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Are terrorists the only ones who celebrate a bombing ?

Watch the following video :

Did you notice in the above video,  the words " it was awesome " coming from the person who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima that burned alive 80,000 men, women, children and babies ?

One of the US pilots who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima stated that he was not thinking of the people who "died" which meant being  burned alive  or got "hurt" which meant being  maimed or suffering for life but rather

 he was thinking of the those who did not have to die or get hurt.

The above thinking is the same way all terrorists think and that is  

they do not think about the people they kill or hurt but rather those that they save

 in other words, by ending a war through brutal means,

 people do get saved due to its ending.

Notice in the following 8/2/11 gallup poll, since 

Mormons are still in their fundamental stage of their 

development, they are the most pro-terrorist and Jews 

are the most evolved ( of the non-muslim religions )  

since their religion is the oldest.

Gallup asked whether targeting civilians was justified 

and here are the results :

Muslims : 21% said it was sometimes justified

No religious affiliation : 43%

Jews : 52 %

Christians : 58% 

Mormons : 64%

Nobody relishes the death of children, not even the defense contractors but sadly the defense contractors can only see the profits and are either unwilling or unable to see the horrendous  suffering of the kids in Gaza.

There are no heroes in any war on either side because as you recall from the movies, the hero never causes the collateral death of kids whether those kids are used as human shields or not but sadly in the past, Amnesty International has accused both Hamas and the Israeli government of war crimes so predictably there will not be any heroes in this war either.

Terrorism is not to just create terror as its purpose but rather to create a political outcome by using terror as a tool,
for example Truman terrorized Hiroshima, Nagasaki and fire bombed dozens of Japanese cities, not for only the purpose of just creating terror but to use terror as a tool to create a political outcome because the Japanese government wanted a conditional surrender since the Japanese government did not want their homeland to be occupied by the US government.

Lets assume the roles were reversed and the Japanese government was afraid to invade the US due to all Americans having guns and so the Japanese government chose to use their atomic bombs on your city in the US for an unconditional surrender, do you think US pro-war politicians would agree with the Japanese government's decision to drop atomic bombs on US cities ?

We know that Truman was conducting terrorism on an industrial scale by telling the Japanese that since they killed our soldiers, Truman had the right to burn alive all Japanese children in order to get an unconditional surrender.
Truman's terror bomb even resulted in nuns being burned alive when the bomb exploded right above a church in Nagasaki (Nagasaki was the center of Christianity in Japan ).
 The history of terrorism in the US started with Native Americans terrorizing colonists and brutally killing women and children because the US government took most of the Indian lands.
Where was the outcry among Americans when Truman dropped the atom bombs and fire bombs and burned alive hundreds of thousands of  innocent civilian men, women, children and babies.
Where was the outcry among Native Americans when Native Americans massacred settlers children  or among Blacks when Black slaves massacred the children of their masters
Where was the outcry among Jews in biblical times,  when the Jewish military in Deuteronomy committed the genocide of non-jewish civilian men, women, children and babies ?
 When humans perceive that certain actions are just, there is no outcry even though they are atrocities to others.
Terrorism by Native Americans lasted almost 300 years from 1622 through 1911.
 Here is one American historian's narrative in 1832 on terrorism committed by Native Americans on civilian settlers: "The men and children were chopped to pieces," wrote historian Kerry Trask, "and the dead women were hung up by their feet and their bodies mutilated in ways too gruesome for contemporary observers to record in writing. " (end of quote )
 In describing the terrorism caused by Native Americans, Virginia’s Reverend Mr. Samuel Davies persuaded his parishioners that the Indians were bloody barbarians (terrorists) who murdered (American) children in their beds. “See Yonder!” he preached from his Hanover County pulpit, “the hairy scalps clotted with gore! The mangled limbs! (American) Women ripped up! See the savages swilling their blood. These are not men nor beasts of prey. They must be infernal furies in human shape.” (end of quote).

