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Osama Bin Laden's justification for terrorism can be summed up in words uttered by Ramzi Yousef in his trial :

"You (the US government) were the first one who killed innocent people, and you are the first one who introduced this type of terrorism to the history of mankind when you dropped an atomic bomb which killed tens of thousands of women and children in Japan and when you killed over a hundred thousand people, most of them civilians, in Tokyo with fire bombings. You killed them by burning them to death. And you killed civilians in Vietnam with chemicals as with the so-called Orange agent. You killed civilians and innocent people, not soldiers, innocent people every single war you went. You went to wars more than any other country in this century, and then you have the nerve to talk about killing innocent people." (quote from Ramzi Yousef at his trial in New York : )

Please keep in mind throughout this 7 part community blog that

we have two choices:

Either give in to  the pro-conflict, pro-war politicians

and let them help their supporters and friends in the warfare complex and corporations by

 draining the US treasury of trillions of hard earned tax dollars in order to

eventually create a “fortress America” with soldiers in every corner like in Israel

Or  we can go against the wishes of the pro-war , pro-conflict politicians

and make peace with all our enemies like the Swiss have done

and so the Swiss live in peace, while

 we are constantly in fear of the unknown .

In making peace with all our enemies,

 we deprive those who profit from conflict and war from “laughing all the way to the bank” with your hard earned money.


In the end,

 if the US government does not make peace with all its enemies,

all the money in the world cannot

adequately secure and protect


every mile of


power station,

every mile of the power grid,

every mile of pipeline,

every nuclear reactor,

every cargo container,




every mile of bridges,

tunnels ,

dams ,

retaining wall,

every airplane,


ship ,


multi-storey building,

theme park,


locations where thousands of people gather or

locations with huge tanks with explosive gas/chemicals/oil stored.

So either we behave like the Swiss and prosper in peace or

we give in to the pro-war , pro-conflict politicians

and end up having a trillion dollar annual interest on the national debt,

effectively bankrupting the US government,
resulting in a dramatic reduction in the health standards and the living standards of the American people,

including the horror and life of tragedy that front line soldiers and their families experience due to the US government's unnecessary worldwide military empire.

But sadly, pro-war and pro-conflict politicians rather cut other essential programs in order to

the fund the US government’s unnecessary world wide military empire which inevitably will result in

 creating perpetual war or conflict

and in the long run,

 bankrupting the US government (as happened in the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union ) which in turn will result in

a dramatic decrease in health standards and living standards of the American people.
Pro-war politicians are constantly looking for a way to grow the government because

 the bigger the government, the more powerful those pro-politicians become

and they know that the only way the government can grow in terms of the budget and percentage of the GDP is to

keep the people in constant fear of the unknown

( example: due to keeping the people in constant fear of the unknown,

you will never find large demonstrations against war or conflict in the US,

comparable to the large demonstrations to oust the recent government in Egypt in 2013)

and you will notice the US government expands dramatically during a war or conflict

and due to this selfish interest on the part of pro-conflict politicians,

the US government is hardly in the business of preventing conflicts from continuing even though

the US government knows that conflicts take years or even decades to develop

and that it has the resources to prevent conflicts from continuing or flourishing.

In having  the  need for power and influence by trying to grow the power of the government over the centuries,  

 pro-war/conflict politicians know that

the easiest path to re-election is to

keep their friends and supporters happy in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions:

In order to keep their friends and supporters happy in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions

pro-war/conflict politicians have to justify spending annually,

up to 1.4 trillion dollars of hard earned taxpayers money,

on their friends and supporters in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions,

40% of which is borrowed money from places like China in order to  maintain the US government's world wide military empire

which also translates to 68 cents of every tax dollar that goes towards "defense/security" of the US government's worldwide military empire:

How can pro-war/conflict politicians justify spending that much money every year ?

The only way to justify spending up to 1.4 trillion dollars a year is to keep the American public in constant fear of the "enemy"

so the American public does not question the wasteful spending of up to 1.4 trillion dollars a year.

The following is one example of how the US government lied for decades in order to keep the American public in constant fear of the "enemy" .

The "Pentagon Papers" :

outline how decades of lies from the US government kept the American public in fear of the "enemy" so that

 the "looting" of the treasury could continue in order to benefit the profit agenda of the friends and supporters of pro-war politicians in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions.

Example : Richard Barnet, a co-director of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, wrote:
Freshman Congressman Lyndon B Johnson obtained a major defense contract for his principal financial backers, the Brown and Root construction firm.  
The same firm thirty years later was called upon to turn South Vietnam into a succession of military bases at considerable profit. 
In the Johnson years, Texas moved ahead to become the third-ranking state in military contracts. 
Between 1962 and 1967, the value of prime contracts awarded to Texas firms increased by 350 per cent: 
R Barnet, The Economy of Death, 1969

The  documentary "War Made Easy" gives an idea of

how the US government creates fear among the people through the media by

 exaggerating the threat which was initially created or allowed to flourish

while maintaining the "innocence" and "good intentions" of the US government:

even though the US government will not hesitate to either kill (last execution for desertion was in WW2) or

 put military deserters in the FBI's criminal database.

Military deserters will have no chance of getting a decent job, as long as their names are in the FBI's criminal database:

So for all the talk about freedom and liberating people

and boasting that our soldiers are all volunteers,

 the US government will not allow our own soldiers to vote for their own liberty or freedom on the battle field if

those soldiers want to make peace with the enemy and go home to their loved ones.

The US government will boast that all our soldiers are volunteers but

as soon as those soldiers want to leave the battlefield, they

suddenly become servants

 and are forced to fight the “enemy”  by

 the US government or

 be entered into the FBI criminal database for ceasing to be


So are our soldiers volunteers or servants ? Which is it ?

So if every “volunteer” soldier made peace with the "enemy"
and went home,

their chances of a decent job would be jeopardized forever since

their names would be forever in the FBI's criminal database since

desertion would mean the "volunteer" status boasted by the US government suddenly become

a status of "servitude",

in other words, volunteers are actually not volunteers but 

 servants of the unnecessary worldwide empire.

Would people approve of our volunteer soldiers ( who desert ) not ever getting a decent job ?

So if all our volunteer soldiers made peace with the enemy and left the battlefield as deserters,

would that mean we deprive those owners of the warfare complex and corporations who profit from war, "laughing all the way to the bank " ?

We doubt soldiers will ever desert if

 they think they are truly protecting their country from the "enemy"

and not protecting the bank accounts of those who profit from war,

 a war in which the the lives of the innocent are sacrificed (through collateral damage ) for the "greater good",

resulting in those who profit from war,  " laughing all the way to the bank".

So is the "enemy" created or does the "enemy" already exist ?

Do US government instigation policies create the enemy or

does the enemy create the US government's instigation policies ?

We believe that the enemy is created since there is ample evidence that

the Swiss have practically no enemies because

they do not create enemies through instigation policies

and the very few enemies they do have are

easily taken care of through intelligent law enforcement programs.

One example of creating an enemy is when pro-conflict politicians keep telling us that Iran is out to destroy Israel,

just from the statements made by the President of Iran, Ahmadinejad

and not from any actions taken by the Iranian government.

In the past 30 years, not once has Iran tried to

 hand over nuclear material “dirty” bombs or

chemical weapons or

nuclear bombs bought from Pakistan/North Korea, to

the terrorists in Gaza or Lebanon.

Pro-war/conflict politicians will never tell you that the words of President Ahmadinejad was mistranslated

 and that the President of Iran was talking about a national referendum in Palestine which will have the result of

removing the present government of Israel

and installing a more democratic government according to the wishes of both the Jews and Palestinians:

Compared to the President of Iran‘s mistranslated words,

the US government has not only used nuclear bombs but

 President Eisenhower authorized using nuclear bombs as part of the US government’s strategic goals in Korea but

 was not carried out due to a cease-fire agreement:

How do the created enemies look at the US government ?

Just as Democrats emphasize the bad done by the Republicans while minimizing the good done by Republicans,

the enemies created by the US government likewise point to

 the bad done by the US government while minimizing the good.

The only thing Democrats and Republicans cooperate on and are very bipartisan on,

is "looting" the treasury on behalf of their friends and supporters in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions.

