the 18th was spent burying the dead.

Makes me feel lonesome.

So many killed and wounded.

I can't see any end to this war." ( end of letter )

After more than 2 years at war, Angelo writes to Laroy :

" .......No one except a soldier can imagine what a man has to endure.

How many young man are ruined by this war ?" (end of letter )

Feverish and delirious, Angelo was taken to an army hospital

On October 12, 1863, Angelo writes to his friend Laroy :

" Dear Laroy,

....... I am not well.

I am clear off the hooks.

They took me before the board

and decided to discharge me from the service,

They said I will not be fit for the field this winter". (end of letter)

Angelo returned to his home in Roulette, PA

In the months that followed Angelo became paranoid and violent.

August 5, 1864:

Angelo's friends went hunting but were afraid to take Angelo along.

Angelo followed them and committed suicide in the woods.

After Angelo's suicide, friends and family testified in court about Angelo's breakdown.

Ike Sears (Angelo's friend): "I found him  ( Angelo ) lying down on the ground on his back, his gun between his legs."

Alice McBain (Angelo's sister) : " When he (Angelo) came back from the war, he looked wild and whenever he was raving, it took my father, mother and half sister to tie him down to the bed."

Laroy Lyman (Angelo's friend): "It seems that something he (Angelo) did in the army preyed upon his mind and wounded him."

Sybil Burdick (Angelo's neighbor): " He ( Angelo) seemed to be worried and he said everybody hated him because he had killed people."

John Crapsey (Angelo's father) : " If ever a man's mental disorder was caused by hardships endured in the service of his country, this was the case with my son ( Angelo).

Thomas L. Kane ( Commander of Angelo's Regiment) : " I loved no one more of my men then I did Angelo. He was the ideal of the youthful patriot. He was the heroic American soldier." (end of quote )

Angelo Crapsey joined the military at the age of 18 and committed suicide at the age of 21

and patriotism and service to country did not save him

because little did Angelo know, his service was not to country

but his service was to  those who profit from war.

(2) the next story from the HBO documentary "Wartorn" is about Noah Pierce from Gilbert, Minnesota.

Noah's mom is looking out the window to Noah's truck.

Noah's mom: " That was the truck that Noah drove to a pit

and then he put his dog tag to his temple

and then put the gun to the dog tag

and then he pulled the trigger,

in one shot............he was gone."

She takes Noah's pocket knife

and shows how Noah used the knife to stab through his picture face on the drivers license and military ID

and while the license and ID are hanging from the pocket knife, his mom says Noah stuck the knife on the truck's dashboard.

Noah's mom says he stabbed his picture face on both the license and ID because

 he did not want to see his face

and he also shot out the mirror in his truck.

Noah's mom shows a picture of Noah

and then her voice breaks as she says

" I hate this picture....

..its the anger.....

...the hate......

...the disillusionment........

....and the eyes........

....that is not my son.....

he doesn't think he is worth anything......... can see it in his eyes........

....he hates himself..........

my son started dying ....

....slowly from the inside

...and eventually.......

.........the inside died so completely...........

...that he put the gun to his head........... kill the outside as well.............

......that is what post traumatic stress did to him........... killed him from the inside....out.... son could not escape the two tours in iraq........

.......he could not forgive himself for some of the things he did....

........he thought himself as a murderer........

.......and a bad person."

Noah's mom then reads her son's suicide note found in the truck:

Noah: " I never planned to leave a note....

I am writing it sober but

I won't be sober for long"

Noah's mom starts to weep when reading

" mom.....I am so sorry....

my life has been hell since March 2003 when

I was part of the Iraq invasion......

it has nothing to do with anyone..........

don't stress about this..........

I am freeing myself  from the desert........

...........once........and ..........for all...........

I thought stuff would get better...........

.......but I was wrong...............

......well..........I am getting drunk now.............. am more opened up..............

....I have been planning on doing this for a long time............

................Time............... is finally up............

....... I am not a good person...............

.......I have done bad things..........

.......I have taken lives............. it's time to take mine ............

(end of suicide note by Noah Pierce of Gilbert Minnesota )

(3) Third story from the HBO documentary "Wartorn".