The video link below shows at least two men who are smiling,

not realizing that the collateral actions on their part would result in

children and babies being terrorized before they die horrifying deaths or

children and babies being terrorized as they are




deformed or

paralyzed for life,

ruining any chances of marriage or having kids or

a happy,

depression free

and pain free life:

What do terrorists and the two men in the above video have in common ?

Both the terrorists and the two men in the video do not realize that their actions will result in children and babies being terrorized and killed and why do they not realize that ?

its because to them, strategic goals are more important than any collateral deaths resulting from their actions.

Truman stated the atom bomb was dropped on a military base ( Hiroshima ) ,

in other words,

Truman could only see the strategic objective

and he was not able or

was not willing to see

the poor,

the handicapped,

the destitute,

the elderly,

the children and babies who were burned alive due to the atom bomb.

Quote from George Orwell : “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind”.

Similarly, terrorists are not able or willing to see their victims but are only able to see their strategic objectives in carrying out suicide missions but sadly,

all the non-state

terrorism in all of history pales in comparison to the hundreds of millions of civilians, children and babies who have been collaterally killed due to state terrorism conducted by the state governments of China, the Soviet Union and the US.

Just as terrorists do not care about the safety and wellbeing of the innocent,

 the US government has shown it does not care about the safety and the wellbeing of the innocent, especially in war zones :

The U.S. government's use of the chemical weapon, agent orange in Vietnam resulted in 400,000 people killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of its use.

Red Cross of Vietnam estimates that up to 1 million people are disabled or have health problems due to Agent Orange.
Another indication that the US government, just as terrorists, does not care about civilian populations in war zones can be seen by the extensive use of nuclear materials in ammunition.

During the gulf war , extensive use of depleted uranium resulted in a sharp increase in the incidence of child leukemia and genetic malformation among babies born in the decade following the Gulf War.

In a three week period of conflict in Iraq during 2003, it was estimated over 1000 tons of depleted uranium munitions were used mostly in cities.

The U.S. Department of Defense studies using cultured cells and laboratory rodents continue to suggest the possibility of leukemogenic, genetic, reproductive, and neurological effects from chronic exposure to depleted uranium.

The fact that Belgium has banned the use of depleted uranium shows that at least one country has the conscience to care about children and babies in war zones where radioactivity from ammunition is clearly present

while governments such as in the US, Israel, Britain and France (who do not care about the well being of children and babies in war zones ) have voted against restricting the use of depleted uranium.

A year ago, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published an epidemiological study, “Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005-2009,” which found that the Iraqi city, shattered by two U.S. invasions in 2004, is experiencing higher rates of cancer, leukemia and infant mortality than Hiroshima and Nagasaki did in 1945. Birth defects abound.

In this video :

the narrator says that just one depleted uranium shell emits 1,000 times the normal radiation in the atmosphere

and knowing this, the US government still keeps using depleted uranium shells, not caring about the long term health risks posed to children and babies in war zones

and just as terrorists think, the US government is more concerned about its strategic goals than the long term health and well being of children and babies in war zones .

Another example of the US government not caring about the welfare of civilians and children in war zones can be seen in the use of cluster bombs that are

known to not explode and

millions of the cluster bombs do not explode

and are subject to children picking them up due to being mistaken for colorful toys

and yet the US government chose to use millions of cluster bombs in Vietnam,

once again showing the US government's disregard for the well being of innocent civilians and children :

WHAT ARE OTHER EXAMPLES OF TERRORISM ( the punishment of the innocent for the wrongs committed by others ) :

(1) The US government allowed slaves on slave ships to be terrorized.

 Some slaves chose to jump overboard while chained rather than endure the torture of  being in claustrophobic conditions in the bowels of the ship:

(2) The US government terrorized and massacred native American women, children and babies :

(3) Terrorism committed by the US government in the Philippines was viewed by some as a genocide.