Its easy for the "created enemies" of the US government to say that the US government has not been a blessing to the world

and they have a point if you look at the record of the US government in part 5 of this community blog.

In part 5, read about why a militarily weak US government would have been a blessing to the world

in the light of the fact that

the  powerful US government's militant interventionist policies led to

 the tragedy of WW2,

the totally unnecessary 5.5 trillion dollar Cold War:

 Also in part 5, read about

the powerful US government's militant interventionist policies that led to

the attacks on 9/11/01

and finally

the problems we have today with Syria,

North Korea

and Iran.

In part 5 of this community blog, you will read that

 the militant interventionist policies of the US government during the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries

led to conditions  under which





and communism flourished resulting in 

hundreds of millions of civilians either
fleeing in terror as refugees (shortening their life spans due to extremely unsanitary/toxic conditions that were created due to infrastructure damage ) or
dying horrifying deaths due to the direct or collateral actions of governments or

 being maimed,



deformed or

paralyzed and spoon-fed for life;

which also resulted in tens of trillions of dollars wasted on

 the corporate welfare system of

the warfare complex, corporations and institutions.

Read part 3 about what war is all about.

There are examples of the US government's instigation policies throughout this community blog,

especially in Part 6.

Since conflicts take years or even decades to develop

and the US government has the resources to

prevent conflicts from developing into violence

( through non-military interventions outlined in part 6 of this community blog ),

so why does the US government allow conflicts to flourish ?

because by allowing conflicts to flourish,

the US government is assured a steady stream of "enemies"

and thus the US government can justify the spending of up to 1.4 trillion dollars a year on

its friends and supporters in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions.

and thus reassuring the election of pro-war/conflict politicians.

Examples of allowing conflicts to flourish :

(1) the US government did not object to the UN bypassing the wishes of the residents of Palestine in creating the state of Israel thus creating the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel.

Would Americans allow the UN to divide America and give part of America back to the Native Americans ?

That is exactly what the UN did by giving part of Palestine back to the Jews without any

 national referendum that would have considered the wishes of the residents of Palestine.

Its human nature to rebel against the aggressor (the Israeli government), as the Native Americans rebelled in horrific ways against the US government.
 If I were advising the Palestinians, I would tell them to behave like the Hawaiians, who did not rebel against the invading US government and
 in being not violent against the invading US government, the Hawaiians eventually got full citizenship rights.
 Canadians did not rebel against the British and eventually became fully independent without a revolution.

Remember, its the muslims (Ottoman Turks) who allowed Jews to immigrate to Palestine in the 1800s, so good relations between Jews and Muslims would go back to what it was during the 1800s, once a comprehensive peace deal is agreed to.
 Facebook has a page titled " Arabs and Jews refuse to be Enemies".
 Once a comprehensive peace deal is agreed to, we can see many more facebook pages with the title similar to " Arabs and Jews refuse to be Enemies" as well as more people joining organizations like
 Combatants for Peace, a Bi-national movement of Israelis and Palestinians who dropped their arms in order to lead a non-violent struggle against the occupation of palestinian territories (as designated by the UN).

 In 1850, Jews were 4% of the total population of Palestine because
 most Jews had become Muslim Palestinians since 7th century Muslim rule.
The remaining Jews were treated relatively well and that is why the Jews fled the persecution of Europe to Palestine (name given to the area by the Romans ).

 If the majority muslims in Palestine (during the 1800s) treated the Jewish immigrants like how the US government treated Native Americans and Blacks, the Jews would not have left Europe for Palestine in the 1800s.

 Even though historically, the Jewish military acquired Palestine through genocide, killing all non-jewish civilian men, women, children and babies ( Deuteronomy 20:16) the muslims during the 1800s still welcomed the Jews back into Palestine.

 But it turned out that nationalist Zionists were not grateful to the generosity of the muslims in allowing Jews back into Palestine during the 1800s and so we end up with the tragedy we see today.

 Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen of Beth El-Keser Israel states that
 the rightful owners of Palestinian lands were forced to become tenant farmers due to
 The (Muslim) Ottoman Land Code and Registration Laws of 1858 and 1859 which had the effect of
 fraudulently transferring Christian/Muslim farmers ownership of Palestinian lands to powerful Arabs who in turn sold those lands to Jews.

 The first "stone" was thrown in 1908 when Zionists encouraged Jews to forcefully push Arab tenant farmers off their lands and homes (ethnic cleansing) and
 to only employ Jews and not to employ non-Jews.

 Christian and Muslim farmers suddenly found themselves forced out of their homes and land that had been in their family for centuries.

 As soon as the first "stone" was thrown by the Zionists,
 Najib Nassar a Palestinian Christian published Al-Karmil, warning Palestinians about Zionism which in turn led to the anti-Zionist Muslim-Christian Associations.

 Neturei Karta is an anti-Zionist Jewish organization (made up of Orthodox Jews and Rabbis) who oppose Zionists taking homes from Arabs by force.

 Just as Mexicans want unrestricted immigration to the US since they claim a third of the US as their ancestral lands,
 the Zionists wanted unrestricted Jewish immigration and so
 the Jews who only comprised 4% of the total population of Palestine in 1850,
 by 1947, Jewish immigrants grew to over 30% of the total population of Palestine (name given to the area by the Romans in the 2nd century ).

 By 1945, the Jews had purchased only 6% of the total area of Palestine but
 the 1947 U.N. Resolution 181(II) gave the Jews, 56 % of Palestine ( the best agricultural lands) and even though
 the Christians/Muslims were twice the population of the Jews, the Palestinians got 44% of Palestine.
 In their 1947 report to the UN General Assembly, the UN Special Committee on Palestine stated that:
 "The Arab (Christian/Muslim) population, despite the strenuous efforts of Jews to acquire land in Palestine, at present remains in possession of approximately 85 per cent of the land (Palestine)" (end of quote ).

What if the UN came to you and said an Indian wants 56% of your land (because 1800 years ago his ancestors owned your land) and
the Indian wants most of your best agricultural lands and
 you get 44% your land even though there are two of your family and only one of the Native American ,
 what would you say to the UN ? and
 that is what the UN did to Palestine in the 1940s which lead to decades of conflict.

 In his book "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine", Jewish Israeli historian Ilan Pappé of Haifa University, asserts that Plan Dalet was a "blueprint for ethnic cleansing":
 "... this ... blueprint spelled it out clearly and unambiguously:
 the Palestinians had to go ... The aim of the plan was in fact the destruction of both rural and
 urban areas of Palestine........and their inhabitants expelled" (end of quote).

 Aharon Zisling, the minister of agriculture, told the Israeli cabinet on 17 November 1948:
 "... Jews have behaved like Nazis and my entire being has been shaken " (end of quote).

 Arab governments had to interfere militarily in 1948 because
 before the Israeli government declared independence in 1948,
  the Israeli military  and well organized Zionist terror groups had already penetrated deep into the UN designated Palestinian State encountering
 little opposition from unorganized Palestinian militants.

 Sadly, for hundreds of thousands of Christian/Muslim Palestinians who fled from their homes in fear (1947-1948) due to hearing about 24 reported massacres (example: Deir Yassin massacre) by Zionist terror groups,
 the Israeli government did not just take 56% as designated by the UN but rather
 the Israeli government took 100% of Christian/Muslim Palestinian homes
 (In effect, the Zionist leadership went back on their 1940s promise of giving all palestinians within Israel, permanent residency).

 Even though palestinians were promised legal residence by Jewish leaders in the 1940s, they were not allowed back into Palestine (today's Israel) even though
 the UN passed UN Resolution 194 in December 11, 1948, calling for the return of refugees back to their legal residency in Israel.

 The only palestinians that should not be allowed back into israel are the ones who hurt or killed civilians during the 1947-1948 period.
 All property rights should be addressed comprehensively, whether it be Jewish property rights in Arab countries or Arab property rights in Palestine.
 If there is no evidence of terrorism,  those Palestinians with legal residency promised by both the UN and Jewish leaders during the 1940s should be allowed to return.

 The UN would never have given statehood to Israel if the UN knew that the legal residency of Palestinians could be changed at anytime and for any reason against the wishes of the legal Palestinian residents of Israel.