Jason Scheuerman of Sanford, North Carolina served in the third infantry division and was sent to Iraq.

Chris Scheuerman Sr. is Jason's father who says his family is a family of soldiers including his wife.

In trying to find out about his son's suicide, Chris had to file 15 "freedom of information act" requests.

In Jason's file, Chris found that

on 6/28/05

Jason filled out a mental evaluation questionnaire in which Jason stated that he is suffering from




feeling uptight,


and having thoughts of killing himself.

The psychologist basically ignored the questionnaire and told Jason he is faking his PTSD

and the psychologist wrote in his evaluation report :

" the evaluation determines that this service member does not meet the criteria for any mental disorder".

Jason called his dad and said the psychologist talked to him for 10 minutes,

gave him a test

and said he was faking everything and to be a man and go back to his unit.

Jason's dad encouraged Jason to go back for a second opinion but Jason said it was not going to do any good because nobody was listening and they did not believe him.

Chris said that that was the last time he talked to Jason.

Jason was taken back to his barracks, given his weapon with ammunition, told to clean his weapon in his room and his buddies were told to leave Jason alone.

It was almost like Jason's superiors were afraid that if Jason were to interact with his buddies, he might spread his PTSD to them and then desertion from the military would be a real possibility and Jason's superiors were afraid they would not get promoted if the men under their charge deserted.

Why was Jason given his weapon and ammunition, even though he was showing signs of PTSD ?

Probably because his superiors knew that

Jason was of no use to the military so

 Jason might as well commit suicide

and his superiors were afraid of not getting promoted if

Jason could influence his buddies to either desert or

 the PTSD spreading to his buddies.

Trying to hold back his tears, Jason's dad, Chris says :

" I can't sleep at night.............

..........I lost my job...........

......I used to train medics for special forces.........

.....I have a recurring dream...........

......I worked on a soldier once who was shot in the face....

....but in the dream.....

.....I go to my aid bag..........

.....and when I come back from the aid bag............

......I am not working on that soldier anymore.........."

Chris's voice breaks......

" it's my son.......and every time he asks me........

...........why I can't help him ?..........

........that dream kicks me......"

( end of examples from the HBO documentary "Wartorn" )

Since 2001, up to 400,000 veterans suffer from the psychological effects of war called PTSD

On average, why do 22 veterans commit suicide every day ( over 8000 a year ) ?:

because our government does not make it a priority to take care of the PTSD suffered by our veterans.

The suicide sometimes happens during the time they are in the military or

 it happens years after leaving the military

and sometimes decades after leaving.

The government is very good at thanking our veterans for "serving" our country but

words do not translate into meaningful action because

the priorities of the government are to take care of their powerful friends and supporters in the warfare corporations and institutions.

In other words, the government is actually thanking our veterans and soldiers for supporting the profit agenda of the warfare corporations and institutions.

No government will ever say to soldiers that

 those soldiers are actually serving or supporting the profit agenda of the warfare corporations and institutions because then

nobody will join the military but

in order to entice young impressionable people to join the military,

 the government says joining the military is service to the country

and not service the interests of those who profit from war or conflict.

So why do soldiers suffer from PTSD ?

its because of enormous guilt that soldiers feel that is not properly addressed by our government.

And the guilt keeps growing until they cannot take it anymore and that is when they contemplate suicide.

The guilt of feeling responsible as they see their fellow soldier "brothers" dying horrifying deaths on the front lines

and the guilt of feeling responsible when they see children and babies dying due to the collateral actions by the US government

and the guilt that if they were not in a foreign country, the enemy would not be their enemy because

 most of the time the enemy is just defending his home country from invaders

and the guilt of killing the enemy because

often times in war, killing is done, not as an act of self defense but rather

 in an orgy of killing, especially in free fire zones where anybody who moves or is armed are killed

( because being armed in a war zone might just mean protecting ones family from robbers but

its dangerous being armed in a war zone because

 American soldiers are given the authority to shoot anybody who is armed in the war zone )

And finally, just before the moment of suicide, a singular conscience emerges;

their conscience finally tells them that they could have prevented the deaths of their fellow soldier "brothers", 

prevented the death of children and babies in enemy territory

and prevented the death of the "enemy" itself many of whom were killed for just being armed and they were not killed in self defense

and the final thoughts before committing suicide is the complete hate of oneself,

the time of judgement, 

his conscience accuses him  for not

 persuading their soldier "brothers" to not go into war zones ( in other words to be conscientious objectors to the war )

After all, the horror that people call war is the result of

the rich and powerful sending the poor and powerless deliberately into harm's way for

 the financial benefit of the rich and powerful in the warfare corporations and institutions.