In November 1901, the Manila correspondent of the Philadelphia Ledger reported:

"The present war is ..... to exterminate men, women, children, .....the idea prevailing that the Filipino as such was little better than a dog...."

(4) US soldiers were terrorized to death by the US government when the US government knew that the actions of the US government will result in US soldiers being terrorized to death.

More than 20,000 Allied POW's died at sea,

most of them when the transport ships carrying them were attacked by U.S. submarines and aircraft.

Although Allied headquarters often knew of the presence of US POW's aboard vessels targeted for attack through radio interception and code breaking,

the general US government policy was to sink the ships anyway ( with US soldiers inside them ) ,

evidently on the basis that the interdiction of critical strategic materials was more important in the long run than the deaths of US prisoners-of-war:

Other examples of terrorism ( the punishment of the innocent for the wrongs done by others ):

(5) Perceived injustice is what caused the bloody LA riots in 1992 in which collective punishment was the result of wrongs done by a few.

(6) The American mob took out their anger on British civilians/American loyalists by terrorizing and torturing ( tarring ) the British civilians/American loyalists over a tiny tea tax by the British Monarch:

(7) In recent years, in America, the Texas government punished the entire YFZ commune for the alleged crimes of a few individuals.

(8) Carpet bombing of civilian areas during WW2 in Dresden and other wars knowing that the carpet bombing will guarantee the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians, children and babies

(9) Another form of terror is based on relationships or stranger encounters in peaceful America;

the unimaginable terror faced by children and women in America perpetrated by

 adult men, in which

the innocent are raped, abused ,  maimed or horrifyingly killed due to adult men feeling  betrayed or disrespected in some way or due to being  sexual predators. 

(10) Even though Japan did not interfere with the US government's imperial expansion across the Northern American continent, the Caribbean and the Pacific

even when reports were received in Japan about

the US government's allowing cruelty towards African-Americans,

massacres against Native Americans

and atrocities committed against the Filipinos during the US government's occupation of the Philippines,

Even though FDR's ally, the communist Stalin

and also FDR's left-leaning nationalist Chinese ally, Chiang Kai-Shek were killing tens of millions of civilians.

Rummel estimates that FDR's ally,  Chiang Kai-Shek alone committed a total of 10,214,000 democides from 1921 to 1948:

Even though the US government started the war with Japan through

massive U.S. supplies, arms, fuel and 10,000 tons per month of supplies going to the Chinese mililtary against Japan during 1940 :

Even though the Japanese were defeated as early as May of 1942

( that is, the Japanese were already defeated three full years before the atom bomb was dropped above a church in Nagasaki ):

and after May 1942 the Japanese were mainly fighting a defensive war,

not being able to take back territory lost to the allies,

leading to Tojo's resignation in July of 1944

and the Japanese finally giving the Russians concessions

with the hope that the Russians would broker a peace deal with the US government

(while the US government  was allied with the mass murdering Stalin : 

and the US government's mass murdering Chinese ally Chiang Kai-Shek ),

but FDR/Truman were not interested in a cease fire or a negotiated peace settlement but

rather FDR/Truman were only interested in unconditional surrender or the utter destruction of Japan

Which resulted in the
 unimaginable terror of targeting civilians and collective punishment can be been seen in the atom bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ( right above a church )

and the fire bombings of scores of Japanese cities where

hundreds of thousands of women, children and babies were deliberately burned alive for the

wrongs done by a few in the Japanese government in Tokyo.

To this day,

the US government has not apologized to the residents of Nagasaki or Hiroshima showing that

the US government is not willing to abandon the use of nuclear "terror" weapons.