 In the history of mankind, the stronger group usually engages in "ethnic cleansing" ( example: forceful removal of Indian tribes from their homes by the US government) and
 the weaker group usually engages in terrorism ( example: terrorism committed by Native Americans against the families of American settlers ).

 Terrorism by Native Americans lasted almost 300 years from 1622 through 1911.

 Here is one American historian's narrative in 1832 on terrorism committed by Native Americans on the families of civilian settlers:
 "The men and children were chopped to pieces," wrote historian Kerry Trask, "and the dead women were hung up by their feet and
 their bodies mutilated in ways too gruesome for contemporary observers to record in writing " (end of quote ).

 If the Israeli government was truly a Peacemaker,
 it would have stipulated in the 1949 Armistice Agreements that it would work closely with the border patrol of Arab countries to monitor their borders to make sure
 the PLO does not cross the borders into Israel since
 the Arab countries had limited resources and manpower to monitor the movement of hundreds of thousands of palestinian refugees of which
 a tiny minority ( the PLO) was seeking revenge for the killings and expulsions of Palestinians from Israel during the 1947-1948 period.

Before 1967, the Israeli government always had the intention of taking Gaza and the West Bank and the way they did it is by provoking small attacks from the Arab states and then
 following up with a huge bombing campaign as listed below:

 (1) Incursion by the Israeli government into the Syrian territory of al-Hamma in 1951
 (2) Invasion of Egypt by the Israeli government in 1956
 (3) In 1966, the Israeli government attacked Jordan's West Bank.
 (4) April 1967, Israeli government invaded Syria.
 (5) Surprise first strike by the israeli government against Egypt in June 1967 which started the Six-Day War.
 Yitzhak Rabin, who served as the Chief of the General Staff for Israel during the Six Day war stated:
 "I do not believe that Egypt wanted war" (end of quote ).

 In 1967, when the Israeli government had total control of the West Bank and Gaza,
 the Israeli government could have annexed the West Bank and Gaza and those Palestinians who did not accept Israeli citizenship or residency, would have been subject to deportation.

 Israeli Arabs (20% of the Israeli population ) have accepted Israeli citizenship.

 The period after 1967 ( when the Israeli government had full control of Gaza and the West Bank) was described by
 Jewish Israeli Professor Benny Morris as an "all-pervading element of humiliation", caused by
 the protracted occupation which Dr. Morris says was "always a brutal and mortifying experience for the occupied" and
 was "founded on brute force,
 repression and fear,
 collaboration and treachery,
 beatings and torture chambers, and
 daily intimidation, humiliation, and manipulation" (end of quote ).

 Jewish Israeli Professor Jeff Halper founded the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions.
 According to Professor Halper, since 1967, Israel demolished over 18,000 Palestinian homes, a process now routine, and nearly always for no security reason.
 Dr. Halper calls it "a national obsession, collective punishment, in defiance of international law that Israel disdains.
 For Palestinians, it's traumatic and devastating.
 It renders men powerless and emasculating for being unable to provide a family home" (end of quote).

 In 1967, why didn't the Israeli government annex both the West Bank and Gaza and give Christian/Muslim Palestinians full residency or citizenship rights ?

 because then the Israeli government would not have been able to do the following ethnic cleansing operations
 ( because the following would have been illegal if the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza were given full residency or citizenship rights after 1967) :

 extrajudicial assassinations of suspected militants,
 mass detentions without trials of suspected militants,
 forced migrations of non-militant civilians,
 forced relocations of non-militant civilians,
 forced deportations of non-militant civilians,
 confiscation of lands belonging to non-militant civilians,
 severely restricting non-militant civilians from building,
 severely restricting non-militant civilians from expanding agricultural lands,
 severely restricting college educated, non-militant civilians from finding work ( resulting in only one in eight college-educated non-militant Palestinians finding degree-related work) ,
 unrestricted Jewish settler migration into the West Bank and Gaza.

 Miko Peled is a Jewish Israeli who grew up in a well known Zionist family.
 Miko, whose father was an Israeli General, finally became an anti-Zionist activist when he realized that "Zionism is a racist, colonial idea" (end of quote).

 As long as the ethnic cleansing operations were not complete, the Likud Party of Israel stated the following in their 1999 charter :
“The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river" (end of quote ).

 684 Israeli combatants/officers from all units of the IDF have so far signed the January 2002 "Combat Troops' Letter" in which
 they declared their refusal "to fight... in order to
 dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people" (end of quote).

 Open a new window to watch the youtube videos below while you are reading the post and
 please repost this post at least once a day and tell your friends to do the same, thanks.

 B'TSELEM is a Israeli Human Rights Organization that was established by a group of prominent Israeli academics, attorneys, journalists, and Knesset members.

 Watch the B'TSELEM Youtube video titled :
 " Orthodox Jewish woman harasses Palestinian mother ",
 where a Palestinian family has to literally live in a cage and the children cannot play outside.

 Watch the Youtube video titled : " Kalandia - A Checkpoint Story ",
 its a video recorded by a Jewish woman about the kind of abusive and humiliating lives Palestinians go through in Israel.

 Another youtube video ( 2003 documentary film by Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir) titled :
 " Checkpoint - Israel Defence Forces Documentary ".

 One can imagine what happens when the camera is turned off and there are no jewish observers.
 Even in America, cops are known to beat up their own citizens when there are no cameras around, so one can imagine what happens to innocent palestinians who are considered as enemies by a minority of Israeli checkpoint guards.

 In a booklet published by Breaking the Silence, 30 Israeli soldiers who served in the West Bank have described the army's day-to-day actions with descriptions of
 verbal abuse,
 night-time arrests and
 injury" of children, who are handcuffed and blindfolded and
 denied recourse to lawyers, either on suspicions of stone-throwing or arrested in order to gather information on their relatives and neighbors.

 Jewish Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi shows his documentary " 5 Broken Cameras" to Israeli school children who are visibly affected by the brutality of Israeli soldiers.
 The israeli school children voice their concerns in the youtube video titled :
 ""Five Broken Cameras" screened to Israeli youth ".

 Also, Watch the free docudrama, " The Promise " on Hulu (not Hulu Plus), to see an accurate depiction of life in Israel from the viewpoints of both sides in this tragic conflict.

 Why is the Israeli government in the business of instigation ? so that
 the subsequent adverse reactions by a tiny number of palestinian militants will give the Israel government the excuse to not make peace through a comprehensive peace deal as outlined in Brian's blog ( link at the end of this post ).

While the Zionists were in the business of instigation ever since 1908,
 Hamas in 2004 promised a 10 year truce and using President Reagan's "trust but verify" program, we could have determined whether Hamas was following the truce agreement but
 as usual the Israeli government was not interested in the 10 year truce.

 We know that ethnic cleansing operations by Zionists is a much more powerful force than terrorism, by looking at the female life expectancy in Israel, compared to the UN designated Occupied Territories:
 Israeli female life expectancy : 83.49 years.
 Palestinian female life expectancy : 77.17 years.

Due to the oppression by the Israeli government,
 the Christians in Israel decreased from 21% in 1949 to 13% in 1990, and to less than 10% at the end of 1998 but
 in the Palestinian territories, Christian representatives constitute more than double their proportion in Palestinian society.
 This disproportional representation is a further indication of the Palestinian Authority's desire to allow the Christians a sense of security.
 Official Hamas statement in 2007: "(Hamas) would not allow anyone (in Gaza) to sabotage Muslim-Christian relations."

 Alex Awad, Dean of students at Bethlehem Bible College and Pastor of a Baptist Church in Jerusalem, says that in 34 years , almost all Christians have not been attacked, insulted or humiliated by Muslim neighbors. "That’s a very long time”, Pastor Awad says and
 Pastor Awad blames many persecution stories on Christians who seek sympathy and money from Christian Zionists in Western nations. “That’s sad,” he says.

 Today, the Israeli government subjects the Palestinian moms/dads to numerous humiliating and abusive checkpoints where kids see their parents being humiliated and abused by checkpoint guards and
 after seeing the regular humiliating treatment of their parents, a very tiny number of palestinian kids grow up to be terrorists.
 Would it be ok with you if you had to wait for hours to get through all the checkpoints in the West Bank ?
 In 2008, an Israeli soldier in command of a checkpoint outside Nablus was relieved from duty after he refused to allow a Palestinian woman in labor to pass through.