Our soldiers join the military due to the propaganda of the rich and powerful,

the propaganda that says joining the military is a good thing because they will be serving their country.

But after joining the military, our soldiers, at the subconscious level, finally come to realize

 right before the moment of suicide 

 ( Like Jake in the movie "Avatar" came to realize or

 Ron Kovic  in the movie "born on the fourth of july" based on the true story of Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic) that

young people are fooled into thinking their service was to the country but

 actually their service was to those who profit from war or conflict.

So why feel guilty about children dying in war zones due to the collateral actions of the enemy ?

because their conscience again accuses them right before their suicide.

Accuses them of what ?

that if they were not in the war zones, those children and babies would be alive.

Would veterans have joined the military if they knew that PTSD was a real possibility and suicide or homelessness might be the result ?

Young people probably would not join the military,

 especially if they got the truth from the government,

 the truth that they would actually be protecting the bank accounts of the rich and powerful in the warfare corporations and institutions rather than

 protecting their fellow citizens

because if the US government was actually in the business of protecting our fellow citizens,

they would be having the same foreign policies of the Swiss government who hardly have enemies outside Switzerland.

So how does the US government create enemies ?

by creating the conditions under which conflicts arise

and the US government creates the conditions by instigating people to act adversely towards America

( example : causing enormous collateral suffering among the children, babies and civilians in Iraq when the US government ousted Iraqi troops from Kuwait during the gulf war

and reinstalling the hedonistic cruel Kuwaiti dictatorship which in turn caused

 Bin Laden to mount a nine year terror campaign against the US in order to oust US troops from Saudi Arabia )

Sadly, young people are easily preyed upon by the government because

the government knows how vulnerable young people are to propaganda,

the propaganda that

only emphasizes honor,



and service

and the result of the government's propaganda is

vulnerable and impressionable young people eagerly going to

the front lines but

after the horrors that people call war,

coming home suffering from PTSD resulting in


utter despair,




and finally homelessness or

even suicide.

In the movie, "Born on the Fourth of July" based on the true story of Ron Kovic who

as a young impressionable kid was vulnerable to

the government propaganda of the "glory of war" ,

joins the miltary

and goes to war,

finally returning home,

permanently in a wheelchair, with his leg intact.

From the start, he notices how all his family and friends treat him differently now that he is paralyzed.

He begins to alienate his family and friends,

complaining about students staging anti-war rallies across the country

and burning the American flag.

Though he tries to maintain his dignity as a Marine,

Ron gradually becomes disillusioned,

feeling the effects of his paralysis on his life,

and realizes that all the things he was taught from birth,

like honor,


and courage,

were illusions which

he would give up any day to get his legs back.

Why does the government emphasize honor, patriotism, duty and service to country ?

because the truth would turn people off

and the truth is the government's priority is

not the safety of the American people but

rather the government's priority is to support the

profit agenda of the corporate welfare system of the warfare corporations and institutions.

Its time for Americans to change the system of government to an intellectocracy, as outlined above,

 and in doing so we not only save our soldiers from a life of horror, homelessness and suicide,

we also save the average American by making sure the right programs are funded properly so that

we can find the ultimate cure for cancer and other deadly diseases

and we can have a government that is a true Peacemaker rather than

a government that



 joins or

prolongs conflicts which eventually leads to

war and despair for millions.

If we can create a Peacemaker government,

we will truly be admired around the world as the

 first government in the history of mankind that is actually interested in peace and not conflict

which results in promoting the  profit agenda of the warfare complex, corporations and institutions.

Blessed are the Peacemakers................

for they shall be called children of God........ Amen
(Matthew 5:9)





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