Even though Truman was warned in the Warren Report that radiation from the trinity test on July 16,1945 prompted scientists to warn an atom bomb should not be exploded within 150 miles of civilians:

Truman decided to explode the atom bombs on militarily insignificant cities

and we know that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not significant military targets because

they were not the target of earlier fire bombings that were used to destroy scores of other Japanese cities

and Truman also decided to explode the atom bombs above the cities

and not explode the atom bombs on the ground because

a ground explosion would not have caused as much damage as an aerial explosion

and by exploding the atom bombs above the cities,

Truman decided to kill as many people as possible and create as much damage as possible.

Its sad that the US government did not think about the plight of hundreds of thousands of Japanese children and babies, including the nuns in the Nagasaki church above which the bomb exploded;

But that is the mark of terrorism;

terrorists are blinded to the plight of the people and are only concerned about their political goals ( the crushing of the enemy )

and in the case of state terrorists, their added motivation is to financially help their supporters in the warfare corporations and institutions.

The US government could have been  Peacemaker between Japan and China

and if the US government had been a Peacemaker,

the Pearl Harbor attacks would never have happened since

the US government would never have helped the Chinese military against Japan.

Instead of adopting the non-military, non-interventionist policies of Switzerland where the Swiss live and sleep in peace from religious terrorism,

the bloody interventions by the US government during World War One and throughout the 20th century in the middle east, finally led to the attacks on 9/11/01.

What is state terrorism ?

State terrorism is the terror that civilians experience when the state government conducts operations either in civilian areas or near civilian areas with no regard for

the safety of those civilians because

the primary goal is the crushing of the enemy

and that is why state governments keep saying that they do not target civilians because

since their primary objective is the crushing of the enemy, all the civilian casualties are considered collateral damage

but to the civilians collaterally dying "under fire" from state governments, their experience is just as terrorizing as a bomb from a terrorist.

An example of state terrorism is the atom bomb exploding above a church in Nagasaki

where the primary objective was not to vaporize the nuns or burning alive thousands of children and babies near the church

but rather if the enemy was in the city of Nagasaki, the crushing of the enemy was the primary objective

and the tens of thousands of civilians burned alive were considered "collateral damage"

but to the citizens of Nagasaki, there is really no difference between "collateral damage" and "state terrorism"

because their experience of terror due to "collateral damage " was no different than if a non-state terrorist had killed them with a "suicide vest".

The question we have to ask state governments is,

" if collateral damage is not a serious issue since

governments have no problems going to war, especially when

the cost/benefit analysis points to a profitable war for the government's friends in the warfare corporations and institutions, then why

has war led to the collateral deaths of hundreds of thousands and even tens of millions of civilians, women, children and babies in the 20th century alone

compared to

non-state terrorists who have killed in the tens of thousands, at the most ? "


Why is the record of "collateral damage" and the collateral deaths of millions or tens of millions of civilians, women, children and babies in the 20th century

so much worse than the record of non-state terrorists ?

unless the answer is that the collateral damage and the collateral deaths of the innocent due to the collateral actions of state governments is

indeed worse than non-state terrorism in terms of the sheer numbers alone.

The US government is not willing to abandon "state terrorism" as can be seen in the immense stockpile of nuclear "terror" weapons today.

The very presence of the US government's nuclear submarines that have the sole purpose of launching nuclear missiles shows that

the US government has in its arsenal " pure weapons of terror" that have the only purpose of vaporizing and terrorizing entire cities

in which if one of the US government's nuclear "terror" weapons explodes above any city,

hundreds of thousands of civilians, women, children and babies would be burned alive.

To this day, the US government has not apologized to the residents of Nagasaki or Hiroshima showing that

the US government is not willing to abandon the use of nuclear "terror" weapons.

Just as non-state terrorists keep telling us,

the US government is telling other countries that

if they kill our children with a nuclear weapon,

the US government has the right to

kill all their children with nuclear weapons

which is the very definition of terrorism

because terrorists tell us, if the US government kills their children, they have the right to kill our children,

with the only difference that

non-state terrorists kill by the hundreds or even thousands but

state terrorism by the US government ( at least in the past ) has killed by the hundreds of thousands.