 Jewish Author Yehudit Kirstein-Keshet says the border crossings, checkpoints and closures demonstrates "Israel's imprisonment of an entire population in a web of closures and checkpoints".

 The US has an average of 10,000 gun murders every year, while over a 19 year period (1989-2008),
 the average annual deaths due to terrorist suicides in Israel was 47,
 does that mean since there are 212 times more murders in America due to mostly illegal guns (compared to suicide bombings in Israel ),
 we need 200 times more checkpoints in the US to check for illegal guns ? but
 even though the US has about 10,000 gun murders per year ( mostly by illegal guns) , we do not have checkpoints looking for illegal guns because
 checkpoints would mean collective punishment of the innocent.

 Since the Israeli government refused to have a comprehensive peace deal decades ago, Hamas came into existence in 1987, due to human nature.
 Its human nature to rebel against the aggressor (the Israeli government), as the Native Americans rebelled in horrific ways against the US government.

 In light of the 1988 report by the UN Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices,
 the UN condemned the Israeli government in 1989 for "war crimes and an affront to humanity".

 While the UN was condemning the Israeli government in 1989,
 Hamas carried out its first attack against Israel in 1989, abducting and killing two soldiers because
 in the Gaza Strip in 1988, once every two weeks a Palestinian child would suffer from a shot to the head due to the collateral actions by Israeli government personnel.

 Hamas was founded in 1987 in the midst of the Israeli government's hatred towards the Palestinians for not conforming to the Israeli government's colonial ambitions (details in the second half of this post ).
 Hamas returned the Israeli government's hatred by writing the Hamas Charter.
 The Hamas Charter welcomes good relations with Jews, but they want the Zionists out of power and Israel to cease to exist.
 According to Hamas Charter Article Thirty-One:
 "The Islamic Resistance Movement is a humanistic movement.
 It takes care of human rights and is guided by Islamic tolerance when dealing with the followers of other religions.
 Under the wing of Islam, it is possible for the followers of the three religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - to coexist in peace and quiet with each other.
 Islam prevents the incursion on other people's rights" (end of quote ).
 The other quotes from the Charter are in reference to the 7th century conflict between the Medina Muslims and the pro-Meccan Jews.

 When hatred meets with hatred, the resulting conclusion is that both the Israeli government and Hamas want the other side out of power.

 Does that mean the US government should not negotiate with Hamas ?
 Britain only recognized the existence of the US government, decades after 1776
 (The British even burned down our capital in the war of 1812) so similarly,
 Hamas will recognize Israel if the Israeli government makes a comprehensive peace deal with Hamas and the Hamas Charter of 1988 will become void.

 In fact, in 2010 Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal stated that the Charter is "a piece of history and no longer relevant".

 According to the 2010 Amnesty International Report:
" Israeli government often stopped international aid and humanitarian assistance from entering Gaza,
 Israeli government personnel targeted and killed Palestinian medical staff,
 used Palestinian civilians as "human shields",
 and indiscriminately fired white phosphorus over densely populated residential areas.
 Allegations of ill-treatment against Palestinian detainees continued and were rarely investigated.
 Hundreds of Palestinians were administratively detained without charge;
 others were serving sentences imposed after unfair military trials.
 Israeli government personnel and settlers who committed serious human rights abuses against Palestinians enjoyed virtual impunity.
 Permission to leave Gaza to receive medical treatment was denied or delayed for hundreds of seriously ill Palestinians and at least 28 individuals died while waiting for permission to travel ". (end of quote).

 Today, The Israeli government is in the business of instigation by carrying out extrajudicial assassinations,
 blockading Gaza [resulting in the health, nutrition and longevity of kids (45% of Gaza residents) being adversely affected ] and
 Gaza is subject to rolling blackouts and unhealthy water quality while the Israeli government controls Gaza's airspace, coastal sea and access to the West Bank,
 in order to make sure that the Gaza inhabitants rely on the Israeli government for all their basic necessities.
 A 40% increase in poverty among Gaza fishermen between 2008 and 2011 due to restrictions by the Israeli government on the Gaza fish industry, while
 the poor Gaza fishermen are subject to random firings from the Israeli government navy.
 There is no piped water going into Gaza homes because
 most of Gaza's groundwater is taken by Israel and
 in the West Bank,
 its called collective punishment,
 where Palestinians have two hours of running water per week due to jewish settlers and Israel using 80-85% of the groundwater,
 Palestinian students are not able to attend classes on time or miss classes altogether if the West Bank checkpoints are closed for days.
 Watch the Youtube video:
 " THEY WANT US TO BE SILENT - Checkpoints In the West Bank "
 and you will see how inconvenient, abusive and humiliating checkpoints in the west bank are,
even when Jewish observers are around.

 All major roads are basically off-limits to Palestinians, making it impossible to do normal business
 (constantly keeping Palestinians at an economic disadvantage) ,
 Amnesty international accuses the Israeli government of abusing and torturing palestinian prisoners,
 pervasive closures resulting in cutting off palestinians from their work,
 the slow annexation and confiscation of privately held palestinian lands through settlements and settlement expansions while
 the Israeli government keeps the palestinians in poverty by not allowing palestinians to expand and create settlements
 and the Israeli government prevents palestinians from expanding and creating agricultural lands.

 Watch the Youtube video titled :
 " Occupation 101 - the truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "
 where a Palestinian mother of several children had to move twice into tents from her homes because
the Israeli government wanted her family's productive agricultural lands for settlement expansion.
 The most desirable, privately held Palestinian lands in the West Bank are confiscated (without compensation ) under a 'military firing zone' classification, and then
 the Israeli government issues orders for the evacuation of Palestinians from the villages in that range, while allowing contiguous Jewish settlements to remain unaffected.

 The reason Native Americans committed terrorism against American settlers is because
 the US government never made a comprehensive peace deal with the Native Americans, till the Native American nations were reduced to nothing.
 So similarly, a tiny minority of the Palestinians resort to terrorism because
 the Israeli government has a stranglehold on the Palestinians through various collective punishment and ethnic cleansing methods.

 When humans perceive that certain actions are just, there is no outcry even though they are atrocities to others (example: the terror bombing of Japan by Truman ).

 Truman's terror bomb even resulted in nuns being burned alive when the bomb exploded right above a church in Nagasaki (Nagasaki was the center of Christianity in Japan ).

 Is collective punishment the right thing to do by either Hamas, the Israeli Government or Truman ?

 Is it right to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese kids because 400 Japanese pilots committed a crime on Pearl Harbor ?

 Is it right to punish innocent palestinian kids for what Hamas does ?
 Predictably today, the Israeli government is in the business of collective punishment of the innocent.

 The Gaza rocket squads ( who have killed 28 Israelis from 2001 through 7/18/14 ) are made up of members who have the same mentality as school shooters in the US
 ( remember, school shooters in the US have killed many more people compared to the Gaza rocket squads during the same time period ).

 School shooters in the US grow up feeling unloved by their  community and
in the case of the Gaza rocket squads, they grow up feeling unloved by the Israeli government when they see and experience the following :
 (1) Missile attacks from the Israeli government collaterally killing, horribly dismembering or maiming their kids or parents.
 Israeli Human Rights organization B'Tselem, states a ratio of civilians to targets of 1:1.44, meaning
 for every extrajudicial assassination of an accused militant, there is a collateral death of a civilian adult or kid
 (2) seeing the regular humiliations, strip searches and abuse faced by their parents and loved ones at border crossings.
 (3) Blockade of Gaza causing shortages of medical supplies and food, adversely affecting the health and longevity of kids who comprise 45% of the Gaza population.
 (4) Destruction of infrastructure (example: utilities and sewer systems) by the Israeli government causing very unhealthy and unsanitary conditions
 (5) not allowed to visit their mosque in Jerusalem
 (6) not allowed or severe restrictions in visiting other palestinians in the west bank.

 Instead of treating the Gazan rockets as a criminal act, the Israeli government chooses to see every rocket attack as an act of war instead of
 working with the Hamas authorities to bring the rocket squads to justice since Hamas had already promised in 2004 that they were ready for a 10 year truce.
 The 10 year truce would stipulate that Hamas and Israeli authorities would work together to make sure no rockets are fired from Gaza.

 The Israeli government knows that in every war, war crimes are committed by both sides ( example: US government personnel suffering from PTSD were involved in shooting unarmed Iraqi civilians ).

 Amnesty International, in the past, has accused Israeli government personnel of using Palestinians as human shields even though
 the Israeli government has adequate shielding using tanks, planes and other sophisticated hardware.

 So knowing for decades that Israeli government personnel are capable of using human shields and
 Hamas is capable of using human shields,
 why do you think the Israeli government has no problems going to war in Gaza knowing that
 45% of the residents in Gaza are kids under the age of 14 and potential human shields ?
 and why does the Israeli government not want to accept the 10 year truce offered by Hamas in 2004 which can be verified through President Reagan's "trust but verify" program ?
 and why does the Israeli government not meet Hamas request to stop the blockade of Gaza that is affecting the health and longevity of the kids in Gaza ?
 Because as long as the kids in Gaza are not related to the pro-war politicians in the Israeli government, the cease fire has come only after
 hundreds of children in Gaza have been collaterally killed.

 The present cycle of violence started in 2000 when (as usual) the Israeli government overreacted by killing stone throwing israeli-arabs in Jerusalem.
 The Israeli government does not overreact to stone throwing jewish settlers who throw stones at Palestinians.
 The Youtube video titled:
 " Settlers throw stones at woman and baby "
 shows Israeli soldiers not overreacting to Israeli settler's children throwing stones at a Palestinian woman carrying a baby.

 Stone throwers in America would have been subject to tasers, tear gas and shields but in the case of the Israeli government,
 the Israeli government has no problems using lethal force against stone throwers.

 Amnesty International stated that approximately 80% of the Palestinians killed during the first month of the 2000 Palestinian uprising were in demonstrations where
 Israeli security services lives were not in danger.

 Do you think pro-war politicians in the Israeli government will negotiate with terrorists if those terrorists are holding the loved ones of pro-war politicians as hostages ? or
 do you think the pro-war politicians will bomb the places in which the terrorists are holding their loved ones as hostages ? so
 the bottom line is,
 because pro-war Israeli politicians' children are not held as hostages or
 "human shields",
 the Israeli government does not care about the well being of the Palestinian children "hostages" or "human shields" in Gaza as seen in the youtube documentary titled
 " Blood and tears of Gaza ".

(2) The US government knew what its sanctions were doing to Iraq during the 1990s which in turn inflamed radical elements within the muslim community ( example: Al-Qaeda )

The first Gulf War in early 1991 involved massive aerial bombing of civilian infrastructure including

 power generation,

 water and sanitation plants,




and food stores.

In the words of UN Under Secretary General  Marrti Ahtisaari, Iraq had been ‘relegated to a pre-industrial age’.

During the years of punitive sanctions (1990 – 2003),

around 4000 children under the age of five were dying each month from respiratory diseases

and gastric problems related to

 malnutrition and unclean water supplies.

 The country suffered

deteriorating health services,

lack of  educational opportunity,

and collapsed infrastructure.

The US government on the  UN Sanctions Committee consistently vetoed the import of medicines,

 goods and spare parts vital to the survival of the civilian population.

 The UN Humanitarian Program for Iraq that was established in 1996, was set to fail.

 Hans Von Sponeck, one of the main co ordinators, who resigned in disgust in 2000, recently wrote:

“…the per capita value/ day of humanitarian goods actually benefitting Iraqis amounted to 51 US cents – a shameful reality for which the US & UK Governments were largely responsible.”:

The novel use of uranium metal in US government weapon systems in the 1990s in Iraq:

 created a further health crisis in the form of cancers,

severe congenital deformities

and immune system failure.

Iraqi children were particularly at risk:

Whenever pro-war politicians talk about our "national interests",

 they are almost always talking about the economic interests of their friends and supporters in the warfare complex and warfare corporations.

Pro-war politicians,

in order to keep the public in constant obedience and conformity to those economic interests,

will say soldiers are

"protecting our nation",

"serving our country",

"defending our nation"

"sacrificing on our behalf"


 actually those pro-war politicians are saying that those poor vulnerable soldiers are




 and sacrificing on behalf of those who profit from war,

resulting in a life of torment due to

what those soldiers see and experience during front line action.

President Bush knew the following before announcing the invasion of Iraq in 2003 :

By early 2003,

 the Iraqi population had been considerably weakened by over twelve years of bombing and sanctions.

 In a leaked UN document concerning the “ Integrated Humanitarian Contingency Plan for Iraq and Neighbouring Countries”, confidential draft, 7 January 2003, it was noted that:

“Under-five mortality rate in the Center and South of Iraq (136 per 1,000 live births) remains at 2.5 times the level recorded in 1990.

Half of the pregnant women are anaemic, and as a result, more than 30 percent of babies are born with low birth weight (compared to 5 per cent in 1990, making them much more vulnerable to death and under-development”

“The improvement in malnutrition rates since 1996 is highly fragile and depends on a continuing distribution of food and regular supply of potable water.

An estimated 4.2 million children under five and one million pregnant women are highly vulnerable.

 In the event of a crisis ( the war that President Bush wanted against Iraq in 2003 ) , 30 percent of children under 5 would be at risk of death from malnutrition”

“the basic health infrastructure is not fully restored and cannot be relied upon”:

Also, President Bush knew the following before announcing the invasion of Iraq in 2003 :

The US government has known ( at least since the civil war ) that soldiers suffer from PTSD from what they see and experience, especially on the front lines.

According to the HBO documentary "Wartorn", at least half of the patients at mental institutions after the Civil War were veterans.

A 2009 U.S. Army report indicates military veterans have double the suicide rate of non-veterans:

President Bush knew that  in 1999 alone,

an estimated 7300 veterans annually committed suicide

(20 veterans took their lives every day in 1999):

 and that all wars create PTSD

since the US government has known about PTSD ever since the civil war,

 when half of the patients in mental hospitals after the civil war were veterans (according to the HBO documentary "Wartorn" ).

Numerous soldiers have been known to ask, before they die,  why God is prolonging their suffering.

Is it because soldiers do not know that God does not

bless war since

 war is mostly about enriching those who profit from war ?

In the video below, watch at the 02:27:00 timeline where war correspondent Rick Atkinson describes  the prolonged suffering of soldiers before they finally die:

in spite of the above tragic facts, President Bush is seen smiling in this video,

right before he announced the invasion of Iraq: 

The "shock and awe":

that President Bush wanted to inflict on Iraq in 2003 traumatized the children of Iraq much more than the adults in Iraq.

70% of Iraqi children were found to be suffering from trauma-related symptoms due to

President Bush's "shock and awe" 2003 campaign against Iraq

and the horrendous conditions created after the invasion

Is it human nature for powerful men to smile before sending the poor and powerless deliberately into harm's way

but when harm comes their way or to their neighborhood,

that smile turns to tears as seen in this video of Saddam Hussein ( a once powerful man ) right before his execution :

 Would President Bush be smiling if missiles were flying towards Washington DC,  instead of flying towards Iraq ?

Iraq was full of little kids,

little kids in every war are victims of horrifying collateral damage.

 The smiling President Bush plunged us into two unnecessary wars costing up to $6 trillion dollars according to Harvard University's Linda Bilmes.

After the attacks on 9/11,

the Taliban were willing to negotiate

and even hand over Bin Laden, when caught (to a neutral country for trial) since

Bin Laden had fled to the mountains of Tora Bora:

But President Bush was not interested in

President Reagan's co-option program of

negotiating with dictators like Saddam Hussein

and so Bush did not negotiate with the Taliban but

was more interested in helping his friends and supporters in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions,

resulting in over 8000 veterans committing suicide annually :

 due to

the despair they feel being




maimed or

paralyzed and spoon-fed for life due to present and previous wars.

If a  2009 U.S. Army report indicates military veterans have double the suicide rate of non-veterans:

one can just imagine the tremendous increase in  the rate  of suicides among combat veterans compared to

 non-combat veterans.