The US government does not directly target civilians but

the rules of engagement as adopted by the US government amounts to "state terrorism" because

anybody unarmed who is in a war zone is subject to be executed for just being in a war zone

and the definition of "war zone" can be an entire country

and that is the reason Truman got away with dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshima and dropping a bomb above a church in Nagasaki

( vaporizing the nuns and burning alive thousands of children and babies nearby )


Hiroshima/Nagasaki was part of the war zone.

Yes, the US government will say that they do not target civilians but

the record shows that actions by the US government clearly shows that

the US government knows that its actions will guarantee the death of at least thousands of civilians in any war.

There has never been a US government sponsored war in which

civilians have not died by the thousands or even by the millions

and all due to the direct and indirect actions of the US government .

It is true that the US government is morally superior to terrorists because

it does not target civilians directly but

what is the point of being morally superior when the record shows that millions of people have died due to the collateral actions of the US government compared to

the thousands of people dying at the hands of non-state terrorists.

The US government’s war machine is geared for mass civilian casualties due to

the very nature of its “terror” weapons that fire at great distances with terrorizing power

not knowing exactly who they are firing at

and that is the reason the US government is the cause of millions of collateral deaths among civilians over the centuries since the founding our nation in 1776.

Terrorists do not look at their own actions which do result in the deliberate killing of civilians and just as the US government,

the terrorists do not think about the consequences of their actions since strategic goals are the goal and the safety of civilians are not a top priority.

Referring to the video below, a US government spokesman says “ No innocent civilians were killed on our part deliberately.

We took great pains to prevent that.

I know ….children were hurt and we did everything we could to help them. I don’t know how the children were hurt” - Major Brent Cummings ( US Army ).

The above statement was made because

the goal of the US government is strategic ( the crushing of the enemy ) and the well being of unarmed civilians is not a priority,

just as the terrorists are more interested in their strategic goals than the well being of civilians.

But seeing the events in the video mentioned by Major Brent Cummings above,

you will see many unarmed civilians being gunned down in broad daylight including the children who can be clearly seen in the van

( watch at the 16:00 timeline in the video link below where the children can be clearly seen in the van ):

The above classified video was leaked to the public and this is the reality of war because

the inhumanity of the horror that people call war turns regular human beings into less than human or terrorists.

While non-state terrorists purposely kill civilians by the hundreds or even thousands

state governments use the words "collateral damage" and kill by the tens of thousands or even millions.


Who, after all, writes the laws of war?

Just as the regulations that govern the pharmaceutical and airline industries are often gamed by

large corporations with their phalanxes of lobbyists,


the laws of war are also vulnerable to “regulatory capture” by

the great powers under their supposed rule.

Keep in mind, for instance, that the Pentagon employs 10,000 lawyers and that its junior partner in foreign policy making, the State Department, has a few hundred more.

Should we be surprised if in-house lawyers can sort out “legal” ways not to let those laws of war get in the way of the global ambitions of a superpower?

A quote from Bradley Manning who is in prison for leaking classified documents:

The young private saw very clearly what so many professors and generals take pains to deny:

"that the primary function of the laws of war is not to restrain violence, but to justify it, often with the greatest lawyerly ingenuity."

We do not think the US government was wanting to deliberately burn alive japanese children for the sake of killing children by using the atom bomb in August of 1945


rather "state terrorism" is used to achieve political goals, in this case the unconditional surrender of the Japanese government.

The US government only asks for an unconditional surrender when

the enemy is weak as Japan or Iraq was

but when the enemy is powerful or

has nuclear weapons,

the US government settles for a cease fire as happened with Britain ( Revolutionary War) , Spain, Mexico, Vietnam, China ( Korean War) the Soviet Union ( Cold War ) and North Korea.

FDR purposely overlooked the atrocities of Stalin who killed by the tens of millions and one example is the massacre committed by the Soviets on 22,000 polish people:


FDR/Truman's crushing of Japan enabled communism to expand in Asia resulting in

hundreds of thousands of US soldiers either dying horrifying deaths or

being maimed,



blinded or

paralyzed for life during the cold war in

Vietnam, Korea and other places.

Instead of accepting a cease fire or calling for a cease fire, the US government chose to destroy Japan in 1945.

The US government's short sighted and profit driven foreign policy has only benefited the profit agenda of the warfare corporations and institutions over the centuries.

The profit driven policies on behalf of the warfare corporations and institutions and the short sighted policies of Wilson in defeating Germany during WW1

and the short sighted policies of FDR/Truman in destroying Japan during WW2

assured the expansion of both nazism and communism in Europe after WW1 and the expansion of communism in Asia and Europe after WW2

which led to over 100 million dying under nazism and communism

and the eventual extremely expensive and unnecessary bloody Cold War,

thanks to the short sighted profit driven policies of Wilson during World War One

and the short sighted, profit driven policies of FDR and Truman during World War Two

that satisfied the profit agenda of Wilson/FDR/Truman supporters in the warfare corporations and institutions.

Terrorism arising from foreign forces occupying or taking native lands can also be seen here in America where

 Native Americans resorted to terrorism when massacres against Native Americans occurred while their lands were taken or occupied by the American colonists.

Reasons to kill have a lot to do with “just war”, just as 85% of the American public thought it was “just” to drop atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

showing that war brings out the worst in people

and if war can bring out the worst in the American public that was hardly affected by Japanese bombs,

can you imagine the effect war has on a muslim population under fire from US bombs ?

The fact that the US government is not willing to apologize for the horrific terrorist nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

and the terrorist fire bombing of Japan shows that the US government is still willing to terrorize, burn alive and torture civilians, just as terrorists do, in order to further its strategic goals.

Here is one of numerous examples of a minority of Americans terrorizing and killing children in peaceful America:

On 6/19/10, Jimmy Schlager, 56, arrived at the Del Taco restaurant in San Bernardino on a bike at about 1 p.m. Saturday, walked over to a table and fired several shots at his 29-year-old stepdaughter, her 33-year-old husband, and their sons, ages 5 and 6, San Bernardino police Lt. Jarrod Burguan said.

The above is an example of numerous cases in the US in which “loving” fathers in our non-war zone and trauma-less America

who have nonetheless terrorized,


and killed their own children or

 pregnant wives,

either through





stabbings or


so is it surprising that in Iraq or Afghanistan today,

in the trauma of a war zone,

 where numerous victims see their loved ones being

 horrifyingly killed or




 paralyzed or


and spoon-fed for life due to

 either US bombings or

 sectarian violence,

that those victims are vulnerable to Al-Qaeda’s propaganda that is able to

 influence the victims to take revenge

 and kill Muslims allied with the US or

 collaterally/accidentally kill Muslim children in the process of attacking US forces or

 Shia militias ?

When a foreign power occupies another country or

when separatist movements reject the government,

it tends to result in terrorism,

as was seen by the torture that many loyalist Americans/British went through by

being tarred ( boiling tar being poured on them) because

 they were seen as loyal to the occupying British forces by the American rebels.

So terrorism can be the result of being in a war zone

and its either terrorism from the occupying force through collateral actions or

the terrorism of the rebels against those loyal to the occupying force.

The fact that 100,000 Americans ,

 who were loyal to Britain,

fled from the US,

shows the terror they faced,

 not only from being tarred or

properties confiscated but

being lynched to death:

Its extremely hard for Muslims to hate to the point of wanting to commit murder,

 even when UN reports of infant and child death rates in muslim Iraq were attributed to

 sanctions against Iraq by the US in the 90s :

the fact that Osama Bin Laden could only get 19 muslims to commit murder on 9/11/01

and he could not get any of the millions of muslims in America to create havoc on 9/11/01 shows that

 its extremely difficult to recruit muslims to murder innocent Americans.