Our poor soldiers who survive wars have a huge problem when they get home.
The government currently has nearly 900,000 (soldier/veteran ) claims backlogged in its system and an expected 1.3 million new claims to be filed by the end of 2012.
About 65% of the 900,000 claims have been pending for more than 125 days and have an accuracy rate of 84%.
In addition, there are 250,000 claims under appeal, with wait times as long as three years for adjudication:

The backlog in 2013 was 168 percent higher than in 2010:
The fact that pro-war politicians have no problems sending our poor soldiers deliberately into harm's way but
at the same time there is

a tremendous backlog of claims against the government by soldiers
shows that the primary interest of the government is looking after the profit agenda of the rich and powerful in the warfare complex and corporations.

Another indication that the US government is more interested in supporting the profit agenda of the warfare complex and corporations ( than the welfare of our soldiers )

can be seen in the abandonment of thousands of US soldiers who were POWs during WW2 who were

taken by the Soviets to cruel work/concentration camps in the Soviet Union: (Watch at the 49:30 timeline )

Do you think President Bush would have gone to war with Afghanistan or Iraq,

if President Bush's eligible children were drafted by law to go to the front lines of the two unnecessary wars ?

If President Bush was the President during the Cold War in which hundreds of thousands of American soldiers were

 either horrifying killed or




deformed or

paralyzed and spoon-fed for life due to

the direct and indirect actions of China and the Soviet Union in places like


 Vietnam etc

so would President Bush have gone to war with the Soviet Union during the Cold War  if

 he was the President during the Cold War ?

The answer is no because

  war with  the Soviets would be at the President's door if the Soviets launched nuclear ICBMs in retaliation

and no President would want a "tornado" in their neighborhood on a regular basis because

that is what would happen if war comes to the homeland plus

 the enormous cancer causing radiation clouds emitted by nuclear weapons.

In other words,

the US government will not go to war with an enemy that

has caused the horrifying deaths of over a hundred thousand American soldiers if

that enemy is capable of striking where the President and his family lives

because nobody wants to see the horror of war in their neighborhood on a regular basis because

war is like a enormous "tornado" that obliterates everything in its path,

so pro-war politicians will do everything within their power to make peace with the enemy if

that enemy is capable of striking that pro-war politician and his family.

 An easy way to prevent all wars is for two simple laws to be enacted :

(1) All pro-war politicians' eligible kids would be drafted to the front lines of any action.

(2) Instead of borrowing the money from China, all actions will have to be paid for by the American taxpayer within a year of the action taking place.

If the two simple laws above are enacted,

pro-war politicians will be "tripping over each other " trying to make peace with the enemy

because as it is now, pro-war politicians have no problems sending other peoples poor kids to the front lines but

would have a major problem if their own kids lives are at stack.

So the above two laws recommended is not a punitive measure but

its a way to save both the lives of the pro-war politicians' children and the lives of the children of the poor and powerless

because no war will ever happen if both the two laws above are enacted

but instead what will happen is a concerted effort to make peace and to resolve conflicts through diplomacy and other non-war efforts.

Why is it when 3000 Americans were killed on 9/11/01,

the US government was willing to spend trillions on the "war on terror"

but the same government is cutting back on cancer research funding :

even though

over a million Americans die from cancer alone every two years ?

Are the profits of the warfare complex and corporations more important than the lives of millions of Americans ?

Why cut back on cancer research funding when governmental funding has resulted in 15 out of 21 breakthroughs in medical research between 1965 through 1992 :

and Senator Coburn of Oklahoma who wants to save 9 trillion dollars over ten years in government spending,

praised the government for its medical research breakthroughs (Watch at the 02:29:00 timeline ) :

Also, the Pentagon is very much into helping its friends and supporters in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions since

many members of the Pentagon retire and join the warfare complex and corporations.

Generals from the Pentagon eventually cash in and move to become part of the defense contractor establishment:

70 percent of the 108 three-and-four star generals and admirals who retired during this time period took jobs with defense contractors or consultants:

The "Pentagon Papers" reveal how the Pentagon ( with help from Presidents) allows conflicts to flourish or instigates a conflict without telling the public
and by allowing conflicts to flourish or instigating a conflict in secret,
 the public does not question the Pentagon asking Congress to spend more on defense:

One must ask whether the so-called “War on Terror” is really about keeping us safe,

or as retired Lieutenant Colonel William Astore writes,

about feeding the “web of crony corporations, lobbyists, politicians and retired military types who

pass through Washington’s revolving door … engorged by

untold trillions devoted to a national security

and intelligence complex that dominates Washington.”

Also, since

the Pentagon cannot account for

trillions of hard earned tax dollars that have been

stolen and/or wasted,

the Pentagon is the primary driver of war or conflict since


only during a war or conflict is the scrutiny of the Pentagon at its lowest

and so

it can keep pushing off the financial audit which the Pentagon has never passed :

Despite the accountability clause of the Constitution, the General Accounting Act of 1921,

 and the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990,

the Pentagon has maintained itself in a state where it cannot be audited.

A short history of the corruption within the US government :


A Pentagon inspector general finds $2.3 trillion (five hundred thousand million times about five times that amount) in unsupported accounting entries on the Defense Department's books.


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declares that financial reform at the Pentagon is essential to national security.


Congress indefinitely suspends the requirement for annual audits of the Defense Department:

For the first three quarters of 2007,

$1.1 trillion in Army accounting entries hadn't been properly reviewed and substantiated,

according to the Department of Defense's inspector general.

In 2006, $258.2 billion of recorded withdrawals and payments from the Army's main account were unsupported.

It's as if the Army had submitted multibillion-dollar expense reports without any receipts:

The lobbyists from the warfare corporations and institutions will keep reminding Congress that

trillions of dollars of hard earned taxpayers money need to go to the warfare corporations and institutions

(even though no proper auditing of the money is taking place)

in order for the warfare corporations and institutions to keep financially supporting the re-election campaigns of Congress.

Using war/conflict as a means to enrich the warfare corporations  is well stated by

decorated US Major General Smedley Butler who
wrote a book in which he states war is a racket

and  vulnerable  and gullible US soldiers are actually not protecting our country

 but rather

protecting the bank accounts of the rich and powerful in the warfare complex and its associated corporations:

We know the US government will never go to war with China or Russia,

since war with China or Russia would be extremely expensive according to cost/benefit analysis,

but pro-war/conflict politicians still keep reminding us about how dangerous China and Russia are,

not because the US government wants to go to war with China or Russia but

the fear propaganda is to keep the American public in constant fear so that

pro-war/conflict politicians can get away with

directing hundreds of billions or even trillions of corporate welfare dollars to

 their friends and supporters in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions.

The list of enemies that pro-war/conflict politicians are willing to go to war with is now down to

Iran, Syria, North Korea and the latest enemy " worldwide jihadists",

even though  the late Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda organization and affiliates  ( the US government's latest  "enemy" )

have never mentioned "world wide jihad" in any of their "fatwas" or declarations :

The fatwas mention only expelling US government troops and its allies from muslims lands

 ( example : Saudi Arabia, the main reason for the attacks on 9/11/01, the stationing of  US government troops in Saudi Arabia )

But pro-war/conflict politicians know they need to justify spending up to 1.4 trillion dollars a year on the warfare complex, corporations and institutions

so they need to make the enemy seem like an existential threat or a world wide threat.

Why are a tiny minority of muslims wanting western troops out of muslim lands ?

The distrust of western governments can be traced back to

 when the British promised the Arabs independence from the Ottoman Turks with

 a country of their own:

and then the British betrayed the Arabs by allying with the French

who took over control from the muslims of most of the lands given up by the Ottomans in the Middle East.

Before the British control of  Palestine,

 the muslim Ottoman rulers of Palestine allowed Jews to migrate to Palestine in large numbers in the 1800s.

After the defeat of the Ottomans and without asking the permission of the Palestinians,

 both the muslim Arab royalty and the Zionists agreed to further mass immigration by Jews to Palestine

which in turn led to

a tiny minority of Palestinians resorting to rebel against the

 Arab Royalty- Zionist agreement commonly called the Faisal–Weizmann Agreement in 1919.

Do you think Americans would rebel if Mexicans were allowed to immigrate to the US en masse  with little restriction ?

Instead of having a referendum on Palestine,

 the UN chose to bypass the wishes of the people of Palestine,

creating two states instead of

 one state in which Jews and Palestinians could all live in peace as they did in the 1800s.

Even with a tiny minority of muslims distrusting western governments and zionists,

 the jihadi movement is mainly a local problem,

 limited to overthrowing tyrants in muslim lands.

So "global jihad", is an exaggerated existential threat that is spread by gullible supporters of pro-war politicians

and their financial supporters in the warfare complex,  corporations and institutions.

Even the super power Roman Empire and the Mongols were not able to

conquer the world since all powers are limited by

internal insurgencies and rebellions

while gullible people expect a

very tiny,

budget constrained,

 organization like Al-Qaeda and its affiliates to conquer the world ?

Its sad that

gullible people believe the "global jihad" propaganda spread by

gullible supporters of pro-war politicians

and their financial supporters and friends in the warfare corporations and institutions.

Even when Al-Qaeda was at the height of its power,

it could not conquer even an inch of American soil

and Al-Qaeda could not even take over Afghanistan as evidenced by

the Taliban wanting to help the US government track down Bin Laden after the attacks on 9/11/01.

Right after the attacks on 9/11/01, the Taliban stated :

"War is nothing but pain and death, blood does not wash blood, negotiations are a good path and we can discuss all issues including Osama":

But after the attacks on 9/11/01, the US government was not interested in

 President Reagan's co-option program of co-opting dictators like Saddam Hussein

so the US  government was not interested in negotiating with the Taliban but

was more interested in spending trillions of dollars of hard earned tax payers money to

benefit its friends and financial supporters in the warfare corporations and institutions on an unnecessary war.

After having spent trillions to  satisfy the profit agenda of the warfare complex and corporations,

the US government ended up spending millions to actually solve the problem,

as when Osama Bin Laden was tracked down in 2011.

So "global jihad" is just a sad exaggeration that is propagated by those who want to keep Americans in fear so that

the fearful American public does not question the

spending of unnecessary trillions of dollars of hard earned taxpayers money on

the friends and financial supporters of politicians in the warfare complex,  corporations and institutions.

Even when Jihadists do take over entire communities/countries, as in Gaza, Iran and Afghanistan,

they do not try conquering the world but

are rather more interested in maintaining theocracies in their own countries.

The more the western military intrusion into muslim countries,

 there is a tendency for

radicals within muslim majority countries to discriminate against minorities they suspect are

  allied with western allies whom radicals blame for

 the suffering of muslims in countries occupied by western forces or

the suffering of muslims under dictators allied to the west.

To solve human rights violations within muslim majority countries, please refer to the solutions section in Part 6.

There is nothing unique about violence in muslim countries, in fact:

The top 23 countries in the world for homicides are non-muslim countries :

In the 20th century alone,

over a hundred million people died due to

the wars and genocides waged by non-muslim nations like Germany, China and Russia.

Today, the Syrian government wants the rebels to unconditionally surrender since

 the rebels pose an existential threat to the Syrian government

and the Syrian government justifies the use of chemical weapons against civilians as a strategy to

get the rebels to unconditionally surrender.

Is the Syrian government following the strategic goals of President Truman ?

Even though the Japanese had no intention of either conquering Hawaii or

 the Continental United States,

President Truman fire bombed and atom bombed Japanese cities in order to

 achieve the strategic goal of the unconditional surrender of the Japanese even though

 the Japanese never posed an existential threat to the United States.

So the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons against civilians

 and President Truman's use of atoms bombs on

 defenseless Japanese cities full of

innocent kids and babies  resulted in

 the  burning alive  of hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese civilians, women, children and babies

which is

what governments do in order to achieve strategic goals.

Read in Part 2, how FDR/Truman could have avoided war with Japan instead of
catering to the profit agenda of the warfare complex and corporations.

So weapons in the hands of the Syrian government or

 in the hands of President Truman

are all weapons of terror,

whether they are tanks,

 drone missiles or

 chemical weapons ( as Syria is accused of using )

or atom bombs ( as Truman was accused of using )


 the people dying due to those weapons do not

know the difference between

being terrorized to death due to  a drone's missile or

 dying from a chemical/atomic weapon.





The reason most of the terrorists who are trying to attack the US are muslim or

 call themselves muslim is because

US government bombs are being used to cause collateral damage in muslim countries resulting in

the horrifying deaths of the innocent and so

terrorists are able to use recruiting propaganda to

 recruit the loved ones or friends of the innocent who died due to

collateral damage caused by either the US government or

 governments allied to the US government.

Anytime a group of people suffer the consequence of being bombed/attacked,

there is a tendency for a tiny minority within that population to be vulnerable to  PTSD

and then some of them resort to terrorism.

US government soldiers have also suffered from PTSD

and a tiny minority of US government soldiers do commit atrocities

and atrocities by US government soldiers suffering from PTSD have been occurring in the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries,

( non-comprehensive list of atrocities committed by US government personnel : )

ever since the US government began its

 imperial and cruel expansion across

 the North American continent,

 the Caribbean

and the Pacific,

right up to the Philippines,

committing atrocities against the natives of

North America,

the Caribbean

and the Pacific ( including the Philippines )

Examples of 20th and 21st century terrorism committed by US soldiers suffering from PTSD ( not a comprehensive list ) :

(1) Terror rapes on Japanese women :

there were 1,336 reported rapes during the first 10 days of the occupation of

Kanagawa prefecture that accused the US government's military personnel  of the crimes:

(2) Terror attacks on  civilians, women and children  in Korea :

(3) Terror attacks on  civilians, women and children in Vietnam :

(4) Timothy McVeigh, a US veteran of the gulf war suffered from PTSD before he

 took out his anger against the US government by

 bombing a government building in Oklahoma City in 1995 killing over  150 innocent civilians including 6 little children

(5) Terrorism committed by US government personnel in Iraq

(a) The Mahmudiyah "terror" killings of an innocent two year old girl, her parents


gang-rape and murder of an innocent 14-year-old girl by U.S.  government troops occurred on March 12, 2006:

(b) Iraqi civilians being shot without any provocation including innocent children in a van that you can clearly see being shot at :

Since war zones are considered free fire zones as designated by President Truman when

 he dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were full of innocent children and babies,

it should not come as a surprise if there are very few prosecutions of US government personnel committing war crimes : ( click on “toothed wheel” and adjust you tube resolution to 480p to see text clearly )

In this day and age of advanced forensic technology,

the US government’s prosecution of US government war criminals is dismal,

so one can imagine the US government’s prosecution of US government war criminals in previous decades being even more dismal when forensic technology was in its infancy.

The reason there is very little  organized terrorism from the KKK or white supremacists

( example : Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre by white supremacist Wade Page

and Norwegian massacre of children by white supremacist Anders Behring Breivik : )

 is because

those countries with the white supremacists or the  KKK (radical right wing groups) in them are not

being bombed or drone attacked on a regular basis as

 compared to the last decade in




which were being bombed on a regular basis

and so a very tiny minority of muslims who

see their loved ones being terrorized

and killed due to collateral damage done by  US bombs,

 take out their anger on

fellow citizens who they think are allied to

the US government or

they try to kill US government personnel.

Every time a weaker group is terrorized due to collateral damage or directly attacked,

a tiny minority in that group resort to terrorism as seen by

the terrorism committed by

Native Americans,

by African American slaves,

by the Irish,

the tamils in Ceylon

and muslims in


Phillipines etc.

Even though muslims feel that they are under attack,

 the Gallup poll showed that Muslim Americans are the staunchest opponents of military attacks on civilians,

compared with members of other major religious groups:

Even though during WW2, the American public were not affected by Japanese bombs in continental America

and also, the American public knew what the atom bombs did in Japan, burning alive hundreds of thousands of civilians, children and babies

and yet

85% of the American public thought it was "just" to drop the atom bombs on Japan ( according to Gallup ) :

so one can imagine what happens to

a muslim population subject to bombs and drone attacks causing collateral damage and the death of the innocent.

Even with recruiting propaganda in the muslim world,

trying to recruit the loved ones and friends of innocent muslims horrifyingly killed due to collateral damage (due to US government bombs)

the terrorists are only able to recruit very few terrorists to directly attack the US

because terrorists rather stay at home

and attack US government and allied troops stationed there

and that is another reason the so-called "global jihad" is an exaggerated existential threat.

For a discussion on the  history of terrorism, please read Part 2.