The reason there is very little organized terrorism from the KKK is because

those countries with the KKK (radical right wing groups) in them are not being bombed on a regular basis as

compared to the last decade in




which were being bombed on a regular basis

and so a very tiny minority of muslims who

see their loved ones being terrorized

and killed due to collateral damage done by US bombs,

take out their anger on

fellow citizens who they think are allied to

the US government or

they try to kill US government personnel.

Every time a weaker group is terrorized due to collateral damage or directly attacked,

a tiny minority in that group resort to terrorism as seen by

the terrorism committed by

Native Americans,

by African American slaves,

by the Irish,

the tamils in Ceylon

and muslims in


Phillipines etc.

Even though muslims feel that they are under attack,

one Gallup poll showed that Muslim Americans are the staunchest opponents of military attacks on civilians,

compared with members of other major religious groups:

Also, we believe that terrorists do suffer from PTSD due to some childhood trauma.

What we need is greater funding for mental health treatment for neglected and abused children who grow up to be home-grown terrorists like Timothy McVeigh who obviously suffered from PTSD after the gulf war.

People who commit atrocities are not mentally sound, just as Hitler suffering from PTSD from WW1 committed the atrocities in WW2.

PTSD does not have to be suffered only in war, it can occur in childhood abuse and neglect which results in adult criminal activity.

The day the government stops building its military empire (by presently spending up to 1.4 trillion dollars of hard earned taxpayers money a year) :

 will be the day when we will have enough funds to help all the

troubled children in this country from growing up to be

home-grown terrorists or mass killers:

Even though the rich and powerful are clamoring and persuading their politician friends to eventually spend trillions of dollars

like they spent wastefully on the 5.5 trillion dollar Cold War in order to

enrich their political supporters who are owners of the warfare/industrial/security corporations,

but the wasteful spending cannot adequately protect

every mile of railroad,

power station,

every mile of the power grid,

every mile of pipeline,

every nuclear reactor,

every cargo container,




every mile of bridges,

tunnels ,

dams ,

every air plane,

ship ,

multi-storey building,

theme park,

locations where thousands of people gather or

locations with huge tanks with explosive gas/chemicals/oil stored.

On 4/16/07 at Virginia Tech University, 32 people died from gun shot wounds suffered at the hands of one gun man.

Can we protect the thousands of colleges in the US if terrorists targeted US colleges ?

or did having an extremely expensive and unnecessary military empire protect 3000 Americans on 9/11/01 ?

The solution to solving the problem of terrorism or conflict is not

a gigantic, unnecessary military empire that is

more catered to helping the rich and powerful in the warfare corporations then

helping the average American, as evidenced by the killing of 3000 Americans by

19 hijackers on 9/11/01 armed with box-cutters on a half million dollar budget.

The only way to keep Americans safe is by giving up the US government's military empire

and replace the US government's military empire with an inexpensive, solutions based covert force

which we will outline in Part 6  in the solutions section of this community blog.


The day before the Hiroshima bomb,

if Truman dreamt about tens of thousands of screaming Japanese children being burned alive,

do you think he would not have dropped the bomb on Hiroshima

and again dropped another bomb over a church in Nagasaki ?

Or do you think the nightmare would not have changed his mind since strategic goals ( of crushing the enemy )

were more important than

poor Japanese children, even though those innocent Japanese children had nothing to do with the wrong doings of the Japanese government.


Is it human nature to collectively punish /terrorize those who have some kind of innocent ties to the perpetrator ?

We are not justifying anything done due to human nature;

we are just explaining why both state and non-state terrorism happens

and the only way to mitigate or prevent it from happening is to avoid or prevent the tragic casualties in the first place that lead to terrorism.


WHAT IS WAR ALL ABOUT ?!/2013/02/part-three-what-is-war-all-about.html




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