The last time muslims had a world power was in 1590, after which the empire declined over the centuries

and even at the height of their power in 1590, the muslims could not conquer all of Asia, Africa or Europe:

and today, none of the 50 muslim countries have world conquest on the agenda

and no muslim country is trying to conquer its neighbor,

so how do gullible people buy into the "global jihad" propaganda of

 pro-war politicians and their friends and supporters in the warfare corporations and institutions ?

when Al-Qaeda and its affiliates do not

have the budget or

 the manpower or

 the equipment to conquer the world.

What makes gullible people think that Al-Qaeda and its affiliates can conquer the world when

 muslim empires in history have not even come close to conquering the world,

in fact, history has shown the muslims were disunited almost from the very beginning in the 7th century :

so do gullible people expect sudden muslim unity in the 21st century for some kind of territorial expansion ?

Judaism does command violence in the form of genocide in Deuteronomy 20:16 but

that does not mean most Jews condone genocide since

 there are enough verses in the Jewish bible that do talk about pacifism.

Christianity talks about pacifism but

 that does not mean most Christians will not join the military

because there are right wing Christians who believe that Jesus was pro-war even though

Jesus told the Jews to be Peacemakers (Matt 5:9) and not to defend Jerusalem (Luke 21:20-21).

Islam talks about Jihad or self-defense but

that does not mean most muslims will join their country’s military to defend their country against an invasion

since there are enough pacifist verses in the Koran for muslims to not be jihadists.

Most people of every faith can find enough verses in their religious texts to either be liberal or conservative

and that is why many sufi muslim sects can be completely pacifists:

As for violent jihad,

the US government helped violent jihadists oust the Soviets from Afghanistan.

Al-Qaeda was formed as a jihad organization due to the instigation policies of the Soviets in Afghanistan,

so it is clear that the formation of Al-Qaeda was due to the occupation of muslims lands by a foreign military,

in other words, the actions of Al-Qaeda seem to be following Al-Qaeda's fatwas of wanting western troops out of muslim lands.

Here is a video of a muslim fundamentalist voicing the demands of the terrorists :

probably because fundamentalist muslims see that the west is interfering with their goal of

establishing sharia laws in muslim countries;

after all, they do see sharia as a better alternative to

western laws as evidenced by the number of  homicides being much less in

sharia compliant countries .

Saudi Arabia which has the strictest sharia laws has five times less homicides than the US :

So even though fundamentalist muslims are pushing for Sharia, there are numerous muslim countries that prefer secular laws :

One can conclude that even though Islam is 600 years behind Christianity

( today, Islam is equivalent to 14th century Christianity,  strictly on a timeline basis ) ,
since Islam started only in the 7th century,
Islam has liberalized at a much faster rate compared to "Christian" nations
( example: when democratic muslim majority countries achieve independence,
they allow everybody to vote compared to
the same timeline when the "christian" US government achieved independence, it only allowed white landowners to vote ).
We know the goal of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates is to
curb the liberalization of Islam since
they see that Sharia law is superior to western laws as can be seen in
the low level of homicides in Sharia compliant countries like Saudi Arabia.

In the light of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates wanting to establish Sharia in muslim countries,
 ( following certain aspects of 14th century Christianity since
 Islam started in the 7th century
and according to the timeline is 600 years behind Christianity )
are the demands of the terrorists reasonable when it comes to calling for western troops to leave muslim lands ?

Will terrorists follow the western troops back to the homeland of the western troops when

 the western troops leave muslim lands ?

There is evidence that terrorists do follow their own fatwas or declarations:

When the Soviets gave into the demands of the Afghan terrorists

 and withdrew Soviet troops from Afghanistan,

 the Afghan terrorists did not follow the Soviet troops back to the Soviet Union.

When President Reagan gave into the demands of

 the Lebanese terrorists and withdrew US troops from Lebanon,

the Lebanese terrorists did not follow US troops back to the US.

When President Clinton gave into the demands of

the Somali terrorists and withdrew US troops from Somalia,

 the Somali terrorists did not follow US troops back to the US.

When President Bush gave into the demands of Bin Laden and Saudi terrorists

 and withdrew US troops from Saudi Arabia ( in 2003) ,

Saudi terrorists did not follow US troops back to the US.

When Spain gave into the demands of the Iraqi terrorists

and withdrew Spanish troops from Iraq in 2004,

Iraqi terrorists did not follow Spanish troops back to Spain.

So one can imagine, the "war on terror" will completely end  if

all US government troops and allies left muslim lands,

 terrorists will not be following US government troops and their allies back to their homeland.

Off course we need a comprehensive peace plan,

 so please refer to the peace plan in the solutions section in Part 6.

So, the simple solution to ending the "war on terror" is to follow the Swiss model that does not instigate terrorists

because the Swiss make sure they are not using their military to occupy or

 invade/drone attack  muslim lands,

because invasions or drone attacks always  cause collateral damage and the collateral deaths of innocent muslims

which further instigates the terrorists,

but sadly, the US government is instigating terrorists through

short-sighted, profit driven policies instead of following the Swiss "non-instigation"  model.

For the rest of the solutions resulting in world peace, read the solutions section in Part 6.

Compared to Jihadists,

the US government does have a world wide military empire which is totally unnecessary

and will ultimately result in the financial bankruptcy of the US government in the next 10-20 years when

the interest on the debt alone will exceed a trillion dollars a year.

Jesus never once criticized the terrorist Romans

but rather Jesus was highly critical of the Jewish leadership.

Why is that ?

Because according to the bible, the more a person is given, the more is required of that person.

In other words, the Jewish leadership were to be an example of virtue and justice and they were not, according to Jesus.

If those who are supposed to be just, are not just

what is the point of criticizing the unjust ?

Off course Jesus was talking at the spiritual level

because at the spiritual level, the terrorist Romans could kill the body but

could not kill the soul

while the Jewish leadership, through their disobedience to God,

led the Jewish people astray

and thus the Jewish leadership were responsible for the killing of the jewish soul

and the salvation of the Jewish soul was more important to Jesus than

the destruction of the body due to the terrorist Romans.

So is what Jesus said, relevant at the secular level ?

Yes it is .

The US government, just like the Jewish leadership, is responsible for the well being of the people

and yet the US government is more interested in advancing its own selfish interests than the interests of the average American.

The US government which is the most powerful in the world, needs to look at itself first

and correct its unjust policies

and then the US government will be in a position of

being justified in correcting those who are unjust.

In times of war, the US government has been known to terrorize civilians through indiscriminate bombing

  ( example : US General Curtis LeMay

 was comfortable talking on behalf of the US government when

 he said the US government literally killed off 20% of

the population of North Korea through

 indiscriminate bombing during the Korean War  : )

In criticizing our government,

 we are actually following Jesus when He criticized the Jewish leadership rather than

 spending His time criticizing the terrorist Romans.

Why spend our time criticizing the US government ?

Because the US government is in a much better position to change for the better

and in changing,

 the enemies that were created by the US government will inevitably change too, for the better.








Most Americans criticize the US government for its incompetence and/or corruption,

so is it unusual for us to criticize the US government's

 corporate welfare for the friends and supporters of the government in the warfare complex and corporations ?

Corporate welfare, which is cleverly disguised as "defense" or "security".

So please do not think this community blog is about being part of the "blame America first" crowd

but rather we want the US government to be admired around the world

and the solutions in part 6, if followed, will result in

a US government that is admired around the world

and becoming the first government in human history that is truly just.

As it is right now,

 America is admired around the world but

not the US government.

So keep in mind throughout this 7 part community blog that

 pro-war/conflict politicians want to be re-elected,

 so the best way to get elected  is to

keep their friends and supporters in the warfare complex, corporations and institutions happy

 and the way to do that is to keep the American public in constant fear by

reminding the American public of  "existential threats",

 so the gullible American public will not question the

spending of up to 1.4 trillion dollars a year of

hard earned taxpayers money on the

 warfare complex, corporations and institutions

which sadly will result in the bankruptcy of the US government in the next 10 to 20 years when the interest on the debt alone will exceed a trillion dollars a year

which will result in a dramatic decrease in the standards of health and well being of the American people.


A SHORT HISTORY OF TERRORISM!/2013/05/continuation-of-prologue-to-part-one.html


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